Picture 1320As many of you know, we lost our beloved Molly a few months ago after she was hit by a SUV.  We planted a beautiful “Molly bush” in front of the house and have had a hard time getting over her loss. We decided to get another goldendoodle like Molly for sentimental reasons (as well as the need for a hypoallergenic dog for some friends).  This earlier picture shows the puppy that we will pick up next week.  She is a bit bigger now but you get the idea.  We are divided on the name so I turn to my blog community for guidance. Below are the contenders, though you can suggest alternative names as well in the comment section. While we reserve the right of self-determination, the Turley family is looking to the wisdom of the greatest blog for the greatest dog in the world.

81 thoughts on “NAME MY DOG”

  1. Gene;

    The dog video could be featured on Sprockets (mit Dieter, Saturday Night Live)

    Dieter: “I guess this proves the old Bavarian saying that the fat dog and the schprinkler are soon together”

  2. I’d go with the same suggestion as above: Susie/Suzy/Suzie…, for Black-Eyed Susans, a cheerful wild flower that grew in ditches and the like where I lived as a child, so I would pick them and Mom would put them in water and they’d decorate the dinner table that night. The memory always makes me smile.
    Rudbeckia [There are several different kinds, but the one that grew wild looked like the one in the upper left photo on the Wiki page.]

  3. omgoodnness she is gorgeous. her coat looks the same as my favorite animal black panthers i would name her precious.

  4. Those are all fine names, but alas the only name for this fine canine is….


    or “Princess Sparkle buckets” which is two names…

    Whatever, either one is awesome. But let me know which one you pick because the one you don’t is what me and the missus are naming our baby who’s due in about 6 weeks. Thinking we probably should have gone ahead and found out if it’s going to be a boy or a girl. Oh well, it’s up to the universe now.

    (BTW… none of that was true. I don’t have a missus with child, And we’re not going to name it Steve or Princess Sparkle Buckets. I did do the gender test and found out it’s a boy. Yay, boys!)

  5. Blouise, Instead of a goldendoodle, you could get a shepadoodle. 🙂

  6. I love German Shepherds and enjoy looking at the pictures of Bob’s dogs feeling much envy as I do so. My next favorite breed is standard size poodles.

    I’ve owned both and would never be able to choose between one or the other. If I were to get a dog now … I’d have to own two dogs I guess. I suppose I could move in next door to Bob, buy a standard poodle, and just visit Bob a lot.

  7. nick,

    Shepherds are a great breed. Bob, Esq. is a GS owner. I had a military combat/guard trained one when I was a kid (a gift from my grandfather). One of the best dogs I ever had. Smart as a whip. But I particularly liked the baby bulldog that was getting such a kick out of letting the sprinkler blast it in the chest. Pure happy puppy silliness.

  8. Professor, I happily bequeath to you my dear departed and beloved black standard poodle’s name: Jet. She really got the name because she so loved to play in the yard at full 45 degree tilt, full speed. It really fit her. She was the most wonderful love bug and a funny delight of smarts. I trust your pup will inherit her deep soul. Have a wonderful life with your new pup!

  9. Luna all the way. She’s a beauty, may she bring you and the family many years of joy.

  10. “Pepper” for me, of the choices given.

    My black Lab has the same white sternum stripe, with no other markings.

  11. I voted for Pepper because she looks just like MY Pepper from childhood, right down to the white patch on her chest! I’m sure she will bring your family much joy and help in healing the loss of Molly.

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