Supply And Demand Demonics: Vatican Exorcist Claims To Have Sent 160,000 Demons To Hell

220px-Exorcist_the_Beginning_movieThe Catholic Church’s top exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth is calling on Pope Francis to relax current limits on priests performing exorcisms. He insists that the demand of the faithful for exorcisms is rising and the Church needs to increase the supply of the rites. For his own part, Amorth now claims to have sent 160,000 demons to hell — that is over 1818 a year or roughly 5 a day or one demon every 4.8 hours every day every week every month.

Only certain priests are trained in the rite for a formal exorcism under Section 13 of the Rituale Romanum. Amorth wants rank and file priests trained to perform the rite and lift the requirement of approval from church leaders.

Amorth, 88, heads the International Association of Exorcists and promised his fellow exorcists that he “will ask the pope to give all priests the power to carry out exorcisms . . . [since] There’s a huge demand for them.” said Father Amorth.

Amorth also took the time to warn again that the Harry Potter series is the work of the devil and needs to be avoided . . . as well as yoga: “Practicing yoga brings evil as does reading Harry Potter. They may both seem innocuous but they both deal with magic and that leads to evil.”

Now if any of that sounds absolutely crazy to you, you are probably doing too much yoga or watching too many Potter movies.

Source: Christian Post

24 thoughts on “Supply And Demand Demonics: Vatican Exorcist Claims To Have Sent 160,000 Demons To Hell”

  1. Prof.,

    Just a small quibble on the math issue. Since some demons are Legion, they count as more than one and thus may skew hourly rate number derived from your calculations.

    But you can’t go by me. It’s probably the yoga talking.

  2. Your math is wrong. Amorth has been an exorcist for 27 years. 160,000 demon expulsions comes to 16.2 per day.

  3. Father Gabriele Amorth is the man! Seriously, he is the LeBron James of Team Exorcism – no one is going to catch him within our lifetimes.

  4. When do we get the long-needed Amendment establishing Freedom FROM religion?

  5. The priest was also including cats in the demon possession statistics.

  6. Those who engage in Hot Yoga will burn in Hell !

    No. You cannot exercise. Only exorcise.

  7. Exorcism: because negative attention is better than no attention at all.

  8. Counseling a pedophile priest doesn’t count in mass assembly…. But Francis is a good choice it appears at present…. And when it comes to the finances…. How long will they let him serve…. Ask John Paul the 1….

  9. The minister @ my wife’s church has written extensively about how this Harry Potter satan preaching is just plain wrong. He’s gotten his share of hate mail.

  10. Sounds like the Vatican Exorcist has a few Demons of his own………..

  11. Fr. Amorth is taking Supernatural too much to heart. It’s only a TV show.

  12. There is a trade association for Exorcists? An international one no less.

  13. I heard that only limited number of old-age priests perform exorcism because the devils sometimes turn back and go after the priest who performed exorcism as retaliation and the priest can suffer death

  14. International Association of Exorcists is a Roman Catholic organization that was founded in 1990 [1] by six priests including the world-famous exorcist of Rome, Father Gabriele Amorth and Father Jeremy Davies.


    Although the membership is restricted and exclusive, by 2000 there were over two hundred members. A priest must have permission of his bishop to join and they meet bi-annually in Rome. The association sends out a quarterly newsletter where members can tell of particularly difficult or interesting cases.

    Within the Roman Catholic Church a priest may only do an exorcism with the express consent of his bishop or local ordinary, and only, to the extent necessary, after an examination of the patient by doctors and psychologists in order to determine the affliction has no natural origin. A priest is required by canon law to be devout, knowledgeable, prudent, and possess integrity of life.

    Father Amorth began the organization in the hopes of increasing the number of official exorcists worldwide and to alert more diocese of the problem, which he believes has been ignored or suppressed by some priests and bishops. Although Father Amorth is the honorary president, following the death of Father Giancarlo Gramolazzo in November 2010, Capuchin father Cipriano de Meo has been named as new president.

    (Wikipedia, “International Association of Exorcists”).

    I sense another exorcist movie series in the works.

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