Poacher Shoots Elephant . . . Elephant Tramples Poacher

180px-African_Bush_Elephant_MikumiWhile I hardly relish the death of any person, this is a story that represents a rare victory of an elephant versus a poacher. Solomon Manjoro was one of many poachers who are killing off whole species to sell ivory or animal parts to willing buyers. Police say that he and accomplice Noluck Tafuruka, 29, went to the protected Charara safari area in Zimbabwe to kill an elephant but Manjoro ended up being trampled by his prey.

Tafuruka, 29, was later arrested inside the park and charged with illegal possession of a firearm. A third man, Godfrey Shonge, 52, was also arrested in Harare.

As these animals have become more rare and protection increases, the value of poaching has increased — resulting in more poaching of animals.

China remains the greatest market for these poached animal parts and continues to fund the international black market.

Source: Telegraph

33 thoughts on “Poacher Shoots Elephant . . . Elephant Tramples Poacher”

  1. Mike A, So Italian and Irish mobsters can conspire. They are different species in my book.

  2. PS – I believe the would-be poacher’s accomplice should change his name from Noluck to Lucky, for he was not the one trampled.

  3. Most likely the would-be poacher used an AK-47 with its relatively weak 7.62×39 mm cartridge – the AR-15/M16/M4 family were designed for the even weaker 5.56×45 cartridge. No wonder he got trampled. These are not “high power” firearms no matter what BHO, talking heads and Mayor Bloomberg tell us. A typical cartridge used for elephant hunting is the .416 Rigby (10.5×74 mm). In the words of the African hunter/writer Robert Ruark, the poacher failed to “bring enough gun” and thereby suffered the consequences. Unfortunately, the elephant may now be culled by game officers because it is a “man-killer.”

  4. Nothing like having your face chopped off just to get those lateral incisors out…
    … Yea, I’d get a good kick or two in, maybe even run the guy down seeing what he did to my uncle and brother last year before he gets to me.

  5. nick spinelli:

    A good defense lawyer would argue that RICO does not apply to inter-species conspiracies.

  6. Now the elephants need to set up a couple of meetings with the rhinos.

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