Rational or Hysterical? Oregon Police Burst Into School Wearing Hoodies and Firing Weapons In Unannounced Drill

300px-Bullet_coming_from_S&WTeachers were in a meeting in the Pine Eagle Charter School in Halfway, Oregon when two hooded figures burst into the room and sprayed screaming teachers with gunfire. It turned out to be blanks and they turned out to be cops. This was viewed as a useful drill to prepare the teachers for school massacre scenarios.

Such an unannounced exercise could just as well have resulted in a heart attack or other medical emergency. It is not clear what the teachers learned much beyond what it is like to be shot.

Principal Cammie DeCastro noted that they learned that few people would survive among the 15 teachers. Only two were not hit by the spray of gunfire. It is not clear why actually shooting teachers was needed for that particular lesson or what they got from that realization even if they could not have anticipated it.

Elementary teacher Dollie Beck, 54, said that she learned to keep her classroom door locked and to think of windows as escape routes.

By the way, Halfway has a population of only 288. One teacher explained that the exercise was needed because “We are tender-hearted people who give hugs all day. We don’t think like that.”

The question is whether it is necessary to think like that in such exercises. I think it is wise to train staff on all such emergencies but we are seeing districts giving teachers bulletproof shields and arming janitors. Even if you are going to carry out exercises, such unannounced attacks present other risks of actual heart attacks and panic attacks as part of the faux victims. Fortunately, unlike other ill-conceived pranks and exercises, the students were not present for the Oregon practice massacre.

Source: OregonLive

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  1. Suppose they caused someone to have a heart attack! Of course they would be absolved of any responsibility bu an internal investigation and probable decorated for something.

  2. If you have to scare people to get them to listen to your point, you probably shouldn’t be in charge of educating them about any subject.

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  4. The author of this topic states that the hooded shooters turned out to be cops. But when I clicked the blue tab for the newspaper article with my paw and read the news article it did not mention cops. It did not say Law Enforcement Officers or LEO either. The school is in some po dunk town called Halfway. It is a slur on police everywhere to attribute this dumbschmuck exercise to opCays. The article creates Law Enforcement Offenders where they dont exist.

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  8. I did postdoc research on nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of hemoglobin from human blood. On the author’s list of a couple of esoteric papers. Damned right we wore gloves.

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  9. BillMC
    My son is an emergency room doctor and he did not interpret the scenes as you allege the combat medic did. Of course, I am sure the combat medic knows a lot more than a guy who is both a two tour veteran and emergency room doctor with years of experience seeing mangled bodies. Not.

    I don’t think our host would appreciate it if I posted photos of people with their heads blown off and bright red blood spattered all over the walls of the room. Ever walk in on a suicide scene where the person put a .270 deer rifle under their chin and pulled the trigger? Messy, but the blood spatters are red. Blood takes a while to turn dark as the oxygenated cells slowly die.

    More detailed explanation here

    As for putting pressure, that is not unusual. When I lost part of my foot to a rotary lawnmower, I took the lace off what was left of my shoe to make a tourniquet. With that type of injury, you don’t really feel much pain. It is more like a numbness. The pain comes later.

  10. Combat medic in Viet Nam speaks out against Jeff Bauman story.

    I was a combat medic in Viet Nam. This scenario presented is not possible. Even Arterial blood, which is oxygenated, doesn’t remain red like that, nor is it that shade of red, when exposed to the air. The double amputee shown here would be in such a state of shock that he would most certainly not be applying palm pressure to his leg while riding in a wheel chair, which is ludicrous in its own right. He should be unconcious at the very least. I spent four tours of duty in VN. I was wounded in the ’68 Tet offensive. I have seen more trauma than most people could imagine in an entire lifetime and this is not right. Even my nightmares are more accurate than this.


  11. Former Reagan Ass’t Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts said:

    I can remember when I was a Wall Street Journal editor and columnist, a Business Week columnist, a Scripps Howard News Service columnist and appeared regularly in the major mainstream print media and even from time to time on TV talking head programs. Today, the editor or producer who gave me a forum would be fired instantly, and they all know it.

    It is discouraging that after so many transparent lies and orchestrations–weapons of mass destruction, al-Qaeda connections, Iranian nukes–the majority of Americans still believe the government. Americans are even buying into the line that Syria is ruled by a brutal dictator whose overthrow justifies Washington’s alliance with its 9/11 enemy, al-Qaeda, in order to overthrow a secular ruler who constrains al-Qaeda.

    When is the last time the media investigated anything? A good candidate for investigation is the post-bombing rampage the brothers allegedly went on, robbing a 7/11 store (later contradicted by local police), killing a campus policeman, shooting a transit cop, high-jacking a SUV and releasing the owner.

    Why would terrorists seeking to escape in order to strike again call attention to themselves in such outlandish ways and release a car-jacked owner to alert the police of the tag number? If the brothers were willing to kill police with gunfire and innocents with bombs, why release the guy whose vehicle they stole so he could inform the police of the license plate and make the brothers’ capture easier? What is the evidence, other than “reports from authorities,” that these events occurred or had any more connection to the brothers than the falsely reported 7/11 robbery that local police disavowed? Why does the US media simply accept whatever government authorities say?

    Where is the evidence of a first shoot-out and a second shoot-out? The second shoot- out consisted of the authorities bombarding a motionless youth bleeding from wounds in a boat with multiple volleys of stun grenades and then multiple gunshots. The unconscious 19 year old was unarmed and unable to respond to the boat owner who discovered him. As he lies there, he is shot many times, including through the throat, and is on life support. But the very next day, according to the presstitute media, he is providing hand-written confessions.

    Was the purpose of the reports of a murderous rampage to create fear among the population so that they would accept martial law and home invasions by armed troops ordering American citizens out of their homes with hands over their heads on the pretext that they might be harboring the Boston Marathon Bomber?

  12. I believe this was an excellent exercise to draw awareness to the lax procedures in our schools. It is anazing that the news has to stipulate that the police responded within 12 minutes to a school shooting. Well folks that is about 11 1/2 minutes to late.

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