Was Jesus White?

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

440px-MegynKellyMegyn Kelly, on her Fox News show, declared: “Jesus was a white man, too. It’s like we have, he’s a historical figure that’s a verifiable fact, as is Santa, I just want kids to know that.” While I grant that Jesus was a historical figure, Santa was only based on a historical figure, a monk named Nicholas. Nicholas was born around 260 A.D. in Patara, in present-day Turkey. Nicholas was probably Greek although little is known about his parents. While it make make Kelly uncomfortable, Nicolas certainly wouldn’t have looked as white as Santa appears in the Coca-Cola ads.

According to Reza Aslan, Jesus was a Galilean, a Palestinian Jew. He would have looked like the average Palestinian looks today. Aslan cites those features: “that would mean dark features, hairy, probably a longer nose, black hair.” Hardly the Jesus seen in so many European paintings. There is great psychological benefit to portraying Jesus as “one of your own.”

jesus in chinese artIn Chinese art (left) we see the Mary and Jesus are depicted with Chinese attributes. jesus in japanese artIn Japanese art (right), Jesus is depicted with Japanese characteristics. The artists may never have seen a foreigner and had no model, other than their fellow countrymen, on which to base their depictions. When trying to attract converts, it is best to remember that people naturally relate to someone who looks like them.

jesus realModern forensic techniques have been used on a skull of a first century Jewish male to create a model of Jesus’ face shown at left. The skin color was chosen as indicative of someone from a desert climate. This image contrasts greatly with the Jesus found in European paintings.

Why is a white skin color for Jesus so important to Kelly?

Many married Christians think they can grow their relationship by inviting Jesus into their marriage. This spiritual polyandry would be less attractive when a non-white Jesus is envisioned.

The portrayal of Jesus has been used throughout history as a political tool. For those who advocate immigration restrictions, a blond-haired blue-eyed Jesus sends a clear message of exclusion.

H/T: Paul Harvey and Edward J. Blum, Darren E. Grem, BBC News, James Nye, Max Fisher.

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  1. Waiting for Megyn to reassure the kids the following are white, too:
    Easter Bunny
    Great Pumpkin
    Arch Angel Gabriel
    Frosty the snowman (duh)

    Rearrange SANTA and you get SATAN…
    … Who’s tan/brown-ish.


    1. @Max-1 “Waiting for Megyn to reassure the kids the following are white,…..God”

      I am guessing there are at least a few white folks who are really, really hoping the God is a white, merciful God and not a dark skinned vengeful God… uh oh!

  2. Would it have killed Megyn Kelley to say Santa was whatever children envision him to be? What a Scrooge. As for Jesus, wasn’t he a Semitic Jew? Why would she make an issue out of it to begin with and then when the poo the the fan and she looked stupid, she says people should lighten up? Perhaps she should’ve never gone there to begin with.

  3. GeneH,

    You know nothing of Jesus unless you know Alabama & their great religious prophet Ricky Bobby.

    Jesus was a Blond haired, blue eyed miracle baby, conceived one day when dad was away tending the flock. 🙂

  4. Tony,

    As a comparative religion instructor I once had said, “Whether Jesus was a real person is really kind of irrelevant. Real or myth, his impact and the impact of his followers on Western civilization is undeniable.” I agree that, unlike Buddha, there is not conclusive historical and archeological evidence as to whether Jesus of Nazareth was a real man or not. However, I have to admit that at a certain level of analysis, it isn’t important other than than that the truth – no matter what it is – is the preferable state of knowledge.

    Was Jesus white? Given the demographics of the region at the time, if he was real he was probably olive skinned.

  5. Some professionals have considered the question, including blind people:

    Although the meaning, significance, and definition of race have been debated for centuries, one thread of thought unifies almost all of the many diverging perspectives: a largely unquestioned belief that race is self-evident and visually obvious, defined largely by skin color, facial features, and other visual cues. This suggests that ‘‘seeing race’’ is an experience largely unmediated by broader social forces; we simply know it when we see it. It also suggests that those who cannot see are likely to have a diminished understanding of race. But is this empirically accurate?

    I examine these questions by interviewing people who have been totally blind since birth about race and compare their responses to sighted individuals. I not only find that blind people have as significant an understanding of race as anyone else and that they understand race visually, but that this visual understanding of race stems from interpersonal and institutional socializations that profoundly shape their racial perceptions. These findings highlight how race and racial thinking are encoded into individuals through iterative social practices that train people to think a certain way about the world around them. In short, these practices are so strong that even blind people, in a conceptual sense, ‘‘see’’ race. Rather than being self-evident, these interviews draw attention to how race becomes visually salient through constitutive social practices that give rise to visual understandings of racial difference for blind and sighted people alike.

    (Do Blind People See Race?, PDF, emphasis added).

  6. From the scientific evidence minority: Jesus is probably not an historical figure at all; there is very little evidence of that, and the Bible contains several anachronistic mentions of roads and towns that did not exist until after 250 AD, and some apparent allusions to events in the 200-300 AD era. Detailed Roman records of gathering and crimes (down to simple fist fights) of the zero to 50 AD era contain no mention of Jesus.

    Although I am not one of them, I have read about non-religious researchers familiar with the evidence that believe Jesus is an invented figure cobbled together from various myths with a common theme, dating back to Krishna and before, relying in part on verbal-tradition stories and myths refined by thousands of years to be compelling and memorable.

    I do not grant that Jesus was an historical figure; there is no evidence an actual person lived circa 30 AD, and there is evidence that around 250 AD, stories began to appear about a savior born 250 years earlier, modeled after several verbal traditions extant at the time.

    I think Jesus was a very popular remix of greatest hits.

  7. I wish someone would tell Ms. Kelly about Krampus. Actually, I wish someone would torture her by telling her on air that historically there is no mention of a Mrs. Sinterklass, just a faithful black ‘companion’, Zwarte Piet. Voluntary companion in some retellings, slave in others but mischievous (possibly murderous) and loyal nonetheless. I would like to see if her head would ‘splode. A ‘wink, wink, nudge, nudge’, and somewhat drawn out “companion” would probably do it. And who’s to say; what happens in the workshop stays in the workshop.

    Thanks for mentioning Sinter Klaus Dog/Beldar, you set my creaky data retrieval system on a twisted path. I hope you you have a new or fixed dogalogue machine.

  8. kinda funny they Impeached her hubby…
    where have i heard that before…

    “Ma’s” wiki page sure has wet my (historical) appetite.
    Amazon; Miriam Amanda Ferguson: First Woman Governor of Texas : Her Life Story Presented Through the Clothes She Wore
    1 new from $5,938.68 9 used from $5.10
    Seriously ? 6G for a book?

    During two non-consecutive terms in office, Mrs. Ferguson (a-teetotaler) issued almost 4,000 pardons, many of them to free those convicted of violating prohibition laws. Though never proven, rumors persisted that pardons were available in exchange for cash payments to the governor’s husband. In 1936, voters passed an amendment to the state constitution stripping the governor of the power to issue pardons and granting that power to a politically independent Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles

    God Bless Texas

  9. LaserDLiquidator 1, December 14, 2013 at 12:10 pm


    I’m setting you up with a blind lunch date

    with Ben Sanders.

    Take a week, find some hemp and enlighten us all with more “colorful” insights.
    So, are you a multipersonality or just grandiously speaking for everyone as an encounter group leader?

    Anyway, take up your argument with the brain scientist I quoted.

  10. My 5 year old granddaughter asked me yesterday if the Romans were the bad guys who killed Jesus.

    “Ah … ,” I hesitated as it is always best to wait to see from whence the 5 year old’s question has sprung.

    “Well, gandma,” she said with an impatient sigh, “did the Romans wear purple or green?”

    “Purple or green?” I asked.

    With growing impatience at my mental sluggishness, she responded, “Yes, gandma, were they Roman Vickings or Roman Packers?”

    Aha, I thought, football! Thus allowing me a way out.

    “I don’t know, dear, ask your father.”

  11. Txdave,

    One of the few female governors…. And kinda funny they Impeached her hubby Jim……. And then if I recall Jim ferguson ran again and won…..

  12. A friend had a 200+ post card collection of Jesus portraits collected from around the world. They ranged from the loving infinite compassionate Jesus to the DFH snuff porn Jesus, paying for your sins-that Mel Gibson enjoyed so much… pictures say 1,000+ words.

    & in related news of the weirdos..

    This is Molly Ivins, Quoting Gov Ma Ferguson who settled a dispute about foreign language teaching in public schools by pointing to her King James Bible and saying…
    “If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it’s good enough for the schoolchildren of Texas.”

  13. It does not follow that because she is the best looking fox on television that she is dumb or just reads the teleprompter. This woman is 43 years old and graduated from a law school. There was no mention of Swarte Peet in the blog or the story and that should be part of the Santa aspect. Peet was a topic of conversation previously this joyous season. If you are a black midget go to Amsterdam prior to December 5th each year and you will be employed. December 5th is Sinter Klaus Day in Holland. That is when Sinter Klaus gives out the gifts. They separate the Sinter Klaus charade from the Jesus BD so that when the fraud comes out it does not transfer over to HeyZeus right on his BD.

  14. DAVID Drumm, I don’t quite understand your last sentence saying that those who are for immigration restrictions share in being racists. It only shows your bigotry and ignorance since I am all for immigration restrictions and I have done more in the civil rights movement in the 60s than I bet you have ever done. In FACT I take as my guide on this subject, the Jordan commission recommendations named after the late great BLACK Rep Barbara Jordan who chaired it. I call myself a Barbara Jordan Democrat in fact since I think she was one of the best politicians around. I would suggest that YOU read her remarks and her recommendations before you sling your invective around.

    For your infomation, she and her commission recommended strict border enforcement, an E-verify system to ensure only legal residents get jobs, massive deportations as needed among other items. Try calling her a racist if you are stupid enough.

  15. Nope –

    But I will provide the more apropos subject matter.

    If G-d was before the earth – then he IS an alien of it.

    Jesus is a son of an Alien by a “beam me down Scotty” invitro;
    who could have had his Photon blasters laser’beam the planet.

    If G-d created us as his “free will” entertainment – like watching us on TV

    as we watch what we create on TV (especially those damn reality shows)

    Then who (WHAT) – is watching all the G-d’s doing all the creatings;
    with the ability to step out of time – and all?

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