Turkish Police Caught Staging Fake Riot By Protesters

300px-Gezi_Park_protests220px-Erdogan_croppedThe Guardian is reporting a scene that is both chilling and comical in Istanbul. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been warning protesters that his patience is running out and his police force are using gas and water cannons to clear areas of the city. As discussed earlier, the media has been virtually silent about the media in final proof of the death of a free press in the country. However, Western reporters were surprised by Turkish reporters and cameras were seen at the park and then learned why: the government was about to stage a fake riot.

As Western reporters looked on, “small group of four or five “demonstrators” throwing molotov cocktails at police. At one point they advanced on police lines in a comic Roman-style phalanx while holding the flag of a fringe Marxist party. The “protesters” were in fact middle-aged undercover police officers, staging a not very plausible “attack” on their own for the benefit of the cameras.”

Of course, the government has done nothing about the staged riot. Instead, it is clearing the streets by force. In one of the worst escalations of government abuse, lawyers who have been assisting arrested protesters were themselves dragged out of Istanbul’s Çağlayan court and roughed up.

The staging of the riot reflects the fact that the Turkish protesters have been largely peaceful — denying the police an excuse to crackdown.

Erdoğan has pledged “no more tolerance.” If you want to see what he means by his promise of intolerance, click here.

He has shown the same intolerance as other Islamic Spring government for free speech, secularism, and democratic process. What is distressing is that Turkey once was the most secular of Islamic countries and offered an alternative to the religious model of countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Source: Guardian

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  1. The same things happen in Canada. Here’s an example from 2007 where masked police officers tried to incite a riot and were unmasked by a union leader and others. The police had to admit they were officers “performing their duties”.

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  4. So people who know these officers will see them in these photographs causing them to believe that some police are complicit in a group of rioters. Why would the officers consent to this?
    Maybe that’s why it looked staged.

  5. Turkey is East of Corfu and hence the Ten Commandments Don’t Apply. It is not a nation state which respects the rights of humans much less canines and must be ranked among the Pirate Territories. Do not trade with them. Do not grant visas to its people to enter the U.S. As a tourist do not go there are near its shores. Fly over if you must and flush if you do.

  6. Infiltration is a key part of J. Edgar Hoover playbook.

    Once the infiltration takes place, the infiltration can become destructive to property so that the LEO gang can then crack some heads and make arrests.

  7. Erdogan was welcomed w/ open arms @ the WH by Obama recently. They have been very helpful in taking in Syrian refugees. We’re in a tough spot but I’m sure our benevolent prez can handle this one.

  8. The police are working with the FBI and DHS to stifle dissent and infiltrate the Occupy movement. The vid below details a very sophisticated method the police in Texas used to turn a simple misdemeanor into a felony and I have to wonder if the locals thought this up or if this was something coming out of the security establishment.

  9. Yeah there have been cops planted in some of our ‘protest marches’ just staged there to make trouble, so the riot police can beat the crap out of protesters.

    During our Vietnam protests you could get shot or bayoneted….but then those deaths served to build pressure to end the war that was not a war.

  10. A police riot? What a shock!:). I think that frequently happens so that police can really batter protesters and make arrests and not just in Turkey, in the US. I wouldn’t be surprise to find out if all of the peaceful protests that “turn violent” do so because police are just itching for a fight.

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