Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of the leprechauns of the blog from the Turley Clan.

I am still nursing my broken ankle and the family is still grieving the loss of Molly. However, the leprechauns returned again this year. The little rats complained that we left only one beer and broke into our stash in the garage, leaving empty cans all over the kitchen. Their over-indulgence however led one to fall into Madie’s Leprechaun trap and another in Aidan’s trap. However, they fashioned little ropes and escaped. They left our traditional gold dollar coins on the tree outside for each kid. They also sent the kids on a riddle-laden hunt for a pot of chocolate coins with clues left around the house on three-leaf clovers. The kids have eaten the green donuts and drank the green milk left in their wake.

We are going to stay home today listening to Irish music and waiting to have our corned beef and cabbage tonight. In the meantime, we are still finding objects turned upside down by the mischievous little men.

Best wishes to the Turley clan in Ireland, particularly in the counties Armaugh and Down.

And to everyone . . . Erin go Bragh!!!

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  1. A day late, but Erin go Bragh! My Irish ancestor was allegedly from Castle Isle, County Cork, Ireland. According to North’s Augusta, the doctors who did his autopsy in 1813 (which included a physical description) when he died said he was 124 years old and died of natural causes. He apparently didn’t know his age when he got to the US, and when he tried to enlist in the Rev. War he and the captain (also born in Ireland) tried to figure out his age by a shared memory of a “bad winter” in Ireland. Problem: There was more than one “bad winter” in Ireland. Between myself and other genealogy researchers, we have documented a timeline of his life from books (including Martha Ballard’s Diary), magazines, deeds, birth records of the offspring (my line is through the eldest daughter), newspapers (several from when he was allegedly 122 and voting; he kept his mental faculties all his life)…, but we’re missing the year of immigration, ship’s list, and birth record in Ireland.

    Myself and the other researchers don’t think he was really 124, but that he almost certainly lived to an old age. Since Castle Isle isn’t all that far from Blarney Castle on maps, I like to fantasize and say he kissed the Blarney Stone before leaving Ireland…. 🙂

  2. The Bard of Armagh refers to Patrick Donnelly, a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church who ministered to his flock in the guise of a harpist, Phelim Brady, in order to evade the Irish [Protestant] Parliament’s Bishop Banishment Act.

    My favorite stanza of the ballad –

    “In truth I have wandered this wide world over,
    Yet Ireland’s my home and a dwelling for me.
    And, oh, let the turf that my old bones shall cover
    Be cut from the land that is trod by the free.”

  3. Finally made it home, a Busy sunday at my store. (Not traditional but the Pulled pork, potatoes and brussel sprouts is about to be served up)

    OS. Very heartwarming it is to see the picture of your grandson. He is as everyone tells, and surely more in the years to come.

    And the Redbreast 12yr Irish Whiskey: It is wonderful! Y’all should try some.

    Happy Saint Patrick’s day. And in the festive spirit (sorry but I can’t resist) Do you know the name of Lady Godiva’s Irish sister? Erin Go Bra-less.

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