56 thoughts on “LAST CHANCE TO NAME MY DOG”

  1. Since ‘Cutie Pie” is not on the list, I vote for ‘Pepper’. When things get a little flat (Ha, Ha, when is that?) she will spice things up for sure.

  2. Let her pick her own name. If she’s smart and measured it’s Luna. If she’s always on the hunt for toys and noms and those invisible things cats and dogs sometimes hunt for and follow then it’s Scout. If she’s just a ball of energy and headstrong then it’s Pepper.

  3. Pepper. Duh.

    Urban Dictionary: pepper pot 1) (noun) – An assertive person who shares opinions or acts in ways that are stronger than the extant social power structure might predict.

  4. She looks to be a sweetheart. May you-all have long happy lives together.
    Best Wishes,

  5. I think Luna is too close to Lunacy. Or Luna, see?

    If we find a parasite, is it a Lunatic?

    I voted for Pepper; my second choice is Scout.

  6. My numero uno suggestion is – Justice

    So that you can have a weekly or monthly Blog item

    Sicking Justice Upon —–

  7. Eileen,

    If you were going to vote for Pepper, you don’t have to be logged in to vote.

    If you were going to vote for one of the others, you do have to be logged in. 🙂

  8. My vote is to name her according to her personality. Since I haven’t met the pup, I have no clue. She’s a cutie though.

  9. I am unable to do so via the automated system because of the apostrophe in my email address.

  10. Looks like it’s going to be Pepper, but I still vote for Scout. Putting this rogue’s gallery in charge of naming your dog is a leap of faith.

  11. Luna…. Since you’re getting the pup in July…. The sign of the crab and ruled by the moon…. Or as legend has it….

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