Dancing In The Rain and Dying In Pakistan: Two Teenage Girls And Their Mother Killed For Dancing During Sudden Downpour

pakistansisters_400_18t1mfo-18t1mfrNoor Basra, 16, and Noor Sheza, 15, and their mother were delighted to have rain in their area of Northern Pakistan recently. Two teenage sisters began to dance in the rain and a video was shown of them dancing in traditional dress with younger children. Local men saw the video and proceeded to kill the girls and their mother in an “honor killing.” Police have detained their step brother as part of the murder plot.

The police stated that the “two girls have been murdered after they were accused of tarnishing their family’s name by making a video of themselves dancing in the rain.” The video produced outrage among Muslim clerics and followers in the village as an affront to Islam.

220px-Singin_RainIt is yet another tragedy that shows the plight of women in many Islamic areas as well as the cultural divide between this country and some of our Muslim allies. What Gene Kelly and millions of Americans see as an act of release and joy, these locals viewed as a death-penalty offense.

Source: Yahoo

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  4. To answer Bron’s comment on the favored system in Islam being Marxism, that is simply not true. In fact, free trade has always flourished in Muslim countries regardless of the system of government imposed by a minority of the ruling elite. Muslims are strongly encouraged in the words of Mohammed (pbuh) himself to be independent business owners so that one never has to compromise on his principals or ideals and be autonomous.

    As for other comments about celebrating the free spirit not being allowed in Islam, different people do it in their own way and there has never been anything I remember learning that forbade it. Granted, every religion and society has its own ethos and moral sensibilities. Some more conservative than others, but obviously this is an extreme case and so horribly unfortunate. You can go many other regions of the country where villagers (men and women) celebrate harvest seasons and planting seasons with large gatherings, music and dancing. Pakistan is not a small country, so to think of an entire country or religioun typified by this horrible event would be the same as some non-American thinking of all of America or Christianity as incestuous backward hillbillies in the Appalachian mountains, which is obviously not the case.

    Having said that, Pakistan is certainly in the grips of a very unfortunate medieval/Inquisition like phase in certain regions more so than others. But please do not disparage an entire people or faith, otherwise your own bigotry and hate will blind you.

  5. Michael B:

    It is not all Muslims as individuals that do these daily appalling things. As many have pointed out in other situations most Muslims are not violent. And I know that from personal experience. It just isnt fair nor right to not be clear on this point.”

    Of course you are right. But why dont the majority [most in your words] put an end to this? I perceive this as tacit acceptance of violence on the part of most Muslims.

    I also know some wonderful Pit Bulls who are gentle souls but I still avoid those I do not know.

    1. @Bron “But why dont the majority [most in your words] put an end to this? I perceive this as tacit acceptance of violence on the part of most Muslims.”

      I have wondered about this as well. So I don’t have a complete answer…
      But when I think about it, I think about our own fundamentalists : say in the military, and the whole BushCo crowd, and their hell-bent need/drive to have massively death dealing wars… say Iraq for example. And why didn’t “we stop it”?
      Well, many tried. But there is a function of power vs powerlessness I think. No matter how strong the NO was from the people, the forces that had the power simply were not going to listen. G.Bush himself said, when confronted with the extraordinary resistance to the war before it started, “I am not going to be led by polls…” [or these people].

      Maybe the experience in Egypt and the entire Arab Spring movement has something to contribute to the answer as well.

      I wish there were a forum where this question and the others in this thread could be well worked thru by the minds here. I am afraid this thread is loosing steam in the face of the current days atrocities and tragedies.

      However I still assert that it is a function of fundamentalism. I further assert that the “monotheistic” religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity have a natural tendency to the dogmatic and gives rise to a toxic fundamentalism by the nature of the religion that “has the TRUTH”. (America is double-dipped in this hubris.)
      But as a balance I think most people, even those who ascribe to the religion, are themselves much less dogmatic. They want to take the more life giving aspects of the religion and try and live their lives.

      So, in the terms of the Arizona fires and the wrath that the fool Pat Robertson called out (ref JT post) : He is commensurate to those who will kill to make their point. But many, perhaps most of those who follow him are not so dogmatic.

      There is more nuance to this point, and this argument. I don’t know if it rises to the level of answer. At least response? And perhaps the grist for a better conversation. I do think it is an important one.


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