Indian Police Allegedly Gang Rape Schoolgirl Over Two and A Half Months But Only One Will Face Prosecution

India flagWe have another outrage out of India in the rape of young girl . . . by police. Four officers of Chandigarh police were arrested but only one booked last week for raping, molesting and threatening a minor schoolgirl for two-and-a-half months. They were identified as constables Akshay, Sunil, Jagtar and Himmat Singh. There was a fifth officer also accused by the girl who said that she had to sneak out of school because the officers would be waiting to take her away for more sexual assaults. In what passes for responsibility in these communities, the rapists showed amends by offering for one of the officers to marry the victim so she could live with her rapist.

The girl said that “[s]ometimes I even scaled the rear wall of the school to go home to escape the policemen lying in wait at the entrance gate of my school.” The girl was on the verge of committing suicide, but finally told her brother sought help. Despite her account and supporting evidence, the police only charged one officer. Local leaders reportedly intervened to stop the prosecution of the other officers.

However, reports indicated that multiple policemen apologized to the girl and tried to convince her that one of them would marry her. In her statement, the victim said that it was Akshay who started exploiting her, but that Sunil and three others then joined him. Specially, she said “Jagtar and Himmat used to molest her and two of them had forced her to have physical relationship.” Yet, only one officer was charged in a gang rape case?

Source: Times of India

11 thoughts on “Indian Police Allegedly Gang Rape Schoolgirl Over Two and A Half Months But Only One Will Face Prosecution”

  1. I hope there are some well funded NGOs in India to address this systemic problem. Those officers should be in prison if they in fact did this.

  2. Seems like India, as bad as it is only charging one police officer, is still better than New Mexico, where police are allowed to repeatedly rape persons suspected of hiding drugs without so much as a reprimand.

  3. These stories of gang rape by police authorities seems to be an huge problem in India. Why would any woman want to stay there?

  4. India: Pirate Territory. Do not travel there or go near shore if you are in a boat. If you must fly over, please flush, twice.

  5. It looks like the victim had been in contact with authorities due to a “family quarrel” back in October, which is how the police came to know her:

  6. Alls she needs to be is deputy general counsel for the Indian government…. Then the world is hers…..

  7. It is also reported that the victim was repeatedly forced to ingest emergency contraceptives at gunpoint:

    … constables would force the 17-year-old schoolgirl to take emergency contraceptive pills at gunpoint each time they committed the crime. Her statement in the FIR mentioned, “I was forcibly given medicines after being raped every time. Whenever I refused to take the medicine, they threatened to kill me. These policemen would put their loaded gun on my head.”

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