You Like Me, You Really Like Me: State Department Spent $630,000 To Increase “Likes” On Facebook

images225px-Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropBasic environmental and scientific programs suffer but the State Department felt free to spend more than $630,000 on advertising campaigns to boost the number of Facebook “likes” for the agency’s pages on the website between 2011 and March 2013.

Under Secretary Hillary Clinton, the agency’s Bureau of International Information Programs used the funds on advertising to increase the number of fans for each of its four Facebook pages from 100,000 to more than 2 million. This was part of an effort to ramp up the department’s following on social media by setting up Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and blogs. The effort was criticized by many in the department who thought they should be spending money on things like diplomacy and cultural programs.

The inspector general agreed with the critics in the effort to “buy fans” for the department.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki that the agency currently spends $36,000 a year on the Facebook outreach program.

Here is Under Secretary of State Sally Fields discussing the increase of “likes” on Facebook:

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40 thoughts on “You Like Me, You Really Like Me: State Department Spent $630,000 To Increase “Likes” On Facebook”

  1. It’s wrong, no doubt about it but to put Sec’t Clinton;s face as though she was the person responsible for it, without any information that she was or knew (and I don’t know enough about it, could be like the non IRS scandal that the right tried to paint as Obama’s responsibility when he had nothing to do with it (and btw even repub senators have now also said there is no there there.)
    And dog, really? To call 2 women heifers?

  2. nick, Just saying most people are ignoring how much taxpayer money private contractors are wasting. I guess that is because they can afford better lobbyists and PR firms. 🙂

  3. Juliet, The Miranda decision was 5-4. The court was not very different than this court ideologically, although the lean was liberal. It should have been more liberal but Whizzer White did a “Souter” on Kennedy. I think Scalia would go along w/ a Miranda type decision on this issue.

    Thanks from my wife and hope you enjoy it. It’s set in our hometown and a lot of experiences my wife had both professionally and personally are intertwined in that book.

  4. nick:

    that is one of my beefs too. Although a company keeping some of the money it would have paid in taxes is not a tax subsidy.

    It is all our money, every cent the government spends, except for tarrifs. But even then its our money because we pay higher prices for those goods. So it is all our money.

    Remember companies dont pay taxes, individuals do.

  5. And SWM, where the hell would social media dollars FOR A FEDERAL AGENCY come from? The Tooth fairy? It’s OUR MONEY!

  6. SWM, Most libertarians[don’t confuse them w/ conservatives] are against tax money going to private biz. My biggest rants on this topic are building stadiums for billionaires. There are worst abuses, but that’s my pet peeve. And, I knew you would be here to protect Hillary. You’re as loyal as a Mafia captain to The Boss!!

  7. Bruce, Just saying that conservatives and libertarians seem to focus on spending by government employees while at the same time ignoring the billions of taxpayer dollars the private sector receives. There is very little accountability so who knows what their social media budget is or how much of it is funded by taxpayer dollars.

  8. David M:

    how do you like being a serf, well actually a slave. 10% makes you a serf, anything over 20% and you are a slave. I might even accept it if the money was used responsibly. But to just have it pissed away?

    $630,000 is the amount of money that 201 families making about $25,000 per year paid in federal taxes. I imagine those 201 families could have used that money to make their lives better or easier.

    Elizabeth Warren is full of horse sh*t.

  9. So let me get this straight. The State Department is headed by someone that some feel should be our next President. The same State Department spent $630,000 to get fake votes on a service that is free to use, nobody really cares about anyway, is losing users and will probably be gone in 20 years.

    Add this to the NSA debacle going international in scope and our absolutely horrid diplomacy since the Bush years.

    Now what is that State is supposed to be doing again?



  10. This sounds like a waste of money but it pales in comparison to the 1.3 billion of taxpayers money that private contractor Booz Allen received last year.

  11. Is this another example of Hillary Clinton’s leadership? How people can keep voting for more taxes with examples like this bewilders me. I read recently of Vice President Biden’s hotel bill for a two day trip to Moscow was over $650,000. A typical limousine transportation bill is over $300,000. All these expenses are considered normal by Washington insiders.

  12. Look. Its the day after the Fourth. We are tired, poor, hung over and our ears ring from the fireworks. We wake up and open up the Dogologue Machine and then the TurleyBlog and what are we confronted with but some photo of some heifer named Hillary. Then I scroll down and have to look at some other heifer. Facebook is for schmucks by the way. And no, we don’t want no government money spent on uttBayBook.

  13. And we have parks and schools being closed…..thumbs down….

  14. I didn’t find a 2 M likes on the FB page of the State Department. Could you please explain if that number represents the sum of all state FB pages likes?

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