Thirteen-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped In Pakistan . . . Village Elders Order Her Killed As “Black Virgin”

pakistanrapestoryWe have yet another story of a rape victim subjected to a demand for an honor killing in a traditional Muslim area. Kainat Soomro was gang-raped by four men at the age of 13. According to their religious and cultural traditions, her village classed her as a “Kari” or “black virgin” and ordered her killed. The family was attacked by the four men and other villagers and one of the sons was murdered after they refused to carry out the “honor” killing.

This nightmare unfolded in the rural village of Dadu in southern Pakistan and was chronicled in a new film “Outlawed in Pakistan.” Kainat was raped after walking home from school down a narrow village street. As she passed a shop owned by Shaban Saikh, he says that he and three other men including a father and son held her down and assaulted her. The rapists are accused of beating the father and one of her brothers and then the oldest brother disappeared (and was found murdered). This was all done in conformity with a bizarre religious code as a moral course of action.

The film shows how Kainat was faced with a hostile judge who attacked her for accusing a father and a son. The men were acquitted and she was found to lack “good character. If she was a decent woman, she would have sat at home, silent.”

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  2. trish? muslims do not believe killing people will take them to heaven, my word , you people are so stupid! how many people are accepting islam ? day after day you here of someone accepting islam , you think they would be doing this if islam was what you people think it is? its scary to think that people like you and others on here are walking the streets, what do you do when you pass a muslim? i dread to think…

  3. to all who are reading this article, firstly the low life scum that commit these crimes , are LOW LIFE SCUM! they do it because thats what they are! not because they are muslim, or because they are pakistani or because they are male/female! purely because they are filthy scum!!! honnor killings do not exist in islam, only in the mind of low lifes like these! i have so many muslim friends ,and what i read here about islam is a joke! you need to educate yourself and don’t follow blindly! if these pathetic idiots knew an ounce of their religion , they wouldn’t of committed this sick crime! islam treats women like queens , not like our women, half naked, so drunk they dont have a clue whose sleeping next to them! and what respect do they get? none! they are passed from man to man, degraded, drooled over, the muslim women don’t need to display their beauty for men to drool over . its too precious to pass around! they only need to show that beauty to whom THEY please , not every tom dick and bloody harry!! so please, go educate yourself!!

  4. Many of these ‘individual acts’ in the USA ARE linked; by Psychiatry & Psychiatric drugs. Psychiatry is a soul-less religion; actually a political tool for governments & Big Brother, though there will not be much sympathy for that correct viewpoint on these Turley sites, as many bloggers are already appologists for Psychiatry or psychiatrists themselves. Psychiatry Germany admitted their indispensible role in the Nazi Holocaust for the first time, just last year.

  5. Boston bombing, cinema attack during batman premiere and bombing near university in US all were individual acts but when it comes to Pakistan, this is all interpreted as religion. in US alone 84000 girls and boys were raped in 2010. Dont believe me? google it before posting trash. So shall I call this ‘benefits of peaceful Christianity’ or ‘benefits of open mindedness’? I am confused, help me out. it is so sad to see all ‘so called’ educated and open minded people of the world have such biased opinions. Please do us all a favor and keep your opinions to yourself. World needs a collective effort to fight horrible crimes like this. Nothing will change if you keep on blaming societies and religion for this.

  6. Shelly, this was about corrupt government, not religion-not sharia OR honor killing. The family of the girl was silenced! The entire family was abused by the local system and it had NOTHING to do with their religion. The family stuck up for her. You all are missing that this is just about corruption and power by local men. There is a lot more to this than the rape and murder of that little girl. The govt. of Pakistan needs to reform and bring some real justice and a real justice system to the small villages as well as the big cities. My husband is Pakistani and comes from a place that is not fully corrupt, but that is just luck of the draw there and he knows it.

  7. This girl’s family stuck up for her-Pakistan is corrupt and IRRELIGIOUS and allows ancient cultural traditions to trump their religion. There are truly practicing, educated Muslims there,but there is mostly a culture of ancient tradition,far predating any current religion. This was not an “honor killing”. The family knew that there was no sin on the girl. The family was pursuing justice. Unfortunately, for most in Pakistan, there is no justice. This was all about corrupt men.

  8. OK, this is absolute bullshit. A young innocent school girl trying to better her life was brutally gang raped and those IDIOTIC, FOOLISH, STUPID, DUMB ASSES wants to kill her. What the hell is going on? Why is she been punished? Isn’t she the victim? Shouldn’t she get justice for this? Is there a government in that county? Why aren’t they doing nothing? To the handful of those Muslims who think killing takes them closer to there god or to heaven or whatever they believe, I have news for you, U PEOPLE ARE GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!! The government needs to do something about because this is just wrong. Kill her, that’s just wrong on so many levels.

  9. And Jean, you’re just as bad. You think women shouldn’t be in the military because it is just a sad, sorrowful fact of life that men simply cannot control themselves when it comes to wanting to rape women. What that says about your opinion of men, or at least men with enough “ego” to be in the military, is not very good. It also says that you think that women need to restricted and kept out of certain opportunities in life because men cannot be trusted not to rape them, hence they need to be kept out of the military to “protect” them. This is ridiculous. We can set expectations for men’s behavior. There is nothing wrong with expecting them to be able to conduct themselves decently enough to NOT RAPE. We may never live in a rape-free world, but we can at least strive for one, instead of throwing up our hands in despair and saying “It’s like wishing for the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny to expect men not to rape!”

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