Study: A Pet A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away

dogwithballsThere are many pet lovers on this blog and the article below reaffirms your pet-loving lifestyles is not just emotionally but physically good for you. The American Heart Association (AHA) issued a scientific statement last week saying owning a pet may help to decrease obesity, blood pressure and cholesterol. Notably, for those of us who are dog lovers, dogs showed the greatest benefit for pet owners in terms of health benefits.

The study of more than 5,200 adults tied the benefits not only to walking their pets but the calming effects of pets. Glenn N. Levine, a professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, stated “Pet ownership, particularly dog ownership, is probably associated with a decreased risk of heart disease.”

Here is the most interesting stat from the article. About 78.2 million people in the United States own a dog while 86.4 million have a cat. Cat lovers outnumber dog lovers by roughly 10 million! As a dog lover, I assume this is because cats are easier to house and require less space.

Source: Reuters

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    Oh, and this dog topic is a refreshing thing to come home to. We are in Palm Beach with the dog pac at the marina.

  2. Four legs good. Two legs baaaaad!
    – Animal Farm

    Six legs best, two human following four doglegs.

  3. Jeso HumpinDog. Humans are not our owners. They are our Pals. Same with goats.

  4. I admit that Dog was put on Earth on the 9th Day to guide people. However, many domesticated animals provide the guidance that humans need. Cats are perfect for some humans. Goats are good too. Yeah, goats. Goat owners chip in.

  5. I do not preach the sanctity of man and dog like some dogs in the pac do. We appreciate the topic today and wish all of you who have a dog pal the best.

  6. “JT has been posting a lot of dog articles lately. He should just bite the bullet and get another one.”


    So perceptive. 🙂


  7. JT has been posting a lot of dog articles lately. He should just bite the bullet and get another one.

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