There Is A God: Blackhawks Win The Stanley Cup

175px-Stanley_Cup_no_background200px-ChicagoBlackhawksLogo.svgOur civil liberties and our economy may be in the tank, but all is right with the world today as the Stanley Cup returns to its natural resting place: Chicago.

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup game against Boston in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final 3-2. That was due in no small part to Corey Crawford with 23 saves for Chicago

The Boston Bruins needed to win the game to survive into Game 7 and played with their signature aggressive style.

While my first love remains football, I still love to see the city of my birth reign supreme. The Blackhawks are, with the Bruins, one of the Original Six NHL teams. They have now won the Stanley Cup five times. ( Montreal Canadiens have won the Cup an unbelievable record of 24 times).

These were fun games to watch, particularly for those from the Windy City.

Well done Blackhawks!

Now on to football . . .

29 thoughts on “There Is A God: Blackhawks Win The Stanley Cup”

  1. Screw those hosers, they get half of a jock cup! They can carry that around this summer and drink beer out of it.

  2. SWM, I never cease to be amazed @ how many Packer fans there are everywhere. There are Packer bars in every state that carry all their games. And, the ONLY bumper sticker I have ever had on a vehicle I owned was a Feingold. My bride was under the Hatch Act so no bumper stickers, lawn signs, etc. during her career. You may find this hard to believe but I sometimes get shit[good natured,,Cheeseheads are nice folk] for not wearing some Packer apparel when I go to a game. However, the easy going nature of Packer fans allows me to take fans from other teams to games. I’ve taken Bear, Cowboy, Viking, etc. fans and all the ballbusting has been good natured. I’m taking 3 college buddies to the Packer/Eagles game in November. Only one is an Eagles fan. the other 2 are Jets and Giant’s fans. So, while their hokeyness does embarrass me, it is greatly mitigated by their amiability. Here’s a practical problem. Packer fans are fat..really fat. And, the seats are benches w/ numbers for where your ass should fit. If you get tix in a morbidly obese row you’re SOL if you get there late.

  3. nick, I guess you don’t have a Green Bay Packer sticker on you car? lol I see them in the DFW area.

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