Picture 1320As many of you know, we lost our beloved Molly a few months ago after she was hit by a SUV.  We planted a beautiful “Molly bush” in front of the house and have had a hard time getting over her loss. We decided to get another goldendoodle like Molly for sentimental reasons (as well as the need for a hypoallergenic dog for some friends).  This earlier picture shows the puppy that we will pick up next week.  She is a bit bigger now but you get the idea.  We are divided on the name so I turn to my blog community for guidance. Below are the contenders, though you can suggest alternative names as well in the comment section. While we reserve the right of self-determination, the Turley family is looking to the wisdom of the greatest blog for the greatest dog in the world.

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  1. The dogpac here will post the photo as Dog of The Month For August– when we hear the new name. Good photo.

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