CSI-Canine: Case Of The Cat Treat Caper Solved Through Interrogation

One of our readers posted this recently in the comment section (G. Mason) and I had to repost for a lesson in extraordinary investigatory work.

I will note that no Miranda was given and the owner appears to be using the ole good dog/bad dog technique. In the end, the suspect appeared to be a hardened habitual offender who clearly knew his way around the canine justice system.

Again, there remains in the background an unseen, smirking cat.

19 thoughts on “CSI-Canine: Case Of The Cat Treat Caper Solved Through Interrogation”

  1. I saved this video so I could watch it again and again. And even though I’m not a tenured professor anywhere at present I’m still on a sabbatical from politics, I save a lot of your blogs and even read a few from time to time.

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    On Apr 25, 2013 3:51 AM, “JONATHAN TURLEY” wrote: > > jonathanturley posted: ” http://jonathanturley.org/2013/04/23/spot-remained-silent-when-accused-of-trashing-the-grass-pile/Oneof our readers posted this recently in the comment section (G. Mason) and I had to repost for a lesson in extraordinary investigatory work. I will” >

  2. Nick: “The Golden Retriever had zero culpability.”

    Actually it is a legal concept known as “canis reus”, (Guilty Dog)

  3. Bob, Esq.: “And yes Lottakatz, I do in fact spoil my babies.”

    Good for you and your doggies 🙂

  4. Wow, great clip! Big kudos to G. Mason. Big thanks to Mr. Turley. And I had the EXACT thoughts of Gene H. An amazing post, indeed. The Golden Retriever had zero culpability.

  5. I actually just came home to three dogs and a ravaged bag of cookies. Two of the three dogs flopped their ears down when questioned.

    And yes Lottakatz, I do in fact spoil my babies.

  6. While it is good that Denver didn’t resist arrest for such a minor charge, it’s sad that the investigator chastised Molly afterward. She had no positive duty to stop Denver.

  7. Ya can not have treats in the house and then keep em from the dogs. The dogs dont read “Cat Treat” on the bag. They smell their treats. So this is a deprived dog. The owner needs to be reported to the ASPCA or BadDogGuy in his town. Then too there is his derogatory voice. He sounds like some opCay at interrogation table.

  8. Maybe it was an example of the prisoners dilemma?
    (Lottakatz I felt that way about his expression. too, he didn’t seem like a happy camper or one who was going to tolerate a lot more)

  9. Hwabout solving the case against Connecticut Justice and the way they treat minority men???


  10. My youngest grandchild loves this video and expresses great sympathy for Denver when he has to go to time-out. She is of the opinion that Denver opens the bag but the kitty eats the treats because that’s what her cat does to her dog.

  11. lotta,

    My dog used to smile like that whenever I said “potato chip”. He had me well trained.

  12. Hi Sam, I never saw a dog smile like that but I have seen them go from from that look to a bite on more than one occasion. Dogs I have seen smile ‘break out’ in a smile, there’s no closed mouth with quivering at the ‘lips’ and exposing teeth.

    You have a spoiled rotten dog? Hmmm, I’ve had a couple like that myself; they seem to find people that are an easy touch and train them quickly.

  13. Lotta, i had a dog that would smile like that when guilty of something. My dog was spoiled rotten

  14. That dog was being abused. It was being stressed to the limit and you can tell that by the way he was working his mouth toward the end. He was getting ready to snap at or bite at the source of his anxiety.

  15. Misdemeanor raff….. In the words of Henry ford….. Never complain, never explain….

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