Indian Police Hijack Hearse Of Gang Rape Victim To Take Body For Forced Cremation

India flagWe have been discussing of the continuing rape epidemic in India, including repeated rapes by police officers in that country or efforts by police to shield rapists. Police in Kolkata reached a new level of abuse in actually hijacking the hearse of a victim who was gang-raped and dumped at at a hospital for nine days with fatal burns. The police then tried to force the family to agree to an immediate cremation.

The family was waiting for relatives to arrive for the funeral and cremation but police hijacked the body when it was being trace to a mortuary and forcibly took it to the crematorium. A relative in the vehicle had to jump out of the hearse after it was hijacked. When the crematorium refused to carry out the cremation, the police went to the family and threatened members to try to get them to sign the form.

The family eventually agreed to the cremation in exchange for a promise of protection from the government. Yet, the question is why the police would want to destroy the body of the rape victim and whether forensic evidence was gathered before the cremation. The girl was reportedly raped before going to the police department and then raped again after returning from the department.

Source: India Times

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  2. Complete religious intolerance just like the majority of active bloggers on this site, & condoned by Turley.

  3. T.M.,I’m sure more rapes are reported in the United States than India or anywhere else in the world, In India who would you report the rape to, the police who commited the rape.

  4. Let’s see the bright side of this horrific event and try to learn from it. Thanks to the social media, these things are bubbling out and being reported where it was ignored before. Rapes have been very common all around the world but only a very small fraction are reported, as a result the victims suffer all their lives provided they are still alive.

    Following is an interesting article which depicts the conviction rate of the rapists in India is higher than it is in the US.

    Here is one more article which shows US as # 1 and India as # 2 in the rape crime rate.

    We should not forget the rapes have been taking place in our own armed forces for decades.

    So, it is naive to jump the gun and start our chest beating as the righteous lot.

    Having said all this, the event shows that the rapist must be part of the high ranking Indian government. With time, these fiendish SOBs will be caught and justice will be served. It may take decades in India as it is still being sorted out here in the US.

  5. Talk about panic. Trying to burn the evidence before they match up the DNA with someone?

  6. Revolting. It speaks volumes of the police being involved in the rape or protecting those who committed the crime. I don’t know if it is, but it certainly is a possibility.

    Those who savage a funeral or graves beneath contempt in my view and should serve a few years in prison. One case I was involved with the judge hammered the defendant, giving him 10 years. (reduced to 5 on appeal) he deserved every bit of it.

  7. Say what…. Is this India or some Texas football players ability to continue to play…..

  8. It as if a woman doesn’t have a right to her own body in life or even in death in India. I never fully realized what a degenerate culture continues to exist there. I recall hearing about the “Mother in law” jails, where mothers in law who burnt their daughters in law or in other ways abused or killed them went. Until women value other woman in such societies, they won’t progress.

  9. So why are we being “friends” with countries like this? Why are we giving them millions of $$s & tons of military equipment to carry out some their vile actions? The money we give these countries could be put to much better use repairing our infrastructure or (dare I mention it) universal health care. We have a gang of rich fools running this country into the ground….. Idiots!

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