Muslim Mother In Hollywood Charged With Honor Burnings Of Daughter For Speaking With Boy Over Internet

sahar-thabitIn Hollywood, Sahar Thabit, 35, appears vying to replace Joan Crawford as the reigning “Mother Dearest” in Hollywood.  Thabit is a devout Muslim who is charged with burning her seventeen-year-old daughter for corresponding with a boy when she was already promised to a cousin for marriage. The honor burning was discovered by the girl’s school.

Thabit now faces three counts of child abuse and has been ordered to stay away from her daughter, who is staying with friends. Police report that she “put a knife on the stove, heating the metal on the knife and placing it on the child’s arms.” A classmate at South Broward High School thankfully reported seeing the three burns on her arms.

In a bizarre interview, the grandparents played down the injuries and the grandfather insisted it was just an accident: “She burned herself because we have an oven.” When it was pointed out to Ali Thabit that both burns on both arms were identical and thus unlikely to be an accident, he insisted “I swear to God, I didn’t see anything.”

The girl had previously objected to the arranged marriage to her cousin but the parents and family insisted that she was promised to the cousin according to Islamic principles.

Source: CBS

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  1. I wonder what the Islamic definition of incest would be. In some places in Missouri it is second cousin once removed. Further south it gets to be prosecuted if it is brother/ sister.

  2. Why do the grandparents deny knowledge of this? Shouldn’t they be proud of their daughter (or daughter-in-law) for upholding the sacred traditions?

  3. Too much inbreeding will spawn even more whacky savages looking for the virgins of Allah. Send that woman back to whatever cave-ridden ‘stan’ country from which she hails. Send the grand parents with her.

  4. all that doesn’t believe this type of things are happening should really need to do a lot of studying on islam and it laws. if it doesn’t wake you up nothing will.

  5. americans really need and should check out any western european country and also australia………..see what damage, cost, political up roar, rape, ect ect 5% of a population of muslim rats can do………..

  6. ADMIN:

    you dont read so well.

    And you dont know history.

    The author was making a case for how Islam ended up like it has.

    Personally, I like Omar Kyam.

    And this is why you even bothered to comment:

    “This is what happens when you reject reason and embrace faith. It should be a lesson to the US.”

    You didnt like the idea of equating Christian faith with Islamic faith. God help us all if you have a case of the a$$ about that. My liberal friends may actually have a point about Christians seeking a theocracy, I didnt really think Christians did until you showed up.

    Dr. Dobson aint no Thomas Aquinas and Gary Bauer sure as hell isnt Peter Abelard.

  7. Mike, Thanks. I then expand my last comment to, she needs a good lawyer AND a job. I wish her luck.

  8. admin:
    I just checked your website. It looks like it might be interesting, but I tend to avoid issue websites operated by anonymous individuals. If this is such an important matter to you, why harm your credibility by keeping your identity secret?

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