15 thoughts on “Spot Remained Silent When Accused Of Trashing The Grass Pile . . .”

  1. the cat did it, then then convinced the poor innocent dog to wash his paws in green tainted water.

    bad kitty

  2. Michael Powell,
    It is not necessary to spam all the threads. You can leave suggestions in the “Corrections” sections. It will be seen. You only have to post a suggestion once.

  3. In college I lived in an off-campus rental house with three guys, a dog, and a cat. The cat used to knock something over in the kitchen. The dog would rush in to see what was happening. The cat would run out and then jump on the arm of the couch, which overlooked the entrance to the kitchen. The dog could not leave the kitchen without getting swiped by the paw.

    The cat was evil.

  4. Can you do a story on how Connecticut courts are incarcerating monority men for profit. A form of modern day slavery…


  5. Rule number 1 of crate/kennel training: Never use the crate as punishment.

    The crate is a dog’s safe haven. It may be used to place the dog before and after training/punishment to ‘chill out’ or reflect and process on the training/punishment.

    But the crate/kennel should never BE the punishment. If it is used for that too often, one of two things will happen: 1. the dog will not consider it punishment at all, but rather a place to go to avoid punishment; or 2. as a place to be avoided at all costs – dog owners: you don’t want this.

    Here’s a better approach:

    Leave the torn wrapper right where you found it. Connect a leash to the dog’s collar. Show no expression at all. Use your poker face. Lead the dog around the house for a minute or two on an arbitrary path. Then lead the dog to the scene of the crime.

    Act as if it is the first time you’ve seen it. Feel free to express your surprise and dismay. Let the dog know that he has let you down – which is punishment enough, since the dog wants to please you. You might even want to bare your teeth and lower the tone of your voice while raising the volume – remember You are the Alpha. Don’t let anyone film you while you do this. 😉 or it might appear on this blog.

    Once you have finished with this punishment, then go back to your poker face – totally expressionless. Then lead the dog to the crate and let him stay there about 15 minutes to process what just happened.

    Meanwhile clean up the mess and when you let the dog out of the crate, act as if nothing has happened.

    It may take a couple of repetitions, but after that the behavior will not recur.

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  7. Your Honor, my client was nowhere near the grass pile at the time of the incident in question. He was at a St. Patrick’s Day party that got a bit out of hand, er, paw as it were and there is a whole pack of witnesses to attest to this.

  8. But silence cannot be taken as an indication of guilt.

    Unless you have some evidence, perhaps a surveillance video or expert paw print witness…

    You are barking up the wrong tree here…so to speak.

  9. That is the BEST guilty dog video I have ever seen! It actually brought tears to my eyes. Poor Denver – he needs a hug.

  10. Somewhere in almost every house is a smirking feline….putting the canine up to mischief…

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