Kindergartner Is Interrogated For Two Hours Without Calling His Parents — For Bringing Toy Gun To School

Calvert_county_md_sealWe just discussed a story of a kindergartner who was disciplined for a LEGO gun that he brought to school that was smaller than a quarter. Now we have another kindergartner who was suspended for the rest of the year (10 days) for bringing an orange-tipped toy gun to school. Rather than simply discuss the matter with his parents, school officials proceeded to interrogate him for hours without calling his parents– a growing problem that we discussed in another story today. The toy was in the boy’s backpack and he was pulled into an interrogation with police. I cannot imagine what officers did for two hours in questioning a 5 year old child but it is clear that Calvert County officials have zero crime and even less judgment. During his detention with the officials and police, the boy wet his pants.

I cannot express the level of disgust and anger that I have over such a story. School officials refuse to use any judgment in enforcing such zero tolerance policies and continue to abuse the rights of students by allowing schools to be used for interrogations.

The boy will now have the incident placed in his permanent record and he will be kept out of school for the rest of the year. Grown ups are responsible for this farce, not this toddler.

The boy wanted to show his friend his toy on their ten-minute bus ride. The principal later told his mother that he pretended to shoot someone on the bus — oh my lord, a toddler pretended to shoot someone with a toy gun. I am surprised that the whole school district was not shutdown. Here is the great part. The principal expressed relief that the cap gun did not have caps to make a pop sound because it would have been treated as an explosive device.

This insanity continues despite public outcry and any semblance of rational thought. We have previously explored how teachers and school administrators are expelling or suspending students for everything from finger guns to stick figures. (here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here). For a prior column, click here. Even nibbling a danish into a gun shape can get you expelled today.

I have previously written about the controversy of boys playing with play guns (here and here). This is a boy who was excited about a toy. He broke the rules. Call in his parents but to call in the police is absurd. Teachers may claim that this is in the best interest of the child but it is in the interest of school administrators who believe that they cannot be blamed if they show no judgment or discretion. They just serve up a scared little boy and walk away.

Source: Washington Post

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  1. SwM,

    Yeah, well, maybe the NRA will give this kid a lifetime membership too:

    Kid Suspended for Pop-Tart Pistol Is Given Lifetime NRA Membership

    “Josh said he didn’t know what the NRA was or what it meant to have a membership, but chimed in when his parents were asked whether anyone else in his family belonged to the NRA.

    “Nope, only me,” he said.”

  2. Nal,

    No, it doesn’t let the school officials off the hook but claiming police interrogated the child for 2 hours certainly ratchets up the emotions. Pitchforks anyone?

  3. I can’t find any reports of the police even being called. That doesn’t let the school officials off the hook.

  4. For a society inundated with military propaganda, and which celebrates at every turn the state’s officially sanctioned murderers who wield powerful and sexy weapons and kill nameless foreigners, it is ironic indeed to see these very same worshippers of the state’s mercenaries turn around and chastise the kids who merely mimic with toys the very real actions of their ‘heroes.’

    … and he will be kept out of school for the rest of the year.</blockquote

    Would that all children were so fortunate to receive such a 'punishment.' Here's hoping the kid's parents don't return him to the gulag after the year's up.

  5. I can find no collaboration anywhere, not even in the source quoted, that the police were called or involved in the interrogation of the child. The closest I can come to it is the principal telling the child’s mother that had the cap pistol contained caps, they would have had to call the police as the pistol would have then been an “explosive” device.

    If someone finds collaboration that the police were called and did conduct the interrogation, please post the source.

  6. Once again, just for the record, and to reiterate my previous comment, the cops did not interrogate this boy. JT’s post is wrong, according to the source story. Unfortunately JT makes too many of this type of error so I make it a habit to read the sources to be (more) certain of the facts.

    I am as disgusted, outraged, and pissed off about this story as anyone. But it is always important to get all the facts right.

  7. **They are watching you and us.**


    Do you think they, the American hating trash, Clintons/Bushs/Obamanoids,
    even realize that Polaroid cameras & audio records have been invented?

    These are dangerous times. The math shows us proof they, the globalist aholes are busted. Their anti-American behavior against the world & more importantly their betrayal of “We the People” shows me it’s just a matter of time that the growing number of people publicly/peacefully shunning & withdrawing all support of them will soon render them powerless.

    Judges & juries are already starting to throw the book at them.

    We’ll see in time.

  8. The police and school officials should be charged with child abuse. This is an outrage. Is there nothing that police won’t do?

  9. As Darren stated what the law is in some states….and I agree…. It is also my understanding that police may not interrogate a juvenile unless exigent circumstances exist…. It doesn’t appear that’s the case here…. This is an unfortunate situation where this child will be labeled for life…. Go for the records….can we have somebody with some common sense making calls like this…. Darn fools…

  10. James:

    not nearly harsh enough, people should lose their jobs over this. And anyway where do you think the money comes from? Our pockets unless the cops have to forfeit their personal property.

  11. oKY1:

    you know why dont you? to make them afraid to ever use a weapon. They are taking their will away to resist tyranny.

    If you cant get rid of the 2nd Amendment, do the next best thing; make the population afraid of guns.

    They are watching you and us.

    Heard an interesting thing today, you know how government and liberals are always talking about helping the poor? Why is it that the wealthiest counties in the country are next to DC and are filled with liberals, many of whom work for the federal government?

    I have been wondering for a long time why I dont feel like I have any control concerning our government, it is because we no longer run it, government is being run by faceless b-crats for their personal gain.

    1. Bron, while you have a right to your opinion, I felt no more safe during the Bush administration’s Justice Dept. while they were conducting wiretapping without warrants, arresting legitimate protesters, investigating libraries, and generally calling anyone who disagreed with an illegal war unpatriotic. Owning a gun was no match for Alberto Gonzales or John Yoo.

  12. Time to start suing police, in class action, big-time. This has to end.

  13. **5-year-old Interrogated By School Over Toy Cap Gun Until He Wet Himself With Fear **

    It’s stuff like what happened to this 5 yr old is the reason I no longer support at all Public Schools & now support home schooling.

    I wouldn’t treat a Dog like they did the 5 yr old.

    Let me say that again, I’ve trained a bunch of dogs over the years, I wouldn’t treat a Dog like they are these kids!!!

    People need to wake the heck up to the fact that Brainwashing is being used against them & their kids.

    These Violent Attacks by govt against all these lil kids is one form of pain compliance training.

    Lil kids say the word gun or point a finger like a gun, Bam, the full weight of govt tyranny comes crashing down on the kids & their families.

    etc… etc… etc….

  14. David, Go to criminals? one option, but the other is the NRA. Another way for them to make money. That sounds like a snark, but from what I’ve read, firearm training is one thing the NRA does that’s good.

    1. bettykath – If the school system were intelligent, they would invite the NRA in to teach not only the students, but also the teachers about firearms. Instead, we can expect more of this foolishness

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