After Forced To Marry 60 Year Old Man at Age 12, Pakistani Girl Escapes Beatings Only To Be Attacked With Axe By Her Own Brother

150px-muslim_woman_in_yemenWe have yet another horrific tale of the treatment of girls and women in traditional Islamic areas. In Pakistan, Gul Meena was forced by her family at age 12 to marry a 60 year old man. The man proceeded to beat her daily and when she ran to her family, they beat her and told her to go back to her abuser. She was bought and paid for. Instead, she ran away with a young man. However, her brother tracked them down and killed the man with an axe and stuck his sister 15 times. She survived the attempted “honor killing” by her friend.

The girl stayed with her abusive husband for five years as her family joined beatings when she tried to find shelter. She was not allowed to finish school in this conservative Islamic culture. After five years, Gul Meena ran away with a young Afghan man across the border into Afghanistan to the city of Jalalabad. Her family hunted her for its honor and her brother proceeded to kill the man and almost killed his sister — leaving her clinging to life.

The brother has never been arrested and the family denies that he tried to kill her.

Source: CNN

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  2. oh my GOD !!! 12 year old ad a 60 year old WTF !!! and why the hell would u try to kill ur own sister, have u no shame !!! i feel sorry for all the young girls who have to go through this shyt everyday awwe :'( this should be stopped !!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Pakistan another one of those countries into which we have poured billions. Did we give them nukes? We have such good taste in allies. Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar. This list goes on and on. Instead of moving them closer to the American”ideal”, we have be come cruel and intolerant just like them. Move away from the ME. We may have been flawed before but our continued involvement is killing us quite literally.

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