Egyptian TV Host Confronts Islamic Cleric On Veil

This video shows an extraordinary confrontation between cleric Yousuf Badri and host Riham Said over whether Riham Said needs to wear the veil. As Egypt becomes more radicalized, it takes considerable bravery to stand up in this way and charge a leading cleric with hypocrisy.

Notably, the host charges that the cleric had no problem speaking with her and other women without the veil before the cameras were turned on. She also slams him for demanding money to be interviewed. Notably, he responds at one point with by saying that he will shut the program down.

She appears to be referring to the view among many Muslims that Mohammad never said that women must wear the hijab and that passages cited by clerics actually refer to the need for Muslim women to be dress modestly. There is a similar debate over the need for separation of men and women.

[Warning: I am relying on the translation given by the site, though this has been widely distributed around the Internet]

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  1. The kids mentioned in the BBC comment are like those of WW II:

    I have been watching Oliver Stone’s The Untold History of The United States (Show Time). The Episode I watched last night was “The Bomb”.

    I don’t want to be a spoiler, so I will just say during that time our President constantly and consistently called African Americans the n word, and Japanese Americans they called … well … never mind you can imagine since they put them in concentration camps.

    The nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan to try to bring Russia into line, not to save American lives.

    Propaganda was very strong then, as it is now.

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