Federal Government Plans To Kill Hundreds Of Desert Tortoises To Save $1 Million A Year

220px-Gopherus_agassiziiOutside Las Vegas is a facility that has served as the last line of defense for the beautiful desert tortoise — an animal forced near extinction by developers and sprawling suburbs. Tortoises are brought to the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center, which is largely supported by developer fees and federal support. Now, due to a lack of federal funding, the federal government plans to euthanize hundreds of the tortoises — animals added to the endangered species list in 1990. The cost? One million dollars a year. So our government continues to waste billions in Iraq and Afghanistan while exploring a new war in Syria, but we cannot support a $1 million budget that is so important to the preservation of this species. The Administration would prefer to deliver bags of money to Karzai, buy Russian aircraft that Afghans can’t fly or maintain, or build huge buildings to be then torn down unused. Of course, we have invaded their habitat, but it appears that they are not entitled to the years of upon ended reconstruction funding because they do not threaten to tortoise extremism around the world.

The facility will close in the coming months. They will start to put down arrivals in the fall. Bureau of Land Management spokesperson Hillerie Patton noted that, with fewer homes and developments being constructed, the tortoises will have to die: “With the money going down and more and more tortoises coming in, it never would have added up.” No it doesn’t. Congress and the White House needs billions to burn in Iraq and Afghanistan so environmental, educational, and scientific programs must go.

These magnificent creatures have roamed the Southwest for 200 million years. Where millions once dwelled in areas of Utah, California, Arizona and Nevada, no more than 100,000 tortoises remain. They can live 100 years, but that will no longer be the case for hundreds arriving at this government site for shelter.

Source: Washington Post

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  1. Why not just move them to the Turtle Bordello on Ft. Irwin (>17,000 acres)? Or the Bordello on China Lake (200,000 acres)? Between them the Bordello is more than 340 square miles.

  2. They are DESERT tortoise… they survive and thrive in natural desert – trun them loose five miles outside of the development area and they will thrive again. Nature will take it’s course and a few will die and the rest will balance and thrive! Spread them out over the undisturbed desert and time will take care of it. I spent a bloody fortune in fees for these creatures in 1998 – 2005 and the fact that they no longer have the $550/acre coming in like they once was is a real financial concern with a REAL life solution… abandon the rescue facility and relocate them to the desert. Done!

    1. Elise, I could not agree with you more.
      Release them and allow God to direct their path after incarceration in this rescue.
      The answers we seek are found in our hearts, not our wallets.
      So well said Elise!

  3. in case you missed it:

    August 26, 2013 at 9:56 pm

    I’ve looked
    and I’ve looked
    and looked again
    and to my great surprise NOBODY here has opened up that petition that Jill suggested. (Seems odd she didn’t do it herself.). Gee, what happened to all the outrage? Don’t have the time to do that?

    And, it’s only $1M a year – I bet this well visited site could raise that in a flash. How about setting up a little kickstarter site? Judging by your outrage, I’m sure we can raise that $1M in no time. How much can I put you down for, Professor?

    BTW, did you all read the article? You do understand that most of the animals are diseased or too feeble to make it in their natural habitat. We can understand why the developers are no longer funding it, but the local citizens have also lost interest and have withdrawn their support. But after reading all your comments, I’m sure we can do this. C’mon guys! Let’s take our country back from that tortoise murdering president.

    1. I sent this out to all animal rescue groups in Northern Arizona. Being in the area of Sedona, I am hoping someone with some wealth will step up to the plate when they hear about this disgrace we humans are Planning To Do.
      Personally, time is short, I am not sure a petition will accomplish something quick enough to make the difference so I didn’t sign. I took action to notify all those people around me of this Planned event. I pray that someone hears about this and stops it.

      I do not understand how they are all diseased. Does this place not provide the animals with medical care? The oldest deserve a “good” death rather than some human snuffing out their lives. (We really do have to stop killing everything that breathes on this planet.)

      People! If you are upset, then take some action on behalf of those who have no voice, NOW! Get the word out and ask people to Cross Post it.

      Surely, together, we can find that special someone who can make all the difference in the world for these wondrous creatures.

  4. Proving ‘theory’ one again….. that Humans are the LOWEST form of life on the Planet…..

  5. Leave the fkn turtle ALONE!

    If they die naturally, that is one thing, but to affirmatively kill them???

    Jeesh, I am usually critical of overzealous EPA edicts and actions, to make an effort to kill tortoises? It is sick, and a sin.

  6. Contact me.
    I would like to save a few of these wonderful creatures.
    I am an ashamed US citizen and already have decades in dog rescue.
    I have some room for a few!
    This is just like the wolves. Endangered, brought back up to population and then open hunting on them is allowed.
    What in the heck is wrong with humans?
    Have we entirely lost our humanity finally, lead to this by our illustrious leaders?
    All we do well any more is kill innocents human and animals.

    We are a lost civilization.
    I am so ashamed of being human.

  7. Joan: I personally do not like to employ the word “euthanize”. When I bark it into the Dogalogue Machine it comes out Youth in eyes– three words. Kill is a real word to our Dogalogue Machine which translates dog bark and growl into printed English or what we call American speak. But if someone would kill off a few real estate developers out there in the name of the tortoise, and do it slowly, then the world would be a better place for man and beast.

  8. This article shows an appalling lack of patriotism. For the good of the United States you need make sacrifices. As Obama said. “You’re either with us or against us in the War on Tortoises.”

  9. I say if they have to euthanize the tortoises…then we should euthanize the real estate developers too. Sick and wrong…ashamed to call myself human.

  10. If an honest private charity would take on this project of taking care of turtles then I would give.

  11. Bron, they have 1400 tortoises (sp?), it’s a 220 acre preserve and the staff needs to be skilled because the livestock is fragile due to illness, age etc. They can’t be returned to the wild. The tortoises are on the endangered species list and just can’t be adopted out without rules/law changes (not a good idea).

  12. Maybe the president can on Thanksgiving pardon the turtles as well as the turkey.

  13. Ghandi said that huh? I like that. Now I have to learn to spell Gandhi… No spell check but I don’t like it. How about Gandi? Adoptions sounds good too. The rest could go to a charity. Oh, but some gov authority will say that its illegal to own that turtle & kill them like they did that deer on the east coast. I concede… Gandhi. Now how do you spell Netanyahu?… the biggest genocide maker since Pol Pot & the greatest property destroyer since WWII. I’m refering to 3/11. I just woke up to that one recently. Perhaps a public execution could be arranged. It won’t bring anyone in Japan back but it might put Israel on notice & dispose of one antihumanity Israeli in a dangerously powerful position. Is Netanyahu too old to be Hitler next lifetime? No, I don’t think he could have got back up to that position in one lifetime after how he ended the last. Interesting the switcheroo, though. In case you’re wondering I’m refering to the 3/11/11 nuclear warhead induced earthquake, destroying so many coastal towns & nuclear plants. It was an Israeli drilling company. Its truly shocking, but America could not confront the truth about 9/11. The 6 month shift to 3/11 is no coincidence. For some reason, they did not want to wait until the Fall. Its time to take back our planet!

  14. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”—Gandhi

  15. “Millions for Defense, but not one cent in tribute!” Ok, who said that?
    It had something to do with a Pirate Territory. Now we give two dollars in tribute for every dollar spent on defense. We know that in the race to oblivion there will be a tortoise and a hare. The T one always wins out in the end. Without a tortoise in the race some rabbit will end up in the Oval Office named Romney or some other Gypsy. As to Syria, Afghanistan and all the other Stans, pull out now like your father should have Obama.

  16. How did those nasty Turtles get into our land??? 🙂
    I would think that keeping an entire species alive and well would be worth way more than 1 million dollars. I imagine that keep Generals well fed cost a lot more than that.

  17. So far all of the NSA debate has centered on loss of privacy. To me the much bigger issue is the ridiculous amount of money we are spending on “the war on terror”, a problem that as Edward Snowden pointed out kills fewer American than people falling down in their bathtub.

    Worse than the money we have wasted are Human Rights abuses far worse than someone reading my email: torture, indefinite detention often of people we know are innocent (Gitmo), secret rendition, and trial by drone bomb death, capital punishment of people suspected of being people who are suspected of maybe being involved in something that might happen. Worst of all these death sentences justify the slaughter of innocent “collateral damage” children, put it all together with our past oppressive foreign policy in the region and you get the real reason “why they hate us”.

    You might even begin to think these abuses are really meant to recruit more terrorists than they get rid of, and keep the Trillions of Dollars flowing from taxpayers to defense contractors/war profiteers for the Bush/Obama Forever War.

  18. Yep.

    Our priorities as a nation and as a species are more than a little screwed up.

  19. http://www.change.org/start-a-petition

    JT, this is where you can start your own petition. It’s a Democratic party front site, but I have also seen real petitions there. They have had success with those petitions. You will reach many people and it is possible that you can stop this with the help of others. Thanks for writing about it.

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