Seahawks or Broncos: You Decide

imagesDenver_Broncos2While I will be cheering for a late comeback (and miracle) for the Chicago Bears today in the Superbowl, it is time to make some predictions. I am leaning toward the Broncos because I like Manning but I am controlling my emotion for next years Superbowl with the Bears.

I am going out for a quick hike before we regroup for the game. Even if you are not excited about the game, the commercials should be good. We will have our annual poll on the best commercial on Monday.

27 thoughts on “Seahawks or Broncos: You Decide”

  1. The absolute best and socially redeeming Super Bowl ad ever, even though no one will see it —

  2. The Bears couldn’t have played much worse than Denver did today, but, to actually beat the Seahawks, they would have needed to resign Richard Dent, Mike Singletary, and the Ghost of Sweetness Past.

  3. With less than five minutes to play I think it is clear they should have put the Bears in.

    It couldn’t be any worse… right?

  4. “Football should be outlawed as a prohibited national distraction for morons.”

    OK, understood. morons are prohibited from watching football.

    But really does this policy make any sense at all. Doesn’t it make more sense to encourage the morons to watch so they will be distracted and not cause any problems.

    I would argue that one of the major sources of problems today are morons getting into things they know nothing about and causing all kinds of complications. Key examples would be some but not all elected representatives and many but not all lawyers.

    Wouldn’t we all be better off if they were distracted – even if only for the duration of the super bowl? I mean let us count our blessings – however small they may be.

    And for all you morons out there who might be watching the super bowl – NSA is taking names this very minute.

    Which raises the important question how do you know if you are on a ‘no watch list’ and how do you get off, assuming you are not a moron.

    And were does that leave smart guys. Is it OK for smart guys to watch if so inclined or is watching mandatory for smart guys?

    I mean if you are going to regulate society, sort people out by capability, and direct them to appropriate activities, then what do you do with smart guys and average people? You wouldn’t dare let them go about making their own decisions – now would you.

    And once we figure out how to direct the activities of smart guys and average guys how do we get the appropriate activities to be available for them in the first place?

    Do we depend on the free market to provide appropriate activities of should the government intervene to be sure smart guys and average guys have the right activities.

    This is getting much to complicated for me – I think I will go back and watch some more of the super bowl.

    But let me know when you get it figured out. After the super bowl I am probably going to be really, really bored and looking for something interesting to do.

  5. I live in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Grew up here. And, with the exception of the Detroit fans, I think the fans out here have suffered long enough first without any major league teams of any kind. Then, in the late 60s, we got the Seattle Supersonics with perhaps five good years in all the years leading up to the very unceremonious moving of our team to Oklahoma City of all places. Thus, I am ecstatic about the game today and will enjoy this game immensely–win or lose. I have followed the NFL since before there was a Super Bowl. This is so exciting. However, I will be happy to cheer the bears on whenever possible. I loved the Ditka teams–both when he played and when he coached. But, today is a good day for Seahawk fans. If we win, there will be great joy over here in an oft forgotten area for pro sports.

  6. Football is For Fools and Cole Stuart need to get together and save some rain forests this afternoon. You have about 5-6 hours. The rest of us will be having a good time w/ family and friends. To each their own, Mr. Fool.

  7. Who cares? Football is for stupid morons. The planet is falling apart from human stupidity, greed, arrogance and indifference. Idiot morons are watching thugs beat each other up for extremely ridiculous amounts of money.

    Football should be outlawed as a prohibited national distraction for morons.

  8. Anonymously Yours
    … The odds makers have the bears to make next years bowl at 30 to 1……

  9. I am rooting for the Seahawks, and I am so glad that Peyton has made a great physical and mental comeback from his injuries to reach his full potential. A great match-up … I think the odds are in Denver’s direction … which I like cause Seattle is a great underdog team. No ultimate winners or losers in this game. It is a good match up.

    thanks for asking. 😉

  10. as a 9er fan Go Horses and it is the yr of the Horse.

    Chicago has a football team I didn’t know that;)

  11. The Super Bowl joy is dimmed a bit for me and all movie lovers w/ the heroin overdose death of the GREAT actor, Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He struggled w/ heroin for some time. He had it under control for some time but that monster reared its head again last year. 48 years old.

    Manning passes the Broncos to victory. He becomes the first QB to win w/ 2 different teams.

  12. IMHO, this was the best Super Bowl commercial ever, sponsored by my favorite condiment. Tabasco Sauce, or as I like to call it, Cajun ketchup.

  13. Wow…. Though I’d like the Seahawks to win…. The Vegas line and sports lock has the Broncos favored by -2.5 …. Just saying…..

    The odds makers have the bears to make next years bowl at 30 to 1……

  14. Here’s a vote: Please do not spam my inbox with football fascism John. Your blog is great–far above nattering off topic about your adolescent-grade football hero worship. If you need a water cooler make some friends. Elsewhere please.

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