Ultra Orthodox “Modesty Patrol” Attacks Women And Police Over Immodest Appearances

israel1We have previously discussed the striking similarity between religious extremists in the Islamic and Jewish faiths. This week we have yet another example after a group of ultra-Orthodox men on a “modesty patrol” attacked a car carrying ultra-Orthodox women who were viewed as dress immodestly. We have previously seen the work of such immodest patrols as well as vigilantes on buses and prayer areas.

During the confrontation, a police car in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Yisrael was attacked and its front and back windshields shattered.

The men not only smashed the car windows with the women inside and punctured its tires but poured fish oil on it.

Source: Times of Israel

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  1. Whoever up above said that only Islam allows beating women for immodesty is sadly misinformed. The Talmud specifies the following:

    “A bad wife is one who does not perform the duties required of her by Jewish law, who behaves immodestly, or who curses her parents, husband, or in-laws. Rabbis regularly advise men to restrict their wives to the home and be responsible for educating them. Thus the husband, who “owns” his wife, is given a great amount of latitude in educating her. In this view it is permissible and acceptable to beat one’s wife in order to keep her in line. The rabbis who justify beating see it as part of the overall “duties” of a husband to chastise his wife for educational purposes. ”


  2. What do Ultra-Orthodox Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Scientologists, or whatever have in common? They each believe that THEY determine what is “correct” and what is not. They each believe that THEIR version of “Law” must be followed. They each have ZERO tolerance for those who do not accept their beliefs. In most cases, these religious extremists are not actually following the original code of their religion, but invent their own laws to suit their purposes, masking their newly created laws as “interpretations” of existing law. This is actually the same practice that justices on the SCOTUS do; wherein they invent new laws to suit their own political purposes. So, for example, the right of free speech will be reinterpreted to mean free speech only under certain conditions and limitations and only for certain groups of people by those self-serving justices. That’s why the justices of the SCOTUS wear robes, just like the religious leaders of the various religions do. The robes give an air of authority and “law,” when, in fact, they’re just a bunch of people making up stuff on their own because the people, for some reason or another, have made them “authorities” on the “rules” to be followed.

    1. Scientologists? Really? But, but, it starts with “scient” doesn’t it? That makes it scientific, right???? And now Britain’s oh-so-reputable Daily Mail is reporting as follows:

      “Pilots of three passenger planes saw two UFOs above Britain’s Scientology base as they landed at Gatwick

      “Three aircraft reports seeing ‘two flat silver discs’ on final approach

      “Objects showed up on air traffic control radar – then vanished

      “UFOs were just 100ft below one of the jets, a Boeing 777

      “They were above Scientology HQ in East Grinstead, West Sussex”

      (see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2337836/Pilots-passenger-planes-saw-UFOs-Britains-Scientology-base-landed-Gatwick.html).

  3. anonymous attorney, somewhere in the USA:

    I think that last post kind of blew your anonymity.

  4. AY,

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    Thinking that is almost as crazy as thinking we’ve ever been to the moon.

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  8. BigFatMike: The same thing happened to me on this site yesterday. WordPress kept censoring the word gun. Then it was itchinBay without the Piglatin. Then it was because I cited something with a copyright symbol in the text of the quote. The long quote was about the First Amendment.

  9. And on the other end of the spectrum, I was at the Goodman Pool here in Madison Wisconsin last summer fairly well-covered with an ankle-and-wrist-length home-made swimming suit, and my daughters with with knee-and-elbow-length swimming suits, and was mildly harangued by a guy (“what’s with the suit? Are you a slave to religion?”).

    I explained that as an atheist, I am extremely concerned about my life being shortened by the endocrine-disrupting chemicals in almost all cosmetics and lotions, and therefore instead of slathering my young daughters and myself with compounds that will perhaps shorten our lives, I’m trying to live as long as I can and enjoy my one life by using cloth to avoid the sun’s rays, the way my ancestors did. He seemed a bit sheepish.

  10. Bill Mc,

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