Mentor of A Murderer: Cleric Praises London Killer and Former Student

article-2329089-19F1FAAA000005DC-790_634x4762013-05-24T142550Z_2_CBRE94N0VTD00_RTROPTP_2_BRITAIN-KILLINGIf you want to know what kind of man could commit the grotesque act this week in butchering a man on a London street while posing for cameras, you might want to meet his teacher. In Tripoli, Lebanon, Syrian-born cleric, Omar Bakri, founder of banned British Islamist group Al Muhajiroun, saw the same video that we saw. While we recoiled at the savagery, Bakri rejoiced in what he called the “courage” and faith of Michael Adebolajo in murdering Lee Ridgy. Our disgust was matched by the cleric’s delight in seeing a former student murder in the name of Islam. He gave the interview as his son, Osama, played at his feet . . . yes, named after that Osama.

Bakri said that “When I saw the footage I recognized the face immediately . . . A quiet man, very shy, asking lots of questions about Islam.” He describes the killer as “standing firm, courageous, brave. Not running away. Rather, he said why he carried (it out) and he wanted the whole world to hear it.”

He assured everyone Adebolajo is now in paradise since “The prophet (Mohammad) said an infidel and his killer will not meet in Hell. That’s a beautiful saying. May God reward (Adebolajo) for his actions.”

He added the question “was he a man or not?”

No, he hit an innocent man with his car and then butchered his body. He is a murderer, and you, Mr. Bakri, you are the mentor of a murderer.

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  1. That Omar Bakri you’re saying is a muslim preacher is just a pawn.. (http is(dot)gd/CVQxgf)
    Anyway, there is a myriad of unanswered question about that murder.. how the cameras turned down just before the incident? how that the guy goes to the already-set camera with his hand full of blood but no blood on his clothes.. how would you explain that he goes to chit-chat with blonde lady and she listens to him like he did nothing just minutes before ??? both having a comfortable normal conversation like nothing happened??? are you f** kidding me??
    Everybody is mindless blink brainwashed sheeple.. there is no more need for Justice Institutions, the MSM tells who is guilty.

  2. The folks over in Belfast know somewhat of hatred:

    Islamophobic hate crimes are running at more than 10 times their usual rate, with more than 140 reported to a government-backed hotline in the 48 hours since the Woolwich killing.

    They include nine attacks on mosques, assaults, racial abuse and anti-Muslim graffiti. An improvised petrol bomb was thrown at a mosque in Milton Keynes during Friday prayers, while attacks have also been reported in Gillingham, Braintree, Bolton and Cambridge.

    The British National Party leader, Nick Griffin, who visited Woolwich yesterday, provoked widespread disgust for tweeting that the alleged killers should be wrapped in “pig skin” and shot again.

    (Islamophobic hate crimes running at 10 times usual rate after Woolwich murder of soldier Lee Rigby). Don’t let your mind and tongue become the sex organs of hatred so as to give birth to new populations of hatred.

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