Obama Orders Holder To Investigate . . . Holder?

President_Barack_ObamaholderericPresident Barack Obama recently came out to remind people that “Leaks related to national security can put people at risk.” He however denied knowledge of this and the other scandals. In the past, Obama has been able to weather criticism by civil libertarians due to his iconic status with many citizens. This time is different. The media (rather belatedly) is seeing his Administration in a different light as a true threat to liberty. Now, Obama has given a speech proclaiming that he now thinks that reporters should not fear investigation for just doing their jobs so he has ordered an investigation . . . by Eric Holder and the Justice Department. Of course, it was disclosed on the same day that it was Holder who approved the abusive targeting of Fox reporter Jeff Rosen.

Obama stated yesterday “Journalists should not be at legal risk for doing their jobs.” Once again, civil libertarians are left scratching their heads. There have been complaints for years about the abusive targeting of journalists and the treatment of reporting by the Obama Administration as part of a criminal conspiracy with whistleblowers. Yet, Obama (once again) simply comes forward and expresses concern as if this is the first time that he has heard about the abuses of his Administration.

I recently published a column on how Barack Obama has publicly assumed many of the powers that were once cited as the basis for the investigation and attempted impeachment of Richard Nixon. One of those areas was the Obama Administration’s crackdown on journalists. Richard Nixon was denounced for using the Espionage Act of 1917 to target Daniel Ellsberg. Obama has brought twice the number of such prosecutions of all prior presidents under the Act.

So now Obama has decided to act . . . by going to the very man responsible for this crackdown on both journalists and whistleblowers: “I have raised these issues with the attorney general, who shares my concern. So he has agreed to review existing Department of Justice guidelines governing investigations that involve reporters, and will convene a group of media organizations to hear their concerns as part of that review. And I have directed the attorney general to report back to me by July 12th.”

That’s it? Holder will “hear their concerns” and report back to him? What is astonishing is that this speech was quickly embraced by Obama supporters as proof of principle from the President. Holder signed off on a search order targeting a journalist as a possible criminal co-conspirator for speaking with a source. He will now serve as some type of Obama therapy group leader on the anger and hurt felt by media organizations. I can only imagine the anatomical doll depicting the first amendment that Holder will pass around to allow journalists to voice their feelings and fears.

The Obama Administration — and yes, the President himself — is responsible for the greatest attack on a free press in this country in decades. His solution is a confab with the man targeting journalists. Notably, Obama insisted that analogies to Richard Nixon were misplaced. On that I must agree. Even Nixon would blush giving a speech like this.

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  1. Obama never Reformed the Corrupted Department of Justice G.W. Bush left us..! Bush turned the Jewel of our Agencies into a laughing stock and Obama ran with it, seemed to like it a shambles and dysfunctional, and corrupted and perverted with religious Law School Graduates and Federalist Society Sycophants..!

    Like everything else during the crucial 8 years trying to recover from Bush and Cheney, Obama decided to do everything half assed..!

  2. This should erase doubt that Obama somehow disagrees with Holder’s actions. The CIA put out a memo with the following analysis. The election of Obama in 08 would kill most of the opposition to wars of empire and the destruction of the Constitution. They were absolutely correct in this assessment.

    It now remains for all people of conscience to pull their shit together and realize how dangerous the situation we face as a people really is. I am sick of those who make excuse after excuse for actions which destroy our society and bring war upon the earth. I know that many people who claim make these excuses are paid to make them. This is a foolish path.

    To those who cling to beliefs that make them feel better, this also must end. Too much is at stake to keep up a set of false hopes and beliefs. Please work with groups who will stand up to the destruction of the rule of law, against war, against injustice.

  3. Obama finds out about “these things” the same way everyone else does, in the news. He should leave the reporters alone so he can find out more of what his administration is doing. Holder, the fox, in charge? Puleeeeze.

  4. Too funny! Obama & Holder needs to decide who should step down first: himself or Holder? Or is Obama just another crooked politician?

    Nevertheless, this type of behavior is common in the workplace. The CEO or Manager asks Human Resources/Employee Relations to ‘resolve an issue’ in which management is either involved in the issue or responsible for protecting the company’s image (sweep it under the rug, minimize/downplay the problem, see how far the employee is willing to take the issue..either via a lawyer, EEOC or other government/quasi government entity). Or Human Resources takes the initiative, requested by a ‘troubled employee,” to ‘resolve the issue’ on behalf of the organization/management.

  5. Gee, I wonder if Obama’s lame speech on drones and Gitmo wasn’t really about shoring up his left phalanx??

  6. “What is astonishing is that this speech was quickly embraced by Obama supporters as proof of principle from the President.” It won’t be long and Mr. O’s supporters will be throwing around the race card at those calling for his impeachment. Society is full of fables like the Pied Piper, perhaps we should teach those fables once again. How about the old poem “First they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist….”. Seems to me human nature has not changed much in a thousand years, more likely 100,000 years. I saw Mr. O in Boise in February of 2008. I never heard the roar of a crowd for a person like that before in my life. And this is Boise!. As I walked out, carrying my Ron Paul placard I was just amazed at how Mr. O reminded me of the Pied Piper. I don’t get it. What is so sweet in his voice and the words he uses that people are blinded?

  7. Paul, His supporters here, including those who campaigned for him, are having a REAL tough time right now. I’m fairly certain that is happening nationwide. However, there will be a percentage, maybe 20%, who will stick w/ him no matter what he does. It’s the bunker mentality.

  8. Not like Watergate?! (chuckle)

    The White House “plumbers” were (nick-named for their orders to plug leaks in the administration. In Sept of 1971 they burglarized a psychiatrist’s office looking for files on Daniel Ellsberg who had leaked the Pentagon Papers. (National Security claims)

    It was members of the plumbers unit who were then caught in June of 1972 when they were clandestinely inside the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate hotel and office complex in Washington DC to check on a malfunctioning listening device that had been surreptitiously planted the previous month.

    Later that month, John Mitchell,former Atty General, claimed there are no ties between CREEP (Committee for the Re-elect of the President) which he headed and the burglaries. (Mitchell later served 19 months in prison)

    In August of 1972 Nixon claimed that White House counsel John Dean had conducted an investigation into the Watergate matter and found that no-one from the White House was involved. (Dean later pleaded guilty to a single felony count in exchange for becoming a key witness for the prosecution and served 4 months under the U S Marshals’ supervision in a “safe house” and was disbarred)

    In November of 1972 Nixon won re-election by a landslide … and then it all went to shat.

    Obama may be in the early stages of his own Watergate and like Nixon, blind to the reality of his position. He and Holder have been poking the media with a big, sharp stick trying to plug leaks … the media is poking back.

    Just like Watergate.

  9. I don’t think Obama will be leaving either by impeachment or resignation unless there is a whole lot more than this. So far the only ones calling for impeachment are about ten congressman on the far right fringe. Many of whom are are birthers and have been trying to force him out for years. It really does not matter if I support him or not as we don’t have recall for presidents. Bush became extremely unpopular at the end of his second term with very low approval ratings but he never resigned, and Obama’s approval ratings are still holding up. As for Holder, I don’t know what will happen but I suspect he will hang in there for awhile. Never have liked him.

  10. like your liberal president now? What an agenda driven boob that couldn’t be a pimple on a presidents butt. Chicago politics in the white house

  11. Every sense they killed JFK the aholes like Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Obama have been working the same plan to destroy our nation & others.

    We just had the illusion of choice when their where almost none, save maybe Ron Paul, Ross Perot, I believe the murdered Paul Wellstone, Dennis Kucinich.

    Ya we know none of us has the whole story of whats going but we’ve a damned good idea from the public records available.

    This site doesn’t seem to like more the one link per post so I’ll make the 3 post to make the point.

    This 1st one shows where & how we should have been going.

    There used to be small family run dairies all over the country & like around here the govt destroyed them & ran them out of biz.

    Orwell Reigns Over Raw Milk Trial

    Daniel McAdams
    Lew Rockwell Blog
    May 24, 2013

    The trial of Vernon Hershberger for the crime of selling healthy, unprocessed milk to informed and willing customers is sadly a damning commentary on the times in which we currently live.


  12. Fox, henhouse…. Snake, grass….I love the folks that say I never liked the guy anyways….. Friends, enemies accomplishes….what others are afraid to do…. Oh my…color me surprised….

  13. SwM,

    It’s not the crazies (birthers, Fox, etc) that are after him this time … it’s the big guns (NYTimes, AP, etc).

    I suspect the big guns would be satisfied with a Holder resignation but that is a problem for Obama. Is Holder a Dean (me first) or a Mitchell (you first). One thing we know for sure, he’s not an Elliot Richardson (Constitution first).

    Nope, no matter which way you look at it, Obama’s Administration has been weakened. They’ll blame others but the fault is all their own.

  14. Now while most people try to fight off the govt that’s destroying their farms, auto salvage/parts, & all other actual small businesses the govt’s here, China, Russia they are run programs to kill us.

    Charlton here put up the piece on DSM-5.

    The terrorist/Mentally Ill aholes that are put DSM-5 out are doing so to use as a weapon of control against people that speak out or they don’t like or to feed their evil medical system.

    Is it not the case that these are the same Ahole that aided & abetted Bush in War Crimes/Crimes against humanity?

    Moving ahead, here is some of the latest info on the bio-weapons govts are building, I believe, to /injury/murder us with.

    IT’S AIRBORNE: Human Transmission of Deadly H7N9 Virus Now Confirmed

    Mac Slavo
    May 24, 2013

    In April of this year researches studying the H7N9 bird flu virus in China advised global governments to get prepared for the worst case scenario. According to the World Health Organization, H7N9 is one the most lethal influenza strains ever identified because it mutates eight times faster than a normal flu virus, and according to official records, has a death-to-infection ratio of about 25%.


  15. Blouise, Yes, they are definitely weakened but Obama is not going to resign or be impeached unless there is more. Obama has a new ally in McCain. He seems to view the Ted Cruz wing of the republican party as far more dangerous than Obama. Elliot Richardson was the best. He was way too liberal to get through this senate. If only there was one republican left like him.

  16. Oky1,

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  17. I just emailed the White House and simply stated i’m officially disappointed in the President’s inability to do anything for the working class but you lost me totally with you use of the Justice Department against the people and the press.

  18. 3 of 3

    In a home or other buildings you have sub systems like the electrical, plumbing, etc..

    The electrical system is a complete system but it’s just part of the greater system.

    Here in the US we have unconstitutional treaties like NAFTA, GATA, others ones through the UN.

    And then the illegal efforts to merge Canada/Mexico/US into one giant cluster ‘k,… Mexican Trucks on US roads, etc…, under one currency…..

    It does matter if you love or hate Infowars or Jonathan Turley’s site both give a platform for some very talented/concerned people to address their views/concerns.

    This 33 minute piece below is from some of those talented people.

    It addresses the 50+ year plan to destroy national sovereignty across Europe.

    It’s relevant to us in the US as it lays out the basic plan that is being used to destroy us & our US sovereignty.

  19. One of the millions of things people are doing to fight the govt corruption is that Jones ran this contest:

    Operation Paul Revere InfoWars

    I don’t know how many hundreds/thousands of videos there are, but I’ve probably seen 250-300 of them.

    Not all of them a good, there is a bunch of talented people that have put some great ones out.

    If you have free time this weekend check out their work.

    Here is another one:

  20. Once again, unless we repeal the Patriot Act as amended and make the FISA court a real court that is not a puppet of any administration, we will continue to have Presidents of all political stripes grabbing more power. Holder should be gone and any investigation should be done by an independent agency. Any comparison to Watergate is not accurate to say the least.

  21. rafflaw:

    you got that right. Watergate was about covering up a break-in to steal a book which had the name of John Dean’s soon to be wife in it. Apparently she worked for some escort service in DC and he didnt want that getting out.

    This is much more serious.

  22. I am disturbed by the tenor of many coments here: extreme positions and some posts with a conspiracy flavor. I supported and voted for Obama/Biden. I am aware of the controversies and am, like Mr. Spinelli, having a hard time. I am sticking with him and hope he can help hiimself and us by taking steps to find the truth. Also, the IRS needs to go back to the statute of the law describing what entities qualify for 501c3 as “operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, or educational purposes, to foster national or international amateur sports competition, to promote the arts, or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals.[10][11] There are also supporting organizations which are often referred to in shorthand form as “Friends of” organizations”

  23. Susan,

    We as Americans didn’t have the time to waste proving to others Romney is an Anti-American piece of trash so I voted for Obama.

    The reason for voting for Obama is that America needs to have Obama, the Bush & Clinton people to have fair, in public, trials to show/prove in court to the world they are Anti-American pieces of Trash.

    Something about like the Nuremberg trials for War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity.

    Maybe we won’t get our questions answered & remedied.

    I the mean while we wait do you have your bags packed for Camp FEMA? LOL;)

    FM 3-39.40

    Oops, that that dang conspiracy flavor again.😉


  24. I learned over my career to pay attention to what people don’t say or do. In this instance I saw the young, quite capable but a kid for chrissake, Dan Pfeiffer, out on all the Sunday talk shows last week. What an assignment!! Schieffer and Wallace @ the end both thanked him w/ smiles that said, “Sorry you got this assignment, kid.” Who should have been there are the Ace and #2 in the rotation, Axelrod and Plouffe. Where the hell are they? Laying low and lawyering up?

  25. It’s not the crazies (birthers, Fox, etc) that are after him this time … it’s the big guns (NYTimes, AP, etc). -Blouise
    😉 , Blouise.

  26. I prefer the RCC to anything Obama has to say….. At least Frances is trying to be different than the predecessor….. AP…. It’s the big guns…. He will find out how powerful the press is……. Aka the 4th estate…..

  27. AY, The Pope said all atheists are going to Heaven. If that gives even a bit of comfort to the arch-atheists, they’ll never admit it. However, I have always believed it’s how you treat others in this journey on life is all that God cares about and all that matters. Nice to have myself being sympatico w/ a Pope.

  28. Nick,

    If much rather deal with a known atheist than a self professed Christian… Insert any religion in place of Christian any day of the week….

  29. Bron is talking about the conspiracy theory put forth in Silent Coup, a book by Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin with input from Gordon Liddy. The book pressed the theme that poor little ol’ Nixon was an innocent victim of Dean’s scheming. Jerry Ford liked the book.

    The Deans sued St. Martin’s Press, publisher of Silent Coup. St. Martin’s settled the case for an undisclosed sum.

  30. Bron and others here, Weren’t you watching closely during the Nixon administration or or you too young to have seen it unfold in real time? Watergate wasn’t about a break-in, it was a pattern of criminal activity originating with the President himself. I suggest you read this synopsis titled correctly “Why Obama is not Nixon” and get a grip. If you want to talk about how the law itself has become corrupted starting with The Patriot Act (Right Raf, it needs to be repealed as a good first step) and the government has literally become a security state, that’s a discussion worth having. But ‘this is the worst scandal(s) ever and Obama is worse than Nixon’? Oh please. Read a book on the Nixon administration and Watergate.

    Obama- the White House, hasn’t even been touched by these scandals. There is only one scandal- the attack on the press/whistle-blowers. Benghazi and the IRS are bull, distraction and political opportunism. If Holder broke the law, broke the law, then fire him. If he didn’t break the law and I don’t think he did, then change the law. Has the knowledge that the NSA is monitoring all communication been lost on you? Where is the sense of proportion?

    You want a scandal? or a scandal that couldn’t have been anticipated considering the legacy of laws and practices and paranoia now a cornerstone of American foreign policy and any domestic action or expectation that can be connected, even tangentially, to national security? How’s this: a bridge known to be deficient and unsafe in Washington State collapsed taking cars and commuters with it. There are around 8000 such bridges in this country. This President can’t get money out of Congress, or more to the point, the Republicans in Congress, to fix bridges and stimulate jobs and hasn’t been able to for five years. Republican obstructionists would rather kill the economy and citizens for political advantage; and at least with the base, for racist motives. How well the Southern strategy is working and the tainted, country damaging fruit it is bearing is a real sandal. How soon is Congress going to convene a committee about our bridges?

    Bridges and NSA data Centers are important, Benghazi and low-level IRS incompetence is not. Gene and I said when the AP thing came up a few days ago (I said, Gene agreed, not trying to put words in his mouth.) that the attack on the press (and by extension whistle-blowers) was the only real scandal. And really, it’s probably a moral scandal because the law appears so far to be on the side of the Justice Department. CHANGE THE LAW, and drop the hyperbole. Obama=Nixon? Not on his worst day.

    “Why Obama is not Nixon”


    “The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)”

    “A project of immense secrecy, it is the final piece in a complex puzzle assembled over the past decade. Its purpose: to intercept, decipher, analyze, and store vast swaths of the world’s communications as they zap down from satellites and zip through the underground and undersea cables of international, foreign, and domestic networks. The heavily fortified $2 billion center should be up and running in September 2013. Flowing through its servers and routers and stored in near-bottomless databases will be all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Google searches, as well as all sorts of personal data trails—parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital “pocket litter.” It is, in some measure, the realization of the “total information awareness” program created during the first term of the Bush administration—an effort that was killed by Congress in 2003 after it caused an outcry over its potential for invading Americans’ privacy.”


  31. nick spinelli: “If that gives even a bit of comfort to the arch-atheists, they’ll never admit it.”

    Nick, what do I have to do to transcend the label of (simple) atheist and become an arch-atheist? Do I get a pin or ID card? Is there a test? Do I have to pay dues? Is there a club? Are there meetings? Can I just not ignore religion- do I have to become some kind of activist? I can’t march anymore so can I just send e-mails and make phone calls? Inquiring, heretofore passive atheist, minds want to know.

    Arch-athiests? Srsly?:-)

    (Just having some fun Nick, just having some fun.)

  32. lotta, I understand and like ballbusting, particularly in women. My daughter is a good ballbuster. But seriously, what I mean by arch-atheist are the ones that are really dug in deep. The Christopher Hitchens, who I really liked except when he wasn’t speaking on religion. I understand it because if I were an atheist, I would probably be of that genre. Being surrounded and bombarded by religion w/ people always preaching bugs me, and I’m a believer. The counterpart to arch-atheist are the uber-evangelicals. In all realms we need the polar opposites for balance. On religion, I’m in the middle, politics also.

  33. And lotta, To become an arch-atheist is easy, just join Freedom From Religion. It’s based in my town of Madison, and run by the Queen of arch-atheists, Anne Laurie Gaylor.

  34. AY, I’m w/ you for the most part. I like people who keep their faith, or non-faith, to themselves.

  35. lotta,
    you got it right. The break in had nothing to do with Dean’s wife. It is amazing how history is getting rewritten in an attempt to make this IRS nonsense into a big scandal. The scandal is that the IRS is allowing any of these blatantly political organizations to obtain tax deductions for their contributors with absolutely no social welfare work to speak of. The regulation using the word primarily. I think all 501c4 applicants should be required to produce evidence of their money going to charities or actual benefit the society as a whole. That is what the IRS should be doing with all applicants.

  36. I guess my first attempt is stuck in wordpress gitmoland.
    Lotta, you got it right. The Watergate break in had nothing to do with Dean’s wife. History cannot be rewritten unless we allow it to be rewritten. The IRS nonsense is just that, nonsense. The IRS should be subjecting all 501c4 applicants to a strict investigation to prove that they are “primarily” serving the welfare of society as a whole. Most of the organizations started after Citizens United are mere shells designed to funnel secret money to candidates and political causes and to provide tax deductions to the wealthy donors without disclosing just who are those wealthy donors.

  37. “To become an arch-atheist is easy, just join Freedom From Religion. It’s based in my town of Madison, and run by the Queen of arch-atheists, Anne Laurie Gaylor.”

    Nick, LOL, do I have to join or can I just be in harmony with their mission:

    “The nonprofit Freedom From Religion Foundation works to educate the public on matters relating to nontheism, and to promote the constitutional principle of separation between church and state.”

    The Gaylor’s, Anne Nicol and Annie Laurie sound like gals it would be fun to have a drink with, but I always like feminist malcontents.😉

    “….for the most part. I like people who keep their faith, or non-faith, to themselves.”

    That’s a big 10-4 buddy, there ought to be a law in fact, oh wait, there is. Srsly, I went years without even having to think about religion. I have enough things to think about so having to preoccupy myself with something like religion and the pernicious effect it’s influence is having on America is just a pain. It actually pi**es me off. Religion and political Christians are co-opting brain cells I can’t afford to spare to think about them.

  38. Rafflaw: “The IRS should be subjecting all 501c4 applicants to a strict investigation to prove that they are “primarily” serving the welfare of society as a whole. Most of the organizations started after Citizens United are mere shells designed to funnel secret money to candidates and political causes and to provide tax deductions to the wealthy donors without disclosing just who are those wealthy donors.”
    Right you are. The law should be applied as originally written, not subsequently changed by regulation. That’s just BS. Regulations can’t materially alter the law.

  39. Holder needs to be fired and investigated.
    Obama needs to be impeached and removed from office.
    The American people need to reestablish control over our government and remind the people who become President that they can be removed from power if they are not protective of the Bill of Rights

  40. G.Mason,

    Careful talk like that will obtain you the wrath of staunch do nothing wrong Obama supporters…. Because, others are out to get him…..

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