Republican Candidate For Virginia Lt. Governor Denounces Yoga And Mediation As Tool Of Satan

220px-Bishopewjacksonsr_takenatrally220px-Shiva_Bangalore_Yoga appears to be the new menace these days with Catholic priests and Muslim clerics (here and here) warning of its satanic appeal. Now, E.W. Jackson, a Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia, is campaigning against the practice yoga and meditation as making people vulnerable to Satan.

Jackson’s campaign site discusses his work: “He is the Founder of Exodus Faith Ministries, a nondenominational Christian church in Chesapeake, Virginia with a satellite in Boston, Massachusetts. On July 4, 2009, he launched S.T.A.N.D. – Staying True to America’s National Destiny (, a national organization dedicated to restoring America’s founding values which were informed by the principles found within the Jewish and Christian faiths.”

However, his latest crusade concerns the perils of yoga which appear to make you more flexible only to be bent into an evil shape by Satan.

200px-YogaClassHe takes on meditation and yoga in his book Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life: Making Your Dreams Come True: “The purpose of such meditation is to empty oneself … [Satan] is happy to invade the empty vacuum of your soul and possess it. That is why people serve Satan without ever knowing it … Beware of systems of spirituality which tell you to empty yourself. You will end up filled will something you probably do not want.”

Jackson added:

“[M]ost people are dead spirits. As such they have the nature of Satan … Your spirit was made for attachment. It is either attached to God or to Satan, but it is not neutral.”

Jackson is no stranger to controversy (though appears an utter stranger to logic). He has labeled President Obama as having a “Muslim perspective” and said that Planned Parenthood is more dangerous the Klu Klux Klan. A yoga session at Planned Parenthood would be a perfect nightmare.

Source: Politico

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  1. The word in the topic title is mediate not meditate. Nor Sharon Tate. Spullin err. Why would Satan have a tool? Who is he toolin round with?

  2. Bron,

    That’s a nice thought, but how do you decide which dog is your favorite? We’ve had four. They were all favorites. We just lost the fourth last week.

    It could be kind of a crowded casket if I did that.

  3. Porkchop:

    I am going to save my favorite dog’s ashes and be buried with them. Does that count?

  4. Probably a good idea there, Porkchop. It’s always so much kinder when the arteries slowly close rather than abruptly slam shut. 😀

  5. Gene H.,

    Noch immer ein Kritiker, oder . . .? 🙂

    Sometimes we also add the bacon and cheese, but I didn’t want to overwhelm Bron’s system with cholesterol and sodium. One needs to develop a tolerance, especially if the Scandinavian genetics are lacking.

  6. Porkchop,

    “Poor a lot of melted butter on top and apply salt and pepper liberally.”

    In all fairness, that’s the way to make damn near anything edible.

    That and “add bacon and/or cheese”.

  7. Bron,

    It is an easily acquired taste — you just have to hang out in a lot of Lutheran church basements in the fall and winter. Poor a lot of melted butter on top and apply salt and pepper liberally.

    Or if you don’t have time for that:

    “Our newest entry into the lutefisk market in ’96 was our precooked lutefisk dinner with homestyle mashed potatoes and peas. We think this microwaveable dinner will help entice new customers and introduce a special part of Scandinavian heritage to a younger generation.”

    Ludefisk TV dinners! Swanson really missed the boat on that one. My kids are clamoring for them — actually, they seem to get very quiet and very busy whenever I mention this as a possible menu item. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. I’ve even suggested to my Korean wife that ludefisk would pair well with kimchee in a festive dinner. There seems to be some hesitation, though.

  8. Porkchop:

    unfortunately it is probably the ludefisk that is the elixir of longevity. From what I have read, I would rather shave a few years than have that pass across my palate.

  9. Swarthmore mom
    1, June 7, 2013 at 8:22 am
    David, Didn’t they say Kerry was too French ?


    that put the “ew” in E.W.

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