Muslim Mother In Hollywood Charged With Honor Burnings Of Daughter For Speaking With Boy Over Internet

sahar-thabitIn Hollywood, Sahar Thabit, 35, appears vying to replace Joan Crawford as the reigning “Mother Dearest” in Hollywood.  Thabit is a devout Muslim who is charged with burning her seventeen-year-old daughter for corresponding with a boy when she was already promised to a cousin for marriage. The honor burning was discovered by the girl’s school.

Thabit now faces three counts of child abuse and has been ordered to stay away from her daughter, who is staying with friends. Police report that she “put a knife on the stove, heating the metal on the knife and placing it on the child’s arms.” A classmate at South Broward High School thankfully reported seeing the three burns on her arms.

In a bizarre interview, the grandparents played down the injuries and the grandfather insisted it was just an accident: “She burned herself because we have an oven.” When it was pointed out to Ali Thabit that both burns on both arms were identical and thus unlikely to be an accident, he insisted “I swear to God, I didn’t see anything.”

The girl had previously objected to the arranged marriage to her cousin but the parents and family insisted that she was promised to the cousin according to Islamic principles.

Source: CBS

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  1. @Bron: Please cut the propaganda. That has been shown to be historically and factually WRONG.

    The knowledge Islam “brought” to the world – the world they had destroyed – was looted knowledge originating from the Asians, Greeks, Romans, Jews and Christians. Islam is the youngest religion. It spread by extreme violence. Muslim invaders were illiterate bedouines and highway robbers (dacoits), not high intellectuals. They acquired wealth not from inventions and creations, but from booty, slave trade and constant invasions, country after country while slaughtering everyone in their path who would not bend to their new religion.

    Strangely not much seem to have changed…

  2. lottakatz:

    If the girl is 17, there are a number of states which would permit her to petition a court for emancipation now, but she would require some means of support.

  3. This is a good example of a religious/cultural tradition which the law is not required to accommodate.

  4. @Bettykath

    So you subscribe to a backwards view of Islam, but a progressive view of Xianity?

  5. EastBroadway,
    The religion of peace, strikes again……. It’s difficult for me to accept that living by Islamic law, is good for the well being human beings…

    [sigh] There are over 1 1/2 Billion Muslims. Using her or even all the honor killings you’ve heard about to represent the other 1,599,999,900 muslims is unwise and not very realistic.

    There are crazy and fanatical people of every religion and of no religion for that matter.

  6. This child would be a good candidate to put in foster care until she is old enough to become emancipated. She needs a good lawyer.

  7. Paging Darren Smith – You’re needed on the “Facebook: Child Holding Gun” thread for RFID chip input. Just jump to the bottom so you don’t implode. That is all.

  8. The Syrians have a good one: “may the south end of a north bound camel breathe upon you my son.”

  9. Yeah, but they were just ripping off the Chinese and “may you live in interesting times”. As the world oldest contiguous civilization, the Chinese already have all the really good curses, Dredd.

  10. Abraham, I don’t accept your quotations, they were written, rewritten, translated and retranslated by patriarchs who benefited by having women serve them. I much prefer feminism which teaches cooperation between and among all people.

  11. Islamic principles hold that no woman is forced into marriage! Islamic principles would forbid permanent alteration of a persons body for any reason.Islamic principles have nothing to do with any of this. It is purely a stupid cultural throw back-has nothing to do with Islam, any more than being married by a priest or getting married in a church is actually required by the Bible. Or a marriage ceremony as we have them, whatsoever! All cultural. Christians circumcising boys-not required by religion and most are doing it because that is what daddy did. Our culture doesn’t require it, but some family cultures do.

    1. @Abraham

      I will bet they did too.

      The problems is that if we wait till everyone pulls the plank from their eye and achieves perfection, no one will ever say anything because we all have fault.

      It is our nature to have imperfection. It is better that we speak out with all our fault that to never speak at all.

      And if it needs to be said, it is also important to listen as well.

  12. As clarification, this took place in Hollywood, Florida, not Hollywood, California.

  13. Now do you think it’s time to reinforce the border patrol and have scricter immigration requirements?

  14. I admire the artistic sensibilities of the mother. Instead of using the more traditional flames from a wood fire to burn the flesh of her daughter, she brilliantly used the “fire” of electric modernity, as if to underline the transcendence of Islamic thought despite the impositions of a technological society.

    Seriously, though, what hit me was the description of this mother as a “devout” Muslim. Can you imagine if she was described as a “moderate” Muslim? No, that wouldn’t fit the bill.

    My impression is that we don’t really have a lot of information on what the thought process of a lot of “moderate” or “modern” Muslims are in actuality. I have read a fair number of accounts of non Muslims getting to know their progressive Muslim friends better, and being rather shocked at what comes out of their mouths when it comes to things like antisemitism, use of violence to defend Islam, gender roles, and separation of church and state.

    Religion resists integration. It keeps secrets – look at the response of the grandparents here. Do you think the actions of this mother would have been criticized by a Sharia court? I don’t think so. Religious courts – Jewish, Islamic, whatever should be outlawed.

  15. ARE:

    You do have a point about the grandparents being charged (though I don’t know the specifics of whether or not it might be possible). Some states have laws that mandate the reporting of child abuse. Others have misprision of felony statutes. Here is an example that relates to federal law:

    Title 18 USC Section 4

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