North Carolina Lawmaker Equates Muslim Prayer With Terrorism

670Republican state Rep. Michele Presnell of Burnsville, N.C., shows that the effort to reform the image of the GOP is still a work in progress. When asked recently about whether she would be comfortable with a Muslim prayer opening a legislative meeting, Presnell responded: “No, I do not condone terrorism.” Presnell was one of the legislators who recently sponsored a bill to allow North Carolina to establish an official religion. My guess is that it would not be Islam.

Presnell wrote to a constituent complaining that “The famed ACLU is telling Rowan County they may not pray before commissioners meetings.”

Britt Kaufmann wrote her to say that he understood the stance of the ACLU in opposing prayer and that he “wanted you, as my representative, to know that I do not think the proposed bill is a good solution to that problem. … Would you be comfortable with a public prayer to Allah before a legislative meeting in Raleigh?”

Presnell’s response was interesting: “We just need to start taking a stand on our religious freedom or it will be whisked away from us.” That was strikingly similar to the statements of former Utah governor Leavitt last night who called on citizens to take a stand and insist on the public expression of faith and not just the right to personal beliefs in God. He also warned that the freedom of religion was being whisked away by secularists, atheists, and non-believers.

What is most striking is the fundamental ignorance shown by Presnell and her colleagues of not just our Constitution but our values as a nation. North Carolina has a law that bans atheists from holding office despite the express language of Article VI that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” While professing faith in our values, these legislators continue to oppose the fundamental precepts of our constitutional system. The desire to embrace a faith-based system finds its greatest allies outside this country in places like Iran and Saudi Arabia which define religious freedom as recognition of their own faith.

Secular values are not the rejection of faith but the insistence on the protection of all faiths by keeping government neutral and separation from religious institutions. Presnell and others are at war not with secularists but the framers in seeking to create state religions and treating other faiths like terrorism.

Presnell must appeal to some in Burnsville but she shows an astonishing level of prejudice not just against Muslim but our constitutional system. Various sites state that she did not supply information on her educational background. She states on one site:

I have always been a Conservative Republican. Lower taxes, less Regulations, then small business people can begin to hire again.

Hot Topic for me is VOTER ID. This is the only way to prevent fraud in our NC elections. My opponent voted NO. We do not have enough votes in the NC House to override the Governor. Another Hot Topic is the Marriage Amendment to our NC Constitution. Let me be clear…I BELIEVE IN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN, traditional marriage, period.

She can now add the removal of the wall of separation of church and state as one of her priorities. It appears that she believes that Thomas Jefferson was fundamentally wrong about the direction he wanted to take the country and Michele Presnell is here to re-shape the nation in a new, theological image.

Source: News Observer

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  1. Artie,

    Your religion has nothing to do with you displaying symptoms that require medical attention.

    1. Moron. I am anti religion. I am not religious at all not wanting what religious people want. Your spirit is religious. Religions have twisted your brain.
      People that kill thinking it is a solution are religious being anti God anti Christ. Religious people thought that killing was a solution KJV, . John 18 >>Now Caiaphas was he, which gave counsel to the Jews, that it was expedient that one man should die for the people.
      Mark 14:1-9, the chief priests and the scribes sought how they might take him by craft, and put him to death, John 12;10 the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death; Satan in religion wants death not God who is Jesus. Legal system =religion = military, and anyone killing calling it good. The spirit in you is the same that was in Caiaphas and the other religious people. They acted like sodomites.

    2. I told You I am not a religion by any name. Why call me a religion? Upper cervical specific chiropractic is not a religion either. Man are you mixed up. Go to your sorcery. Have fun.

  2. Thank you for your words that are not abominable giving blessings. I am not part of any church. I would be escorted out of whatever church had I try to speak the truth there. Word of mouth from person to person is the best thing to do changing the hearts of men to shrink the lake of fire is what is the best thing right now. When God is in the heart of whoever they will refuse to persecute people whatever the name they go by. Jesus saves. I tried to show that the gay is not the sodomite in a church not wanting worse for anyone like the sodomite outside Lot’s house. The parishioners were beginning to side with me. That is when the pastor had me escorted to the door

  3. I got into fights when I was in the Navy, but I never did anything like that. I had a knife. LB7 Schrade. It was sharp like a razor. I won’t subscribe, but that’s the comment.

  4. Bron,
    Some laws, especially local ordinances, are sometimes idiotic. On the other hand, some are written to preserve historical places and things. Same goes for some Federal regs. Some make no sense. Others make perfect sense. For example, a farmer might want to hire a cropduster to kill insects in his crops. The guy who lives just downwind of him has a beekeeping operation. We can see that conflict right away.

    The remedy in some of these cases is through the courts. Each side has to prove their case. Sometimes the property owner wins, and sometimes the government wins. As for the newspaper editor messing with his neighbor’s mind, that anecdote goes to show the need for controls. Otherwise, everyone would be free to put something truly toxic or dangerous on their own property that will spill over on adjoining property.

  5. OS:

    that is a good story but the EPA, The Army Corps of Engineers and local governments can prevent you from cutting trees down, filling in a pond and doing other things which in no way effect your neighbor or his property.

    There is a good deal of difference between storing spent fuel rods and cutting down a few trees or building a tennis court.

  6. artiewhitefox 1, April 11, 2013 at 12:44 am

    I am appointed of God. Having sex with animals is normal. How can it not be? We are animals in every which way. I can prove it biblically and scientifically in many ways
    Here is some “gospel music” played at articwhitefox/beastie boy church for the other perverts in the congregation.


  7. Dredd,
    Burnsville, NC is a lovely small town in the mountains of western North Carolina. Some folks, including lawmakers, don’t stop to think through what they say or claim to believe in. A couple of examples.

    I was in a small family owned store over that way during the time George the Lesser was President. It was a leisurely afternoon and my wife and I were the only customers, so we visited with them for a while. The conversation drifted around to the news, and I mentioned an elementary school kid had been suspended from school for wearing a t-shirt critical of Bush, but had been reinstated by a judge. The lady at the store said that the school did right, it should be illegal to criticize the President. I pointed out we had something called the First Amendment and political speech was absolutely protected. She kept muttering that it ought to be against the law to criticize the President. Wonder how she feels now that an icky brown guy and his family occupy the White House.

    The next county north Burnsville is Mitchell County. The editor of the weekly paper was getting a haircut a while back. Another customer came into the barbershop ranting about the EPA telling people what they could and could not do with their own land. It so happens the fellow owns the property next to the editor. He went on at some length at anyone should have the right to do what they damn well pleased with their own property, and it was nobody else’s business, especially the EPA.

    Now I should tell everyone the editor is a smart guy with a dry sense of humor, and loves irony. After letting his neighbor rant for a while longer in that vein, the editor said, “I am really glad you feel that way. I am working out a deal with the nuclear power plant to store spent fuel rods on my place.”

    According to those who were there, the anti-EPA guy turned all colors, storming out of the barbershop screaming, “Like hell you will.”

    I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

  8. Ah artie! Its been a little while since a totally deranged commenter so, thanks for the belly laughs.

    Your very first joke was that people making war are blaspheming when they pray to God. If that is true than Americans are the greatest blasphemers in the world right now. We are openly engaged in war in at least one country and “secretly” engaged in was in at least 12 others.

    My guess is you give us a pass though because we are only killing brown and black people who pray funny.


    WSJ/NBC News Poll Finds Broad Immigration Support
    Most Americans support creating a pathway to citizenship for immigrants who are working in this country illegally—and one with a shorter timeline than that contemplated by Congress, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found.
    See More Coverage »
    Does this sound like propaganda?

  10. Sorry, my comment just upthread mistakenly used “Guardian” as the link source, but it was actually “Huffington Post” not the Guardian.

  11. Republican state Rep. Michele Presnell of Burnsville, N.C., the subject of JT’s post, is likely either a disciple of Pat Robertson or of artiewhitefox.

  12. artiewhitefox 1, April 10, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    Whoever calls Jesus anything other than Lord is a liar. The Muslim openly degrades Jesus trying to lift him up. Calling him a prophet is not lifting him up. You ought to know that John the Baptist a prophet said of Jesus. One greater than me whose sandals I am not worthy to unlatch. That is Jesus. All of the Muslim world wide needs to bow to him, but stiff necks refuse.——————

    Kiss the feet. Wash them first. I’m not a pollywog. I got to be a shellback because I crossed the equator. I refused to kiss the Captain’s feet. I did do everything else.

    There weren’t any sandals.

  13. Peace happens:

    “In 1517, Jerusalem was taken over by the Ottoman Empire [Islam] and enjoyed a period of renewal and peace under Suleiman the Magnificent, including the construction of magnificent walls of what is now known as the Old City of Jerusalem … The rule of Suleiman and the subsequent Ottoman Sultans brought an age of “religious peace”; Jew, Christian and Muslim enjoyed the freedom of religion the Ottomans granted them and it was possible to find a synagogue, a church and a mosque in the same street. The city remained open to all religions …”

    (Wikipedia, Jerusalem).

    Pat Robertson seems to be historically and hysterically illiterate:

    God says, “They divided my land … This is my land. I gave it to Abraham and his descendants, and I don’t want it taken away from them.” And Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel. And for the United States to get into a deal where they’re trying to split Jerusalem and take it away from the Israelis and split up their capital — huge mistake. You’re asking for the wrath of Almighty God to fall on this nation. And when it falls, it won’t be fun.

    (Guardian, “Pat Robertson Says America’s Middle East Peace Push Is ‘Asking For The Wrath Of Almighty God’ “).

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