All Balls, No Brains: British Businessman Charged With Selling Useless Golf Ball Detectors As Bomb Detectors

white-golf-ballBritish businessman Jim McCormick is accused of a dangerous and despicable con. He is charged with making slight modification to cheap golf ball detectors and then selling them as bomb detectors at a “handsome but unwarranted profit.” McCornick allegedly would charge various governments up to £27,000 for the devices that were entirely useless. The ball finders can be purchased for just $20 in the states.

McCormick distributed military style brochures for the ADE650, 651 and 101 models to be used at military bases, Customs checkpoints and nuclear sites. He allegedly claimed that they could find not just bombs, but drugs, ivory, bodies and contraband in quantities smaller than a human hair. He even claimed that they could look through walls, underwater, and even underground locations.

What makes this con particularly shocking is that he sold the devices to places like Iraq where people are getting blown up every day as a matter of course.

Experts produced by the prosecutors found that the devices “lack[] any grounding in science, nor does it work in accordance with the known laws of physics. The ADE651 is completely ineffectual as a piece of detection equipment.”

The article below details a demonstration by McCormick that is truly bizarre. He has pleaded not guilty to three charges of fraud.

Source: Mirror

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