Leading Iranian President Promises To Define Rights Of Women As Mothers Rather Than “Economic Tools”

f456dd46ba338f37c3d62d21fe23b2e7150px-muslim_woman_in_yemenMany people in the world have been waiting for the departure of extremist Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. From the sounds of his likely replacement, Saeed Jalili, some may look back with longing. Jalili is a former Revolutionary Guard who continues the extremist Islamic principles of governance of his predecessor. This week, he promised to “defend the rights of women as mothers” as opposed to what he referred to as “economic context” of feminists and the West. Men will continue of course to be defined as men as opposed to fathers.

What is astonishing is that this speech was met by rapturous applause by the female audience. Jalili also ridiculed the West’s emphasis on the individual.

What is unintelligible about Iranian politics is how they define rights viewed as self-evidently fundamental in the West as self-evidently evil under Islam. Jalili told the audience “The West says society should work to its full potential, and since women constitute half of the population, their work power cannot be ignored and should be included in the economic cycle.” Jalili turns that rather obvious point on its head and denounces it as belittling to women to give them an equal position in the workplace: “Making use of women as an object and lowering her greatness to the level of a workforce and economic tool is very different from how they are viewed in Islam.” Since he defines women in terms of birthing and raising children, he declared “We are backers of women’s rights, especially in comparison to the West.” This drew even greater applause by the female Muslim audience.

With the crackdown on other religions as well as dissidents, this election holds little promise for reformers in Iran.

11 thoughts on “Leading Iranian President Promises To Define Rights Of Women As Mothers Rather Than “Economic Tools””

  1. The only thing wrong with the story and photo is the perp does not wear a tent on his head. He probably went to Oxford and thinks that Iran deserves its rightful place in the UN with civilized nations. Its a Pirate Territory. Fly over and flush.

  2. Hmmm. Somebodys in this story is certainly a tool, but methinks it ain’t the ladies.

  3. I would guess the women who were applauding were just actors for another one of Iran’s propaganda scenes.

    Unfortunately there are too many real people who even though they are getting shafted by their government or anyone else with power over them, they will go along with it willingly. I think this is something Jalili is hoping for.

  4. This is a very serious issue in non-Judeo-Christian country like Japan, where predatory men view women as tools for sexual gratification and the country’s birth rate is among the lowest, which is more behind in promoting women in workforce than a Muslim country such as Qatar. It is legal to advertise job opening as “This position is for men only” and men earn as 1.75 times more than women in this country on average. There seems to be nowhere on earth where men are more protected in the society than in Japan. Now, look how the nation has been performing in the past 30 years. Continuous decline of the population and its economic power. Highest public debt ratio in relation to GDP (240%) . Where the practicing Christian’s population is around 0.1%, they teach no guiding moral principles at home nor school about sexuality, which inevitably leads to the decline of the nation, pretty much resembling Sodom and Gomorrah according to many American expatriates living in the country.

  5. Oh my… And in what century and what country are we speaking….

  6. The US shares a lot of blame for this. It was George Bu**sh** who called Mohammad Khatami a “powerless figurehead”. Iranians voted for a whackjob like Ahmadinejad for the same reason Palestinians voted for Hamas instead of Fatah: they couldn’t accomplish anything because no one would negotiate. Then after the crazies get into the power, the US, Israel and others whine and say, “We were willing to talk to the other guy!”

    No, they weren’t. Khatami was a moderate who was willing to negotiate, and the US and others spurned him. They had their chance to talk to sane leaders and blew it.

  7. I’ve said this previously, women will lead the revolt against this repressive religion.

  8. Funny, I would have guessed someone this backwards always sees women as sexual gratification tools not economic ones. But, in the end, we know who is the tool in this scenario.

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