Lock and LEGO: Six-Year-Old Kindergartner Put Into Detention Over Tiny LEGO Gun Found In His Possession

Lego-Toy-GunWe have yet another zero logic case out of our schools enforcing zero tolerance policies on guns. We have yet another case of lunacy in our schools as part of the zero tolerance policy regarding guns. We have previously explored how teachers and school administrators are expelling or suspending students for everything from finger guns to stick figures. (here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here). For a prior column, click here. Even nibbling a danish into a gun shape can get you expelled today. Now a 6-year-old kindergartner attending Old Mill Pond Elementary School in Palmer, Mass faced possible suspension or expulsion because he was spotted with a plastic Lego G.I. Joe gun — the size of a quarter — on to his school bus. After public outcry, the school decided that it would not discipline the boy. However, the boy was given detention after the discovery.

After a fellow student alerted the bus driver, the boy was taken to detention. He was forced to apologize to the bus driver — presumably for endangering the whole bus with the quarter sized LEGO toy. Then school officials sent home a letter to all parents alerting them to the harrowing experience and reminding them of the zero tolerance policy.

Once again, teachers and administrators insist on applying this policy will little judgment or logic. The fact that this boy was put into detention at all is moronic, let alone requiring him to apologize to a bus driver that a toy was brought on board.

Source: Wash Times

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  1. The gun control issue is not a distraction. Right, blouise. Teaching a two year old how to handle a gun properly is more than bizarre.

  2. Pete9999,

    In the word of our fat, green former contributor: “One lives to be of service”.

  3. Responsible parents teach their child how to handle knives and guns responsibly….. They also teach them how to cook, clean, do the yard, paint, car maintenance etc…. The list goes on….and on…. You have a lot of irresponsible people living…. Some even work on Wall Street….. Has Obama or holder gone after them…. This is an issue distraction from the real problems in this country…

  4. 2-Year-Old Boy In Texas Dead After Shooting Himself In The Face
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    Tom Kludt 1:41 PM EDT, Thursday May 30, 2013

    A 2-year-old boy in Texas was pronounced dead Wednesday after he shot himself in a home that Child Protective Services had deemed unfit for children just last year, KLTV reported.

    Trenton Mathis shot himself in the face with a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun Wednesday afternoon in his great-grandparents’ home in Cherokee County, Texas. Police said both great-grandparents were at the home when the shooting took place.

    Mathis and his three siblings were removed from their parents’ home in Harris County, Texas last year by CPS due to “abuse and neglect,” according to the report. Three of those children, including the now-deceased toddler, were placed in their great-grandparents’ home, despite the fact that CPS denied a home study. Such a denial signaled that CPS did not believe the home was safe for children, according to KLTV. The other child was placed in a foster home.

  5. yankeefarmer,

    “’No confidence’ – is a Parliamentary vote I’d love to see imported to US politics.”

    It would have to be modified. Under the Parliamentary system as used in the U.K., no confidence doesn’t lead to new elections but rather to a removal and a partisan reappointment. I think you know how well that’d work here. But you’re absolutely on the right track. We need a quicker way to remove misbehaving and incompetent pols than just impeachment.

  6. @ Mike Spindell: as of this moment, 7 or 101 self-identified progressive/Democrats are calling for a complete ban. Here’s the link: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/05/30/1212735/-What-Does-the-Term-Gun-Control-Mean-to-You

    That reasonably mirrors results in so-called Koch/NRA/Right-wing talking-point push-polling, which resulted in the GOS banning certain contributors.

    7% is not “91%”

    A fact that works both for-and-against the meme: “ALL TRUE Democrats…”

    If this was pre-USA PATRIOT Act, I believe the public could be convinced of some benevolent Authoritarian entity which would ONLY go after the guns. A door-to-door confiscation which would leave your weed, porn, and pirated software/music/video alone.
    A decade-plus of not being graced with the Fourth Amendment, of not being trusted with nail clippers or deodorants on airplanes – and we’re not-so-trusting.

    Thus, once the emotion of the moment dissipated, we’re back at the null average of 40 some percent for/40 some percent against with single digits giving “no opinion”. The day, the question, the poll taker and demographic, determines who has the 3 point victory.

    Address the civil liberties issue, and I believe almost any restriction could be passed… including a total ban on semi-automatics.
    Continuing to grant broad powers, via broad-brush legislation, granting limitless authority to agencies without redress or Congressional oversight?
    Results in this legislative foot-dragging. No progress, not even on the concept of having States compelled to enter records required by the original background check legislation passed in the Clinton-era.

    “No confidence” – is a Parliamentary vote I’d love to see imported to US politics.

  7. Me iz dizzapoint 🙁

    For a moment, I read the video title as “Top 10 Drunks all Time”
    …..which might also have been appropriate.

    1. “Address the civil liberties issue, and I believe almost any restriction could be passed… including a total ban on semi-automatics.”


      Although I’m not a gun owner, or even aficionado, I basically stand with OS and you on the issue. If the figure that there are at least 300 million guns around in the US is anywhere near true, banning them would be an exercise in futility and have worse prospects than the failed “War on Drugs”. However, I do believe going forward that it is reasonable to require registration and licensing. I consider my right to drive as deriving from the Constitution, because for most of America the inability to drive creates in effect a disability, given the lack of public transportation. At the same time it seems reasonable to me that I take a driving test to insure competence (judging from what I see on the road though the bar for passing it is rather low). It also seems reasonable to me that any new gun purchaser, going forward, has a background check and has to register the weapon.

      Now I understand that it is the “slippery slope” that worries you. I think your fears are unjustified merely for the fact that there would be so many firearms out there (300 million?) as mentioned above, confiscation is impossible.

      The biggest problem with this issue comes from the fact that both sides of it have their crazies that somehow become a driving force of their positions, even though there is little logic to the extreme of either side. From the gun ownership perspective the NRA couldn’t be a worse spokesman, even with their success at lobbying. I’ve read a few NRA magazines and in them I’ve seen the face of madness in most of the articles. The anti-gun side too has its crazies and in that sense they remind me of organizations like MADD, who have battled alcohol consumption to a degree beyond fact.

      By the way, my non-gun ownership is situational. In my life I don’t feel I have the safety issues to deal with, nor do I trust my ability to have a gun and quickly be able to use it if a threat occurs. The only way I could be moderately assured of having it when needed is a carry permit and I honestly wouldn’t enjoy having to tote one around with me. However, I’m a City/Suburban guy, living in a gated community. If I was living on a farm, or even an isolated 2 or 3 acres, I would have a weapon as protection. It is because I try to understand the mindset of people in different situations, that I can understand why some would reasonably want a weapon. Seeing the other side of the issue allows me not to demonize those who feel they need a weapon.

      The other issue is that there are those where firearms represent a hobby, or a way of life when it comes to hunters. While I personally would find killing an animal distasteful I can understand where it would be a way of life for some. Target shooting is a quite pleasurable pastime and so I can get why people do it. This is a complex issue and sadly the polar positions have driven each side of it.

      As far as DailyKos goes, you and OS have opened my eyes. Since I usually don’t read the diaries, unless OS mentions one, I had no idea about the commentary, or the predilections of the editors. So I admit my ignorance of the fact that there are many there calling for a complete ban and intolerant of contrasting viewpoints.

    2. “Sockpuppet Shrink! Are you licensed?”

      The issue of license is irrelevant, since the information is available on line. Shooting Sharks nails you Nick and gleans it directly from your behavior here. You should heed the advice and you might become a happier, less angry person, without all those who personally know you, talking behind your back about how annoying/bullying you are.

  8. nick,

    as a long time lurker here, i read your posts and this is what comes to mind.

    DSM-IV Appendix B
    Cluster A (odd)


    Cluster B (dramatic)


    Cluster C (anxious)


    Not specified



    Passive-aggressive personality disorder was listed as an Axis II personality disorder in the DSM-III-R, but was moved in the DSM-IV to Appendix B (“Criteria Sets and Axes Provided for Further Study”) because of controversy and the need for further research on how to also categorize the behaviors in a future edition. According to DSM-IV, passive-aggressive personality disorder is “often overtly ambivalent, wavering indecisively from one course of action to its opposite. They may follow an erratic path that causes endless wrangles with others and disappointment for themselves.” Characteristic of these persons in an “intense conflict dependence on other and the desire for self-assertion.” Although exhibiting superficial bravado, their self-confidence is often very poor, and others react to them with hostility and negativity.[5]
    Millon’s subtypes

    The psychologist Theodore Millon has proposed four subtypes of ‘negativist’ (‘passive-aggressive’).[6] Any individual negativist may exhibit none or one of the following:
    Subtype Description Personality Traits
    Vacillating Including Borderline personality disorder features Emotions fluctuate in bewildering, perplexing, and enigmatic ways; difficult to fathom or comprehend own capricious and mystifying moods; wavers, in flux, and irresolute both subjectively and intrapsychically.
    Discontented Including Depressive personality disorder features Grumbling, petty, testy, cranky, embittered, complaining, fretful, vexed, and moody; gripes behind pretense; avoids confrontation; uses legitimate but trivial complaints.
    Circuitous Including Dependent personality disorder features Opposition displayed in a roundabout, labyrinthine, and ambiguous manner, e.g., procrastination, dawdling, forgetfulness, inefficiency, neglect, stubbornness, indirect and devious in venting resentment and resistant behaviors.
    Abrasive Including Sadistic personality disorder features Contentious, intransigent, fractious, and quarrelsome; irritable, caustic, debasing, corrosive, and acrimonious, contradicts and derogates; few qualms and little conscience or remorse. (no longer a valid diagnosis in DSM)

    Passive-aggressive disorder may stem from a specific childhood stimulus[7][non-primary source needed] (e.g., alcohol/drug addicted parents) in an environment where it was not safe to express frustration or anger. Families in which the honest expression of feelings is forbidden tend to teach children to repress and deny their feelings and to use other channels to express their frustration.

    Children who sugarcoat hostility may have difficulties being assertive, never developing better coping strategies or skills for self-expression. They can become adults who, beneath a “seductive veneer”, “harbor vindictive intent”, in the words of a US congressman psychologist and a writer/practicing therapist.[8] Alternatively individuals may simply have difficulty being as directly aggressive or assertive as others. Martin Kantor suggests three areas that contribute to passive-aggressive anger in individuals: conflicts about dependency, control, and competition, and that a person may be termed passive-aggressive if they behave so to most persons on most occasions. Alternatively, the term may apply to a person who forgot to return a library book more than one time.[9][further explanation needed]

    Murphy and Oberlin also see passive aggression as part of a larger umbrella of hidden anger stemming from ten traits of the angry child or adult. These traits include making one’s own misery, the inability to analyze problems, blaming others, turning bad feelings into mad ones, attacking people, lacking empathy, using anger to gain power, confusing anger with self-esteem, and indulging in negative self-talk. Lastly, the authors point out that those who hide their anger can be nice when they wish to be.[10]

    you should consider getting some therapy. playing on the internet with people who are clearly toying with you only feeds your illness. plus your hostility really stinks up the place. learn to quit taking your childhood out on others. it will make you a truly happier person. peace.

  9. Nick,

    You challenged me. I responded with evidence, you denied the evidence.
    You are the angry one and dishonest to boot. Poor victim Nick, our own Rodney Dangerfield, who gets no respect. That’s because you keep shooting at people like me, but you’re shooting blanks. You ain’t got nothin, but a large ego with limited talents to back it up. 🙂

  10. I’ve been sitting on the deck of our condo in Victor, Idaho. The storms come and go within minutes over the snow capped mountains. it makes me realize what is really important and how insignificant we all are in the scheme of things. My daughter is healthy, my deceased sister is w/ the Good Lord, and there are angry people out there. So sad for them and whomever they may have in their lives. Life is beautiful.

  11. MikeS, has committed to a one paragraph screed. Will you commit?

  12. Whatever, MikeS needs you desperately and I’m sure he’s glad to have you back in the saddle.

  13. The last time you vanished after one of your hissy fits you claimed to be tending to a dying friend. I hope that’s not the story again. All of your warnings of my being banished have been bullshit. But, curiously, you spew venom and vile statements, vanish, and then re-emerge. Curious @ best.

    1. “Spew your venom and disappear”

      Curious Nick you gave the exact excuse for yourself in your comment at 5:25pm for not being around after your takedown last week. Is it that you’re too dumb to understand that we aren’t?

  14. Gene, Welcome back from wherever you were. Banishment? Your ego knows no bounds, or logic.

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