Seahawks or Broncos: You Decide

imagesDenver_Broncos2While I will be cheering for a late comeback (and miracle) for the Chicago Bears today in the Superbowl, it is time to make some predictions. I am leaning toward the Broncos because I like Manning but I am controlling my emotion for next years Superbowl with the Bears.

I am going out for a quick hike before we regroup for the game. Even if you are not excited about the game, the commercials should be good. We will have our annual poll on the best commercial on Monday.

27 thoughts on “Seahawks or Broncos: You Decide”

  1. anyone who bet on the broncos needs to reread the 1/2 of ‘the blind’ side that got left out of the movie. The story of the big fat dumb ugly linemen, now earning mo money, that the joe namaths

  2. WE  WON!

    A great game. Downtown Seattle was a blast. Wish you call could have seen the festivities.

    1. Raff,

      Think back to Super Bowl VII the dolphins and dallas but but the 3 points dallas got…. It would have been a shutout….. Dang close yesterday…..


      Saw some of the festivities on TV this morning….. Good game….

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