Cheeky Children: British Lord Demands Punishment For Children Who Moon

24971.jpg170px-Moon_nearside_LRODavid Noel James, Baron of Blackheath, and his wife were horrified. The conservative Tory peer and his wife (who is a youth justice officer) were driving to Twickenham for a rugby game when they drove past a bus of children mooning them. Lord James wants the government to mete out punishment and not simply turn the other cheek at the little hoodlums.

Lord James, 75, explained that the incident ruined his attempt to convince his wife that going to a rugby match was “not the equivalent of being found in bed with a supermodel on a Saturday afternoon.” Then it happened. James explained delicately “to your lordships as we are in mixed company.”

He said his wife “was totally horrified by the sight of the school buses coming down the road to Twickenham filled full of children who were indulging in a pastime I believe is called mooning . . . The sight of some 40 school children mooning simultaneously is not a pretty sight. She was horrified.” I assume a chorus of harumphs followed the harrowing account of the Lady James and her ride to the rugby match.

Most interesting was his wife’s response as the youth justice officer: she wanted every mooning boy to be locked up for a year. Given the relatively low sentencing that characterizes the country. After all, you apparently get less than two years for burning disabled people to death and only seven years for killing your autistic son by getting him to drink bleach in England.

James quotes his wife as asking “‘Why aren’t they being brought into court? I would put them away for a year if I got them’.” The matter is now before the Parliament in its consideration of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill.

16 thoughts on “Cheeky Children: British Lord Demands Punishment For Children Who Moon”

  1. now children..this needs a Billy Connolly routine to laugh up its arse with ( “No, your daughter caaant come home from her elite boarding school to help you with your blinking VCR ‘s ” ) Seriously, it was rude of the children but everyone needs a day off from the laugh challenged ” elite ” , Surely there are worse offenders than a few childish children. Lecture by a funny and compassionate teacher “do we want to publicize our school as full of Monties ” should do the trick .

  2. I agree with Nick Spinelli up above. I hate the lord and lassie apCray in England. Then they send their peons over her in droves and get em hired on our news shows to tell us how to live without guns. Like that schmuck on CNN name Piers.

  3. Have moon beans in my eye….. Half moon… Pear moons…. Ostrich moons….dragging moons….. Garter moons…. Oh…. My have you seen the star and the moon come out during the day….. I have….. Get over it moon lord…

  4. ha locking those children up.. will give them the chance is pick and choose who’s up next for sra, or given to the priests, etc. there are many reasons they want the children locked up.. but if you really want to be horrified and beyond pissed off at the same time read this article…

    pedophiles calling for the same rights given to homosexuals and psychiatrists are agreeing with them and fighting to make it legal….

  5. let me guess, he’s willing to take the time out of his busy schedule and spank their bare little bottoms a bright pink. naughty, naughty boys.

  6. The horror, the absolute horror, that her Ladyship actually, finally, saw a naked butt…or two or dozen or…. well, the number doesn’t matter. She now knows what a naked butt looks like.

  7. What we have is an excellent example of why the upper crust is kept around —- they are amusing! Especially when they get all “serious” about how the world has gone wrong since the franchise was given to the unwashed. ERIN GO BRAGH!!

  8. I’d say… we’ll punish the kids, right after you have the two by four extracted from your butt, Baron!

  9. Could we ask for a better unknowing example of where “nobility” wants to take us all? After all how dare the peasants interrupt the enjoyment of a Rugby match watching “civilized” servants beating the hell out of one another. Decorum at all costs please so as not to disturb our “Gentle Folk.”

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