Dodgers Fans Sentenced In Brutal Attack That Left Giants Fan Brain Damages

022014_housley_fanattack22_640There is finally justice for San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow who was left brain damaged and permanently disabled after a vicious attack by these two men: Louie Sanchez, 31, and Marvin Norwood. Both Dodgers fans pleaded guilty to the attack and received eight and four years respectively for their crimes. Given the injury to Stow, however, I am left divided on whether the punishment is sufficiently long.

Stow, a 45-year-old paramedic who went to the 2011 opening day game in Los Angeles, was beaten nearly to death in a parking lot after the game. He now requires 24-hour care from his family. The family is also suing the stadium and owner in a civil lawsuit.

For the crime, Sanchez received eight years for one count of mayhem. Norwood received four years for one count of assault likely to produce great bodily injury. Norwood has already served much of that time awaiting sentencing. However, he will likely be arrested when he is released because of a separate federal offense of being a former felon in possession of a handgun.

Stow’s sister, Bonnie Stow, described her brother’s life: “We shower him, we dress him, we fix his meals. We make sure he gets his 13 medications throughout the day. He takes two different anti-seizure medications to prevent the seizures . . . ”

While such testimony was being given, Superior Court Judge George Lomeli grew angry with what he described as smirking from Sanchez for smirking.

I am not sure why the charges were reduced for the two men in the plea bargain. The men were recorded acknowledging their crimes in recorded jailhouse statements as well as a call by Norwood to his mother. Sanchez apologizes to Norwood for pulling him into the fight and Norwood said that he had no regrets in back in him up. Keep in mind that these thugs jumped Norwood from behind. Witnesses said that Sanchez had been taunting Giants fans throughout the game and was throwing peanuts and spraying sodas on opposing fans.

They came very close to killing Stow and yet Sanchez will serve less than eight years and Norwood will be out on his four year stint in a relatively short time. This is a tough call. Eight years is a substantial sentence but do you think it fits this crime?

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  1. Bron,

    “If the offender has any humanity . . .”

    Doesn’t the nature of the crime defeat your presumption?

    “. . . I am surprised there is resistance to providing a community service instead of sending the perp to jail.” . . . “And the added benefit is the attacker would see the concrete manifestation of his actions . . .”

    Or, the perp (as you put it), could — given Mespo’s observation of, “[y]ou want to monitor that situation there . . .” take advantage of the fact that his victim, that he is caring for, is incapacitated.

    Do you think this kind of argument through, Bron?

  2. “Eight years is a substantial sentence but do you think it fits this crime?”
    No. Given the degree of continued suffering the victim endures and the anguish his family suffers if I was the judge I would have declared the plea bargain to be a manifest injustice and gave the two defendants the maximum sentence.

  3. That’s NOT justice. They each earned a bullet to the head… nothing less, for this incredibly vicious attack.

    1. Indentured servancy? They probably wouldn’t maintain their submission and we would have to put them in jail anyway. I wonder how many convicted criminals out of 100 would except such a choice, Indentured servancy or jail? The 1%ers would all end up with servants. lol

  4. DavidM:

    Seems to me a fitting punishment. Those on the left are all about community so I am surprised there is resistance to providing a community service instead of sending the perp to jail. It seems to me society would be doubly served. And the added benefit is the attacker would see the concrete manifestation of his actions; all but the most hard of heart would not feel remorse that they had done something like that to another human being.

    So I have some curiosity why Mespo and Dr. Stanley and Gene Howington are saying you are wrong to have such an opinion. It seems to me a very civilized method to punish the guilty and help the victim. If the offender has any humanity, it would weigh heavily on his conscience as he came to understand the consequence of his action. Your method of punishment would enlighten the criminal and be far better than sending him to jail where he would be treated like a beast and probably come out with a very large chip on his shoulder.

    I dont know if I would make him do it for life but certainly for 5-10 years.

    Along the same lines, I wonder why those on welfare couldnt offer assistance to the elderly or the working poor to help clean their houses, cut their lawns, help them shop, shovel snow or any of a multitude of things the elderly cannot do and the working poor do not have time to do.

    Just sitting and talking to an elderly person or playing cards or watching TV with them would be a good community service. Helping working mothers by setting up a free daycare service would be another good thing for people to do who arent working who are receiving state and federal assitance.

    People helping people in the community.

    1. Bron, are you suggesting civility? Who would take care of the roads if there were no prisoners? What would all the prison employees and all the other bureaucrats do for work? What would we do with all those punished for malum prohibitum laws where no one is harmed? We cannot do this, as government would than have no way in which to manipulate the Citizens with constant fees, fines and threats of incarceration in exchange for providing false testimony and being placed into witness protection, etc. etc. etc.

  5. Excerpted from the LA Times:

    Two get prison time for beating S.F. Giants fan at Dodger Stadium

    Judge calls defendants ‘complete cowards’ after they plead guilty to beating Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium.
    By Richard Winton and James Rainey

    February 20, 2014, 5:45 p.m.

    Norwood has already spent enough time in jail awaiting trial that, given state-mandated sentencing rules, he essentially has already served his time for the conviction. But his legal difficulties do not end with the assault case.

    Both he and Sanchez had previous felony convictions, including one case each of domestic violence. When they were arrested in the Stow case, investigators found numerous weapons and the U.S. attorney’s office charged both as felons in possession of firearms. Each faces up to 10 years in prison on the firearms charge, and authorities said they will transfer Norwood immediately into federal custody.


  6. Gene,
    Prince William Augustus of the House of Hanover, son of George II, and the butcher of Culloden. I am sure David would enjoy the company of a such a likeable fellow with similar views on how to ruin run a country.

  7. Chuck,

    Did you mean Prince William the Butcher or Ernest Augustus, the Crown Prince of Hanover, when referring to the Duke of Cumberland? Just for clarification. :mrgreen:

  8. Hopefully no one will call Mr. Turley to task for calling these people “thugs.” This has gotten a lotta press out here in SoCal. This victim was featured on a 60 Minutes segment. This represents everything wrong w/ sports. In Europe and South America it’s over soccer. These THUGS should be serving 20 years.

  9. Mespo,
    David was just born into the wrong century. He would have fit right in during the Dark and Middle Ages. Can’t you imagine he would have gotten along famously with folks like Cromwell, Robespierre,Torquemada, and the Duke of Cumberland.

  10. Thats worse than murder. Firing squad behind the court house please & any assets to the family.

  11. Stow’s life is essentially gone and his family’s life is now altered for life. The sentence for the two thugs is absurdly minimal.

  12. And the screw ball on the right started smiling when he was being sentenced by the judge…. Pathetic individuals…. Unless the craphead was on probation with the Feds….. I think the felon in possession of a gun should still be a state action…. Too much federalization in cases…..

  13. davidm2575:

    “They should cover all his medical bills and if they don’t have the money, forced to live nearby and provide the kind of assistance that an orderly in a hospital would.”


    Still pushing that indentured servant idea around, I see. You want to monitor that situation there, Inspector Javert, or should we all pay for that?

    1. mespo, honestly about the Inspector Javert comment, don’t you think the character Javert is more along your ideology of punish the criminal by the law no matter what rather than my philosophy of the criminal providing restitution to the victim?

  14. One of the reasons I do not care much for football anymore is the fans. Many of the players aren’t much to write home about either. After playing as a quarterback and defensive halfback starting when I was probably 7 or 8, and being a fan since I can remember, I can’t even stand going to the games anymore. We’ve turned our universities into minor league football; that’s got to be improving our educations system. I couldn’t even muster up the desire to go to a super bowl party this year. Go figure, my girlfriend didn’t really complain much about that, she appeared to be more interested in evaluating the commercials.

    As far as these two characters. They basically destroyed Stow’s quality of life. Getting only four years is extremely short. Apparently they are on the government’s preferred witness list.

    It is interesting that as we allow greater usurpations of individual rights by our government, that life appears to have less value and this is not just apparent in this country, but has been throughout the world.

  15. Lessee, journalist Barret Brown has been the public face and de facto spokesman for Anonymous. He is facing 105 years for telling the truth and providing a link to the Stratfor files in one of his articles. And so it goes.

    The guys who destroyed thousands of veterans records in St. Louis got 40 hours of community service.

    Go figure.

  16. They should be made to provide for Bryan Stow for the rest of Stow’s life. They should cover all his medical bills and if they don’t have the money, forced to live nearby and provide the kind of assistance that an orderly in a hospital would. Let them be the ones to wipe Stow’s butt for the rest of his life.

  17. Absolutely not, the public must be protected at sporting events. Alcohol, thugs, and rivalry on a gang level intensity, has killed people at events. The Oakland Raiders take pride in how their fans beat up anyone who wears the opposing team’s colors in the Oakland Coliseum. We all know the damage done by soccer hooligans. Given the severity of the beating, there should be charges of attempted manslaughter, murder, or something to reach a penalty of at least ten and fifteen years.

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