11 thoughts on “Aren’t You Supposed To Be At Work?”

  1. He looks like a characture of a robber baron out of Puck Magazine.

  2. bettykath, Just show them all the stupid retirement gifts you received..they’ll get it.

  3. More training needed for some dogs. How do you let them know you’re retired and it’s ok to sleep in?

  4. When I was in college everyone drank that horseshit Boone’s Farm. You could get Ernest and Julio for about the same price which was a no brainer for me. I’m proud to say I got a lot of my buddies mind’s right on wine. Of course, it was Mateus if you were trying to get laid..just like Todd and Lisa Loopner.

  5. Kudos on drinking a great California wine. You don’t need imports anymore in large part thanks to Ernest and Julio Gallo. They made simple Italian table wine, but are the godfathers of the Ca. wine industry.

  6. Dredd: Retirement for dogs is only for those who work a shift at the polkce department. Then they go live with some human and keep working as the guidance role. We have a retired so called police dog here in our pac. He now lives on a boat with a retired human and they take walks and do the leisurely retired life. But fido (not his real name) keeps retired guy in line and makes sure that others do not take advantage of him in his dotage. Fido is sixteen and retired guy is 87 and still living on a 42 ft sailboat.

    JT will probably admit that his dog is good for him and the family. By the look of the photo on the blog here my guess is that the dog is trying to tell JT that his zipper is down. We have a full panoply of “looks” to give our humans. This particular “look” is similar to “skirt is too high” for the wife.

  7. This fella is what would be needed to get me out of that helicopter up thread

  8. He ate the shrimp and grits….. You can see it…. Just see it in his eyes….

  9. Dogs should be allowed to retire so the world becomes a safer place.

    What would the mutt do in retirement?

    Or cats for that matter?

    Work for peace? 😉

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