Almost 1000 Dead Pigs Pulled From Polluted Chinese River

China's flagThe environmental problems in China continue to grow worse as the regime spurs industry to keep up production numbers in an economic downturn. We have recently seen environmentalists attacked for criticizing Communist officials for the dismal condition of rivers in China. Now, one city that uses a polluted river for drinking water woke up to find more than 900 dead pigs floating down their river. Chinese officials insist that it is not a case of dumping but curiously say that they have no idea how it happened or where the animals came from.

The pigs were pulled from a Shanghai river used as a water source for city residents. Pictures of the river are equally shocking in the realization that this disgusting river is used for drinking water, even without the presence of almost 1000 rotting pigs.

Officials say the water quality has not been affected and if you cannot believe the Communist regime on environmental problem, who can you believe?

Source: Independent