Chinese Zoo Replaces Lion With Large Dog To Fool Visitors . . . Then “The Lion” Barks

220px-Zangao220px-MP-panthera_leo_krugeri_8The Louhe City Zoo in People’s Park advertized a real African lion to pull in visitors. However, when the lion had to be sent off for breeding, the zoo was short an attraction. So, the operators went and got a large Tibetan mastiff and told people it was a lion. They did the same with wolf exhibit where a dog played the role of a white fox. In the leopard exhibit visitors were actually watching a common white fox. It all worked swimmingly well until the lion started to bark.

As we have seen in food contamination and shocking environmental stories, there remains a cultural problem in China with regard to business ethics and honesty. This humorous story is only the latest example of a business engaging in knowing deceptive practices with little apparent concern or guilt over its actions. The zoo was being run by a private businessman.

The zoo was reported after a boy asked his mother why the lion was barking.

Environmental groups have long condemned the cruelty of Chinese zoos and recent stories have surfaced of animals being stoned to death by onlookers. Indeed, despite our delight at the most recent win in the case involving the 18 Beluga whales in Russia, our concern is that the whales will now be bought by China and sent to Chinese aquariums. While the denial of the permit reduces the market for live captured whales, China continues to purchase exotic creatures for display.

Source: NPR

17 thoughts on “Chinese Zoo Replaces Lion With Large Dog To Fool Visitors . . . Then “The Lion” Barks”

  1. Sorry AY,

    I couldn’t help myself. I actually first saw the “Mushroom” story on Huffington Post. These stories (not to mention stories of children dropping dead in Beijing from the air pollution) give me pause when I hear it stated as a forgone conclusion that the next century will be dominated by China.

  2. Seamus,

    That was the most informative news I’ve seen in a long time…. I didn’t know that Fox had an Asian affiliate…..

  3. They need a Dogalogue Machine. It translates dog bark, growl, howl etc into printed human lingo.

  4. There are many kids who have listened to those “The cow goes moo,” books scratching their heads.

  5. In Louisiana, the legislature would simply enact a statute re-designating the Mastiff as a lion, and all the schools would then teach students that it was in fact, a lion. Problem solved.

  6. Well… The livestock will have to do…. Breeding purposes…. Eating purposes…

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