From Brotherhood To Bombs: Ominous Signs Grow Of Potential Civil War

This video of pro-Morsi demonstrators captures the dangerous undercurrent in Egyptian politics. The ease with which these individuals talk of turning to terrorism is unnerving.

The fact is that the military just overthrew an elected government, albeit a government that was engaging in increasing authoritarian actions and imposing religious edicts on the population. As you look at these followers of Morsi, they seem eager to justify blowing up innocent people in response to the protests and takeover.

24 thoughts on “From Brotherhood To Bombs: Ominous Signs Grow Of Potential Civil War”

  1. That one dumbschmuck in the photo has a target on his forehead. Ask and you shall receive.

  2. Morsi, a/k/a Mursi, made some mistakes in life. One was to be so smug up there on the Throne. Two was to think that the military would put up with his itShay.

  3. From what I have read the police and extra-judicial torture and killing under Mubarak had not stopped under Morsi/Brotherhood and the targets remained basically the same, dissidents and journalists. I don’t even pretend to know what is going on in Egypt but I’m getting the impression that heavy handed, repressive government of any stripe (as well as a serious economic slump and poverty) is just pi**ing everybody off. A repressive religious government in the form of continued Brotherhood politicians doesn’t seem to be part of the solution.

    They have some serious political and cultural problems as their treatment of dissidents and women indicate. They, the people, seem to be striving for some political moderation. The problem with countries that discourage dissent and a multi-party system is that there aren’t people/parties that can step up easily when government needs to change hands, as Maxcat07 says above. We saw that in Iran 30 years ago and we see it today. I hope there’s a faction in the queue that can step up in Egypt.

  4. There is only one being who likes bombs. Whoever can’t figure that out has no concept of love with a destiny to die in Gog and Magog on the last day

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