Thirteen-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped In Pakistan . . . Village Elders Order Her Killed As “Black Virgin”

pakistanrapestoryWe have yet another story of a rape victim subjected to a demand for an honor killing in a traditional Muslim area. Kainat Soomro was gang-raped by four men at the age of 13. According to their religious and cultural traditions, her village classed her as a “Kari” or “black virgin” and ordered her killed. The family was attacked by the four men and other villagers and one of the sons was murdered after they refused to carry out the “honor” killing.

This nightmare unfolded in the rural village of Dadu in southern Pakistan and was chronicled in a new film “Outlawed in Pakistan.” Kainat was raped after walking home from school down a narrow village street. As she passed a shop owned by Shaban Saikh, he says that he and three other men including a father and son held her down and assaulted her. The rapists are accused of beating the father and one of her brothers and then the oldest brother disappeared (and was found murdered). This was all done in conformity with a bizarre religious code as a moral course of action.

The film shows how Kainat was faced with a hostile judge who attacked her for accusing a father and a son. The men were acquitted and she was found to lack “good character. If she was a decent woman, she would have sat at home, silent.”

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  1. Chris Marquis, if you’re referring to Roman Polanski, that was a “very real rape” too, and not weak at all. A girl that young can’t give consent. Let’s stop splitting hairs over what’s “real” rape and what’s not.

  2. General Accused of Sex Assault Wants Panetta Email
    Jun 26, 2013

    RALEIGH, N.C. – Lawyers representing a U.S. Army general facing sexual assault charges are asking a military judge to force prosecutors to turn over any e-mails related to the case sent or received by former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.
    A court martial is set to begin next month at Fort Bragg for Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair on charges including forcible sodomy, indecent acts, violating orders and adultery.
    In a motion filed Tuesday as part of a pre-trial hearing, lawyers for Sinclair argue top Pentagon brass were receiving regular updates last year on the investigation and may have encouraged subordinates to make an example of Sinclair. They are also seeking any minutes from any meetings about the case attended by Panetta, then the military’s top civilian leader.
    It is unlawful in the military justice system for senior commanders to interfere in prosecutorial decisions and Sinclair’s lawyers are seeking to have the case against him dismissed.
    Two of Sinclair’s commanders, Gen. Dan Allyn and Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Colt, testified at a hearing earlier this month that there was no such pressure. Both generals testified they relied solely on their best judgment in deciding to charge and prosecute Sinclair.
    In a separate motion, meanwhile, Sinclair’s lawyers sought to have some of the general’s own emails suppressed at trial.

  3. This culture is not an islamic culture at all, and the people who odered the girl to be killed did not follow islamic law at all, i a muslim and i know sharia law, this law is not an islamic or shari’a law at all, it is just a lie, they made it happen only to insult muslim and islam.

  4. Army Chaplain Gets Six Months in Sex Case
    Jun 24, 2013| by Richard Sisk

    The wave of sexual assaults and harassment that the high command has described as a “crisis” for the military has now reached into the Chaplains Corps.
    At Fort Bliss, Tex., last week, Maj. Geoffrey Alleyne, a chaplain and 24-year Army veteran, was sentenced by a court-martial jury to six months in jail for repeatedly groping a civilian employee at the West Texas base.
    Following the conviction and sentencing the victim in the case went public to charge that her long-standing complaints about Alleyne’s attempts to fondle and kiss her were initially ignored by base officials and other chaplains. “He might have been sentenced and going to jail but I lost,” Michelle Ten Eyck told KFOX 14 news in El Paso, Texas.
    Ten Eyck said her experience led her to believe that the military justice system is incapable of dealing with the wave of sexual assaults, harassment and unwanted sexual contacts. She said that legal authority in sex abuse cases should be taken out of the chain of command.
    Earlier this month lawmakers from both parties in both houses of Congress offered bills that would have transferred a commander’s authority to convene courts martial and refer charges in sexual assault cases to military prosecutors in the Judge Advocate Generals corps. The Senate Armed Services Committee voted against the bill filed by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., while the House version, proposed by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, was killed when the Rules Committee kept it from going to the House floor.
    Ten Eyck told the El Paso television station that military education programs are not enough.
    “In Washington, they think that … just retraining people is gonna’ make it better. They need to take all of this out of the military hands,” she said.

  5. Sharia Law is an insult to equality of the female, it’s another excuse for oppression and diminished rights of the female.

  6. Typical male dominance & control of women, treating women as sub-human and only the use & property of men, this is a serious violation of human rights and they only want more human rights abuses regarding the fate of this poor woman???!!! It’s sickness gone mad, it’s no wonder some people will only view them as animals because they are behaving like them, with all the dressings of *Ritualistic* form for compliance of a community to murder an assaulted woman. I would think had it been the brother that got raped instead of this 13 year old girl ( A child ), they would not be demanding such an *Honour Killing* as they call it, there is no honour in execution full stop, there is certainly no honour in oppressed, controlled and victimized females, this is an absolute OUTRAGE to humanity.

  7. Look FYI the only reason Mr. Obama is authorizing CIA drone strikes in Pakistan is because President Asif Ali Zardari will drag his feet and lie to us about what he is doing about enemies of the U.S. state who find shelter there. He lied about UBL (Abbotabad) and others. So Mr. Obama sends in armed preds (I think General Atomics MQ-1’s with AGM-114 hell-fire missiles) to surgically pick off targets of opportunity. Albeit, I am baffled why we use an intelligence gathering paramilitary entity (i.e. CIA) rather than a US armed forces entity (USAF, USN, Marines, etc.) for command & control. I guess the innovator who invented this particular technique back in the day (John O. Brennan) is now sitting at the CIA helm (with his fembot warmongers surrounding him (LOL)).

  8. I’m not particularity fond of Organized Fundamentalist religion (which includes Islam). However, I’m really curious where Jonathan sourced his information. I did some digging, which I’m fond of doing, and found a particularly DIFFERENT version of events, using Jonathan’s on links.

    It appears that people (mainly us Americans) are jumping to false conclusions based on false speculations and prejudices. This particular case has NOTHING to do with Honor Killings. Kainat Soomro refuses to drop her appeal on the original 4 rapists (which included a Father and sons). In American-esque thug-style they attacked her family and property to get her to shut-up and drop the appeal. Evidently they paid the first judge off forcing Kainat to appeal.

    The first judge actually tried to say that since the Father/Son rapist team was like a family unit Kainat should not have pressed charges originally! But she is strong-willed and did not stop the appeal. She went on to file MORE charges for the attack on her family. However, I believe this case is 3 years old now (judging from the articles date). Do not know the outcome.

    Honor killings are NOT part of a religious dogma.Islam, Buddhism, nor Hinduism teach any such barbarism. Just like Christian Fundamentalists they criminal extremists who do Honor Killings are misinterpreting their sacred scriptures and launching into some sort of insane act of violence not supported by their clerics; much like the Christian Fundies who bomb Abortion clinics in USA?

  9. BETTY how do you punish the guilty since you are so against drones? This girl will have no justice EVER.

  10. Keep in mind that billions of your tax dollars are being paid to Pakistan government which supports these butchers.

    1. Actually it is those butchers who are the targets of the drone strikes for the most part. The Pakistan government does not have a lot of control over those areas, and does not want to spend the lives and money it would take to bring them under control. So they are perfectly happy to have the US blow them up and hopefully out of this world.

  11. oh boy, that pbs link made me cry and feel so sorry for people who are born there and have to live there….

    1. I see that you do not know that the most illiterate, ignorant peasant in that village has more culture than all of us. If you run into such a person, more than likely they are illiterate since the literacy rate for Pakistan is overall, 57% and for women far less. I guess that keeping women illiterate is part of that sophisticated culture Ali loves so much. Then of course rape and punishing the victim is a good thing since one can then claim that rape does not exist in that “sophisticated” culture. You are also a racist for pointing this out and worse than the British. Then I find it astounding that one has to get an attorney to prosecute this case, while in our uncultured West have the state to do that.

      As for British colonialism, I have no sympathy since my ancestors were the victims of that too, and they were quite actively killing the Redcoats. I DO have to note that there were some good features of that colonialsim, such as bringing in advanced technology in the form of railroads, paved streets, and a pretty good infrastructure. They also forced the end of slavery in the region. Though I do have to note that Muslim countries were the last on Earth to abolish slavery, and had NO abolitionist movement. In fact Saudi Arabia formally only got rid of it in 1962 and the last Muslim state got rid of it in 1982. That is NOT a good record for Muslims on that subject. I see that Ali does not know the proper British term for niggers, it is wogs, so I doubt he has much knowledge of British colonialism or racism. Thus he shows himself to be as ignorant and bigoted as he accuses all of us to be.

      Of course, if you think that slavery and rape are good things, then I can see how some militant Muslims might well be offended at our looking down on such practices. I fact, I think that any nation or group is perfectly justified in using military force to end slavery. I guess Ali forgets that we lost over 3,000 people to fundamentalist Muslim fanatics. We will stop killing them after they take measures to stop killing us in our homes and businesses.

  12. My God. These are the most racist comments I have ever, ever read. It’s actually worse than the British press in their colonialist heyday. You might as well call them niggers (censor that one Constitutional law professor, though you say as much). Way to go liberal intellectuals! Indeed, the post itself is more than a bit racist, pushing the assumption about muslim culture and “barbarity” through the story. Not surprising for the American academic culture, no doubt. It just shows how backward, dumb and racist American “intellectual” culture actually is. And you call them barbarians!

    I know something about Pakistan. How many Pakistanis do you know? Ever been to the country? Know its history? There’s more culture, sophistication, and civilization in one Pakistani peasant than in all these commentators combined. The commentators and the blogger obviously knows very little, and have /has no actual desire to know any more. You are aware that YOU and I (as Americans) are bombing them indiscriminately where there is no declared war, killing women and children with ZERO due process and mostly in secrecy. Picking up this type of story and building up the stereotype of the barbarian other sub-human is of course part of that general strategy. It’s the liberal ideological component to global war. Way to go! Way to be WORSE than the british colonialist racist. Quite an achievement, actually.

  13. Interesting what this post has moved into now. Not a bad recent history lesson. While you are knocking the UN, I don’t say you shouldn’t, but not without knocking our dreadful US federal government who brought us 9/11, lies & whitewash about it, the Patriot Act & Obama’s disolving of even basic rights like the Magna Carta since he took office, provided only a declaration of emergency is made, presumably after he’s decreased the citizens’ stockpile of weapons. Decades ago I was a member of the John Birch Society. Like the NRA, they have done a lot in the past to retain some of our freedoms, but they always lost me on their “Get US out of the UN!” campaign. Sure, there were times we might have contributed less tax dollars but the US has got worse & worse; the UN is more ambivalent & may have improved a little since the Belgian Congo days.

  14. Obviously Smith’s never been there or known several Pakistanis. Sure, this is worse than Paki-bashing by those skinhead retards in England thirty years ago, but I can tell you there are millions more good Muslim Pakistanis & good Hindu Indians than there are evil people who attack the wrong side. If this is the same vitriolic Smith, then he might fit this latter characteristic himself.

  15. The only “culture” in Pakistan is a culture of violence that religion legitimizes.

    In the western countries, if someone rapes children, they get arrested, and a lot of vigilantes utter threats about “kill him without trial”, and other prisoners try to assault the rapist behind bars.

    I’m not agreeing with vigilantism. I’m pointing out the direction the threats are aimed is not at the victims, but at the perpetrators (unless you live in Steubenville or the University of North Carolina).

  16. All these people attacking Islam (once again) because of the acts of “some”., yeah!, we’ve had never heard of catholics, christians or any other religion rapists right?….When have you heard of a priest raping a boy?….never!!!!…just in Islam happens this right?….just muslims do these kind of horrid things, not followers of other religions do or have ever done nothing like this before!….For God’s sake!!!!!….all rapist should be gone for good!, no tolerance! “regarless of what RELIGION the follow”….if they do of course!….Oops!…sorry, I forgot, what should we do with Priests?….or should we leave that one alone?., let’s concentrate on the muslims?…..God!!!!

  17. “The military by nature has to have a huge ego system that is necessary to kill and break stuff”

    Even if this is true, which I doubt, why are women not capable of killing or breaking stuff? If a PERSON wants to serve in the military and meets the physical and mental requirements, are you suggesting that they should denied the ability to serve because of their anatomy? So that we can protect the ego of the military? This seems nonsensical to me: a veteran who served with a number of females whom I would proudly serve next to again given the opportunity. Military culture is the way it is precisely because of the stereotypes that you ARE perpetuating. The military is a professional institution, and should act like one. It is not a tax funded fraternity.

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