Just When You Thought The Weiner Scandal Could Not Get Creepier . . .

250px-Creepy1220px-AnthonyweinerOk, after seeing these high resolution pictures of narcissism on parade, I have decided that Anthony Weiner and Sydney Leathers are made for each other.  Leathers is now reportedly considering a porn career.  In the meantime, there appears one group that remains enthusiastic about Weiner. Believe it or not, it is women aged 18-36 which give him a 78 percent favorable rating according to a poll by a dating site. Putting aside the skewed population for the poll, it is still pretty disheartening.

We have also learned this week that Anthony Weiner used thousands of campaign dollars on a private detective to investigate the “hacker” who framed him with those revealing pictures when he was in Congress. If you recall, in addition to sending the revealing uninvited pictures to women, Weiner called his accusers liars and attacked the media. In appears that he also decided to use over $43,000 of campaign money to investigate the fictitious hacker for the photos that he knew he sent to the women.

Weiner previously found a woman with his unrestrained ambition. Now, with these pictures, however, Weiner appears to have finally found a woman truly as creepy as he is.

I will say it again, it is a morality play without redeeming character or moral ending.

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  1. Who voted for this guy the first time around? I think we need better back round checks.

  2. I say that these attacks on Anthony Weiner must stop. Yes, Weiner has made many mistakes, but he is now a completely changed person; decent, sensitive, and fully dedicated to serving the public interests. His strong sense of family values and commitment to high moral and ethical standards echo that of another fine politician, Rep. Gregory White, as featured in the following exclusive O-Span report:

  3. A guy from NYC who comes to our marina informs us that he does historical studies at Ellis Island. The Weiner story is that Anthony’s grandfather came to Ellis Island from Vienna. His real name was Schmuck. the Ellis Island immigration guy switched his last name with his City of Origin, added the er and he became Weiner. So if you call him a schmuck you are not far off. Wein is the Deutsch spelling for Vienna. The Brits went around and put English names on places like Milano, Firenze, Koln and Wein. So the name Wein has nothing to do with a wiener.

  4. Ok.. seems this is the place to excoriate the poor fellow with humor and derision…

    So this made me laugh…

    NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—One day after his campaign manager quit, the mayoral candidate Anthony D. Weiner named his penis to the post, telling reporters, “He was already making most of the major decisions, anyway.”


  5. The sample is more than a little skewed, I think.

    “Sugar daddy dating website SeekingArrangement.com found that 78 percent of female clients aged 18-26 approve of Weiner.”

    It’s not like it’s what most of us (I hope) would normally think of as a “dating” website.

  6. My most extreme apologies to Dylan Thomas.

    Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    SEXT SEXT against the dying of the light.


  7. Weiner is sick and needs medical help. Actually this morality play will have a happy ending when Weiner drops out or loses the primary.

  8. No No No! You have it all wrong.

    The ‘sexting’ isn’t wrong, morally or ethically. It is, I understand, consensual, and no one has been accusing him of harassing anyone. His wife apparently doesn’t mind, and I think is probably in the room while he does it. The woman in the bikini is just fine too.

    In any case, this is what the ‘kids’ are doing these days and us old fuddy-duddies should get to uptight about it. If these people want to do it, at the very worst it is None of My Business.

    No, the problem lies in the lying, the hypocrisy, the denials, and now the revelation that he spent campaign funds to investigate the leakers.

    So, in sum:

    His private sexual practices: acceptable.
    His public political activities: unacceptable.

  9. AY, I know the loving, caring, OJ was found not guilty. And I’m sure he’s still looking for the “real killers” in a Nevada prison. Lots of killers there.

  10. Power-hungry “power” couple. This kind of crap is everywhere in politics (all sides). However, it’s just proof of the infestation of narcissism, selfishness, entitlement-mentality, lack of morals and values, etc. in the overall population.

  11. “Creepy” was a fine, fine magazine from Warren Publishing and I find the association of it to the Wein a little . . . creepy. :mrgreen:

  12. Now, now Nick….. He was found not guilty…… But this guy needs a restraining order against him, trench coats and school grounds…. He seems like a real prick of person…. But hey…. He’s a democrat and deserves our support despite his lack of integrity…..

  13. He must have hired the same PI as OJ did to find, “the real killers.”

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