Pakistani Mob Riots After Rumor Of Torn Pages of A Koran Found In Crate Of Pomegranates

220px-Afghan_pomegranates190px-WLM_-_roel1943_-_KoranI am often surprised (despite prior cases of religious lunacy) of how self-described religious people can commit the most heinous and unjustified acts of violence in the name of faith. We have seen a series of riots and murders committed by Muslims after word has spread of the desecration of a Koran (Quran). The latest riot however is truly one for the books in sheer insanity. A rumor spread in Quetta, Pakistan that a crate of pomegranates from Iran contains some pages ripped from a Koran. As a result, Muslims went on a rampage looking for Shiites to kill. The mob ended up killed one man and wounded three others and torching neighborhoods to get right with Allah.

What is truly bizarre is that the subtle difference between Sunni and Shia is not a varying respect for the Koran. However, even a rumor can unleash the pent up hatred between these branches of Islam. So paper filler used in a pomegranate case is enough to launch lethal riots. Only a police line stopped the mob from wiping out a community of Shia in Pakistan.

The Koran is often used as a weapon against minorities, as was the case recently when Pakistani police arrested a doctor for reading from the Koran as committing the crime of “posing as a Muslim.”

Source: Newsweek

23 thoughts on “Pakistani Mob Riots After Rumor Of Torn Pages of A Koran Found In Crate Of Pomegranates”

  1. if you watch pakistani tv talk shows and self righteous anchors and guests , you would forget OReilys of the US. This is a country knee deep in delusions and ignorance

  2. You should never risk causing rips in radical Muslin, because it might start a holey war.

  3. Gene H.,

    There is nothing depraved about a sheet bend; it is a perfectly respectable knot.

  4. LoL, you guys, and dogs, need to take it on the road: funny stuff.

    Darren, your link won’t work for me? Is it broken or is my ‘puter?

  5. BarkingDog:

    Are those the same Australians who wrote “Tie me infidels down, sport”?

  6. This is a song some Aussies sing in Den Haag when they make fun of Pakistan.

    I’ve got… A Koran up my arse.
    A Koran up my arse.
    I’m the biggest disgrace to the aborigine race.
    A Koran up my arse.

    I can… ride a Kangaroo.
    Eat dick too.
    Biggest disgrace to the aborigine race
    A Koran up my arse.

    [there is a similar Aussie song about a boomerang that wont come back]

    By the way. From Den Haag we hear that Greenwald is about to release more damage upon Obama and the spying on Merkel. This one is really supposed to be bad. Stay tuned. It might come out tonight.

  7. The Koran ‘desecration’ was just a pretext, this was just people that wanted to kill some other people seizing on any excuse, no matter how flimsy and insane.

  8. Keep religion in your home and hearts and your particular church or temple or mosque. Crazy.

    1. Makes you wonder, indeed! And he is surely doing a great job at it. There is a special brand of religious fervor/crazy coming out of Pakistan. Instead of us worrying about Iran, we should make sure that the Pakistani nukes don’t fall into the wrong hands.

  9. Can I excommunicate these guys? No? Damn!

    Justice Holmes said it all, ignorance is a terrifying thing on its own, and when joined in a mob, the results are horrific.
    As someone once said, the value of the religious text is not on the paper, it is in the paper, the message is greater than the writing.
    I find it ironic too that in order to protect the Islamic message that you shall not kill, these guys do just that, kill.

    Bruce, what is a Muslin? I know it to be a light, sheer fabric.

  10. These people need to jam their Qurans up their butts… with their left middle fingers, of course!

  11. The point is well taken, but the situation, i.e. religiously motivated hate crimes and cultural intolerance, is not unique to Islam. Ever been to Northern Ireland?

  12. There is nothing so frightening than allegedly religious people who view human life as less important than pieces of paper. Murder predicated on rumor mixed with superstition and hate. Religion seems to cause insanity.

  13. “I am often surprised…of how self-described religious people can commit the most heinous and unjustified acts of violence in the name of faith.”

    Their response:

    “We are often surprised…of how self-described religious people can tolerate the most heinous and unjustified acts of desecration against the faith.”

    Irreconcilable always.

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