Kindergartner Is Interrogated For Two Hours Without Calling His Parents — For Bringing Toy Gun To School

Calvert_county_md_sealWe just discussed a story of a kindergartner who was disciplined for a LEGO gun that he brought to school that was smaller than a quarter. Now we have another kindergartner who was suspended for the rest of the year (10 days) for bringing an orange-tipped toy gun to school. Rather than simply discuss the matter with his parents, school officials proceeded to interrogate him for hours without calling his parents– a growing problem that we discussed in another story today. The toy was in the boy’s backpack and he was pulled into an interrogation with police. I cannot imagine what officers did for two hours in questioning a 5 year old child but it is clear that Calvert County officials have zero crime and even less judgment. During his detention with the officials and police, the boy wet his pants.

I cannot express the level of disgust and anger that I have over such a story. School officials refuse to use any judgment in enforcing such zero tolerance policies and continue to abuse the rights of students by allowing schools to be used for interrogations.

The boy will now have the incident placed in his permanent record and he will be kept out of school for the rest of the year. Grown ups are responsible for this farce, not this toddler.

The boy wanted to show his friend his toy on their ten-minute bus ride. The principal later told his mother that he pretended to shoot someone on the bus — oh my lord, a toddler pretended to shoot someone with a toy gun. I am surprised that the whole school district was not shutdown. Here is the great part. The principal expressed relief that the cap gun did not have caps to make a pop sound because it would have been treated as an explosive device.

This insanity continues despite public outcry and any semblance of rational thought. We have previously explored how teachers and school administrators are expelling or suspending students for everything from finger guns to stick figures. (here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here). For a prior column, click here. Even nibbling a danish into a gun shape can get you expelled today.

I have previously written about the controversy of boys playing with play guns (here and here). This is a boy who was excited about a toy. He broke the rules. Call in his parents but to call in the police is absurd. Teachers may claim that this is in the best interest of the child but it is in the interest of school administrators who believe that they cannot be blamed if they show no judgment or discretion. They just serve up a scared little boy and walk away.

Source: Washington Post

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  1. America caught in a grip of irrational fear reacts with absolute paranoia; fearful of a five year old with a toy gun.This chicken nation would be utterly unable to withstand a real war on its home soil. What ever happened to the courage of our forefathers?

  2. Judith van der Roos,

    Sadly, for us and our children, it’s no laughing matter.

  3. Afraid to do nothing – “cannot be blamed if they show no judgment or discretion.” This is the very same attitude that prevailed during the Stalinist purges. Everything was reportable and was reported. How did we get to this? I’m glad I’m not a kid today.

  4. america you live in fear and become stupid as a result. The world is laughing at you and your own bafflement at the consequences of your own actions!

  5. Interesting, Cheryl. It almost seems as though you aim for consistency of some kind.

    But this is the U.S. government we’re talking about here, so you can abandon any pretense along those lines.

    To wit:

    Let’s amass the world’s most awesome violent force, which requires more debt-based money to sustain on an annual basis than god would ever have imagined into existence if god were real in the first place (or at least more than the rest of world spends, combined, on defense budgets), and then let’s pretend like stigmatizing toy guns will make our culture less violent!

    Yes! That’s the ticket!!!


    When the state lays down its own arsenal first, giving meaning to its otherwise empty rhetoric on the issue, I will support gun control.

  6. If daddy has a 2nd amendment right to take his real gun everywhere, doesn’t Johnny get to use his 2nd amendment right to bring his fake gun to school?

    For that matter, if the NRA has it’s way – every 5 yr old will have a real gun and be able to take it to school. What will these school administrators do then?

  7. I read the Washington Post article by clicking the blue tag and the article says nothing about opCays questioning the kid. Yo, JT, where did you get that tidbit?

  8. Occupy Superintendent’s Office. The demonstrators wear tee shirts with pictures of toy guns. Send the dogpac to the guy’s yard and let em poop.

  9. Everyone relax! There was a cop present, after all. Have you heard him tell his side yet?

    I mean, he has a badge and a uniform! I’m sympathetic to his point of view, no matter what.


    Sorry about that last one. My cynicism was showing for a second but I zipped it back up.

  10. Cap guns are as dangerous as real guns. Pop tarts are weapons. So this is what Alice felt like after falling down the rabbit hole.

  11. Published on May 31, 2013
    5/31/13 – POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35 ORLANDO) – A Central Florida school district has apologized after some students’ irises were scanned as part of a pilot security program without their parents’ permission. High-tech eye-scanning cameras were installed on school buses at Davenport School of the Arts, Daniel Jenkins Academy and Bethune Academy in Polk County. The children’s irises were scanned May 23. In the program, a number is assigned to that student and that student’s information. The district could then track the student’s movements on and off the school bus and notify parents whether a child returned home on time.

  12. I spent many happy days in my youth killing Japanese and German soldiers, assorted Apache braves, and a randy mix of outlaw brothers, including the Daltons, the Youngers and the Jameses. This is nonsense..

  13. Why stop at interrogation? They should have called Father Gabriele Amorth in to exorcise this boy’s demons.

  14. I completely disagree. I take the Leftist politically corrrect view on this issue. Two hours of questioning a 5 year old child for bringing in a toy gun us hardly sufficient. You cannot rush such an inquiry, and I’d estimate that at least 3.5 hours would be necessary to cover all the relevant points. Furthermore, I think that the authorities should have Tasered him, as a precaution. You never could tell what he might have intended to do with that toy gun.

  15. Chuck
    1, May 31, 2013 at 12:22 pm
    I guess we can’t play cops and robbers anymore.

    = = =
    Nowadays it’s called torturer and interrogator…

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