Would You Like Mein Chianti With Your Hitler Chicken?

Upq4lZE We have previously discussed such bizarre and distasteful items like Hitler wine. Now you can have Hitler Chicken with your Hitler Pinot Noir. A new line of fried chicken restaurants have opened in Thailand. The owner was said to think it was a catchy title and “a good image.” Kentucky Fried Chicken however did not and threatened legal action. The restaurant is reportedly changing its name to “H-ler” to accommodate critics. Somehow I don’t think that that will quite suffice.

It is hard to understanding how a mass murdering, genocidal maniac is a “good image” unless you have no knowledge of history or harbor fascist or anti-Semitic inclinations.

By the way, Hitler was a vegetarian and would not have been one of the customers of Hitler Chicken.

16 thoughts on “Would You Like Mein Chianti With Your Hitler Chicken?”

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  2. Maybe this restauranteur is trying to fill the gap left by Popeye’s Chicken.

  3. Ralph:

    You can see this, as you mentioned, also on KFC’s Thailand website.


    On the above page (it might format differently on your computer, but mine at home is configured to read Thai characters so it shows properly) you will note the logo of Colonel Sanders. On his apron at the top you will see three white lines. Also on the picture showing the french fries you will see the colonel has much of his left arm in view but little of his right.

    This compares nearly exactly with what is used in the Hitler version.

    So you are right, hard for this restaurant owner to defend against a copyright infringement here.

  4. Good observation, Darren. It’s sure looks like a copy of KFC’s logo, right down to the Colonel’s tie, but with a Hitler head graft. And the Hitler name is at the same upward angle as the KFC name. Though nobody is going to confuse Hitler with Colonel Sanders, I’d say its a trademark infringement at a minimum. (BTW, Colonel Sanders had said that he hated how the corporation ultimately commercialized–and failed to follow–his real recipe.)


  5. Well, it looks to me like they grafted hitler’s head onto Colonel Sanders’ body. Probably why KFC was upset.

    But, if they are trying somehow to attract the German tourist market in a strange way, I welcome them to add the following to their signage/menus.

    After Dinner Mints
    Sierra Mist drinks
    Gift Shop
    Cream Puff
    Large Pickel

    See how many false friends they attract.

  6. Can you imagine Hitler time traveling to the future to discover that his legacy is to be the face of a Thai fried chicken fast food restaurant? Reality is stranger than fiction. Also, somehow American’s ignorance of history doesn’t seem as bad as I previously thought.

  7. Thai fried chicken is the best no matter what moniker you put on it:

  8. That’s one of the more awkward things one encounters as a German traveling in third world countries: the “Hitler was a great man” conversation.

    In my experience this has less to do with ‘fascist or anti-Semitic inclinations’ but more an outgrowth of the fact that many people in these countries really, really dislike the former colonial powers (even in countries like Thailand which were never outright colonies).
    And Hitler fought all the big colonial powers, and arguably destroyed the British Empire. The whole ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ thing.

    Oh, and Hitler made a big show of being a teetotaler and vegetarian, but there are some indications that he wasn’t all that strict behind closed doors.

  9. Look for Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot Chicken franchises to become rivals.

  10. I don’t know which one is worse: the slogan or what’s in the food and drink (level of carcinogens in the pepsi)?

  11. Maybe this H-tler restaurant could serve some of those fake Chinese eggs and deep-fried chunks of that old Mao chicken meat featured in other stories on this blog. And to really get the taste buds fired-up, hire that septic tank resident from Tulsa, Kenneth Enslow, as a celebrity endorser.

  12. Nike had to pull its shoe, the Zyclon, so it doesnt just happen to small business.

  13. Sadly, in a world less aware, Stalin’s Surf and Turf, Idi Amin’s Hots and Tots, and Pol Pot Roasters aren’t that far off.

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