Introducing the Cyber Burka: Iran Outlaws The Virtual Intermingling Of The Sexes

150px-muslim_woman_in_yementhumb_at_computer_silloetteThere are times when Iran and other sharia-based countries look like characters out of a Fellini film. This week, Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued another fatwa to Muslims that left the rest of the world chuckling. Khamenei has outlawed participation in social networks that include both men and women. He wants something akin to a Cyber Burka for women to avoid even getting as little as a tweet from a man who is not a family member. Adding to the absurdity, he used his website (which presumably has both men and women) to make the announcement.. He also has a Facebook but presumably any future “friends” will be male.

What is really amazing is that this is not April 1st. Khamenei actually believes this. He proclaimed: “Given the immorality that often applies to this, it is not permitted.”

Of course, few people actually believed that this was a fatwa dictated by faith. Iran remains, for good reason, fearful over any forum allowing free speech and association of citizens who might start to question its harsh sharia-based laws or the denial of basic freedoms.

The government appears struggling like China and other countries to cut off access to free information or discourse. The telecommunications ministry is reportedly working on a “Halal Network,” an Islam-friendly intranet to cut off use of the global internet — thereby giving the government control )or at least greater control) over what citizens know. Presumably there will be a Shariater to send Islamically correct tweets like OMA for “oh my Allah.” Tweets like “I got stoned last night” will also have a different meaning for the Halal Network presumably.

There is also the disconnect in the fatwa when presumably women are allowed to call numbers in the government and private realm where males answer. Will there also be complete segregation of any telephonic communications?

15 thoughts on “Introducing the Cyber Burka: Iran Outlaws The Virtual Intermingling Of The Sexes”

  1. These religious con men manage their women like a farmer would manage mushrooms…….keep them in the dark and feed them BS. And don’t get me started on Catholic hierarchy demanding priests be men……

  2. These freaky religions are enough to make one scream. Where does Ayatollah Ali Khamenei think he came from if not a woman’s vagina? Is that the reason he thinks women should be shrouded under these tents? Because he considers women to be ‘dirty’ or unfit for his company? What about that appendage of his that he inserts into a woman’s vagina? Is that not also ‘dirty’ and/or unfit for the company of a woman?

    Truly, has anyone read anything that explains why these crazy men think this way?

  3. What a shame it is that we can’t move Iran…. to A ‘VIRTUAL’ planet, in a Galaxy… far, far away!

  4. Thought about friending him on FB/tweeting (Im female ((*_*)) but afraid of the NSA.

  5. These religious fanatics are example one why no religion should be mixed with politics or the governing of any nation.

  6. Small questions here. Is this Eyeotollah a fat guy? Where does the Fawtwa term come from if he is not a fat guy? Oh, and what is up with the turbans on some heads and tents on other heads when one gets East of Corfu? And why don’t the Ten Commandments apply East of Corfu? And why doesn’t the Sixth Commandment apply in most states in the U.S. where they kill people in the name of the people? And does the phrase “Beyond The Pale” apply in those states? What is the difference between a woman and a slave in this Iran Pirate Territory?

  7. I suppose Ayatola Khameni could invent a new Network Packet protocol to devote one bit in the QoS of the header to be gender specific. (0 for female and 1 for male) then program each network card in in Iran to be male or female that will reject opposite gendered packets.

    And given Iran’s jurisprudence, it could set the TTL to whatever the mullahs decree (i.e. death to packets!)

  8. So… Cyber stalking will be up in these countries…. Maybe NSA can give them a heads up….

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