Islamic Militants Massacre Health Workers and Security Personnel Trying To Vaccinate Children Against Polio In Pakistan

417px-Vaccination-polio-indiaIslamic fundamentalists in Pakistan are again expressing their moral outrage over the effort of the international community to vaccinate their children against polio. In the latest case, at least 12 security officials were killed and nine others injured in an ambush on a clearly marked medical convoy in the Jamrud area of the Khyber tribal region. It appears that both murder and denying children polio vaccines are viewed by these men as a pure expression of faith and morality.

The militants hit the convoy with improvised explosive & devices (IEDs) and then racked the convoy with automatic fire. They then prevented the wounded from being removed for medical treatment.

We previously discussed how the Taliban is opposing similar efforts violently in Afghanistan.

Polio is an epidemic in Pakistan by Islamic rebels have killed over 40 health care workers to prevent them from protecting children.

The United States has been accused by some of responsibility for these attacks. The CIA used a fake polio vaccine program to hunt for Osama Bin Laden and obtain DNA from suspects. The attacks on health care workers sharply increased as a result with militants treating all such efforts as presumptive Western intelligence operations. The use of a health care program remains controversial. The use of reporters or health care professionals endangers thousands of people who should be treated as neutral parties in these disputes. This, of course, does not excuse these fanatics or justifies their actions. They continue to use religion as a rationalization for murder and other atrocities. Thus it is not surprising that they would use the Bin Laden raid in the same fashion. However, I would be interested to know if anyone at the CIA raised the danger to health care workers if they used the polio program as part of their operation.

74 thoughts on “Islamic Militants Massacre Health Workers and Security Personnel Trying To Vaccinate Children Against Polio In Pakistan

  1. Perhaps then the pre-emptive ATROCITIES by those mad-dog fanatics are justified too?
    Don’t you realize they will do anything, every chance they get and the more depraved the prouder they are of themselves.

  2. The children are the big losers here but that doesn’t seem to matter to these “soldiers of God”. As to the US’s “responsibility”, these violent fanatics were killing people who were trying to help their people long before the Bin Laden situation. These fanatics are so “courageous” that they seem to enjoy killing defenseless aid workers. Stop giving them cover.

  3. Let’s get more accurate about the so called vaccination program the CIA used. It was NOT and actual program, but a survey that they were using as cover. The Muslim extremists hate all western medicine so they hardly need any excuse to kill health care workers. The kill them for sport, and any other excuse they can find. They also do not have the Geneva Convention on treatment of wounded, they simply kill and torture them.

  4. During the cold war, we stood against a rational enemy on a global field. We studied that enemy, we came to know that enemy, and we used their projected rational responses against them. And we did win.

    The generation of today and tomorrow now faces a decidedly irrational enemy but again on a global field of battle. They are engaged in a very real war (War is designed to kill people and break things). But those who should stand against them have already lost this very real war if they pretend that Islamic fundamentalists just need us to be “nice” and understand their position.

    We must face both; who they really are and what they really want.

  5. Amy:

    It’s really fundamentalist religion at the root here. Just like Christian fundamentalists hate stem cell research. We’d be better without any ideology that promotes fact-free reasoning and many folks are catching on–finally.

  6. Several issues converge here. The US military needs to be reduced and refined. The ability to make military statements with increasing accuracy and mobility, intelligence and surgical efficiency, and without placing American soldiers in the streets as policemen, defines the future of US military influence in the world.

    There are no more super power struggles. There is no need for tens of thousands of tanks and field artillery pieces. The tanks and artillery should be enhanced, improved, and kept for the increasingly rare situations where they might be used.

    There is a need to be able to find and identify the enemy, locate and target the enemy, and take out the enemy without slaughtering innocents. America’s ability to do this is growing exponentially. The focus and funding should be in this direction. We do not need twelve super carriers. We need to be able to put up to ten thousand seal level trained troops into a situation over night and take them out as immediately. We need to be able to send in teams to take out enemy combatants or drone them.

    The days of showing the flag are over. The US must continue the fight against this cancer of terrorists but just as with the medical fight against cancer, be less invasive and more selective.

  7. For those who think that vaccines are great, watch

    If vaccines are so great, why do they have to be mandated?

    The scientific community is not totally on the side of vaccines.

    There are what appear to be legitimate claims that millions of people who were given polio vaccines in the 1950’s were also given a cancer virus.

    The right to decide for yourself and your family is sancrsanct.

    Watch the movie before you speak your biases.

  8. Fundamentalits of all religions act insanely and against societal norms, until they become the norm, as in these countries. We and western health care workers need to end their programs in these countries until the country gives them protection against such attacks, which may not be possible as they seem to view the workers as enemy combatants. When my daughter was in Afghanistan, there were times she had to go on a blood gathering run off the base, I was happy to hear when it was on a helicopter, instead of in a convoy. Looks like Pakistan is going the way of Afghanistan at an accelerated pace now. Time to leave these countries once and for all. Stop all aid.

    As for immunizations, I don’t think it’s wise to go back to the bad old days of epidemics. Every physician I know immunizes their own children. It may not be perfect but considering the alternative…

  9. To compare Christian fundamentalists w/ Islamists is simply intellectually dishonest and driven by agenda. Islamists are savages. Not the same ballpark, not the same time zone!

  10. It is atheist, liberal, tree huggers in the US not vaccinating their children, not Christian fundamentalists. So, there’s that.

  11. Nick writes: “Islamists are savages.”

    What a bigoted generalization! Come to my door with your vaccination for me or my children and watch the savage come out in me! By the way, I am not religious in the least, and certainly not Islamic, or Christian, or ……………

    These patriots of their country, regardless of their religious persuasion, have every right to protect their nation’s genetic purity.

    When will you do-gooders ever realize you need to butt out of other people’s choices?

  12. Randy Lee bandies about “genetic purity”. Randy Lee will now submit to blood tests to determine if he is clean of impurities, and he will have no say in what qualifies as “impurities.”. His words otherwise carry no weight, as we will not hear from the Impure, but will happily suggest a number of unlit personal places Randy Lee is free to stow his notions of “genetic purity.”

    When will you tiny-minded “individualists” realize we’re not going to let you cloud up our public square with your sick kids? You do not live on this earth by yourself and you never will. We are all intimately connected. Try to act like it.


  13. Based upon how WHO was prostituted…. I don’t think the level of trust is there….and I don’t really blame them for wanting them out….

  14. The overwhelming number of mothers not vaccinating their children are the ilk I described. We had this debate previously and it was proven true. I’m not going to prove it again for agenda driven lemmings.

  15. Randy Lee, There are followers of Islam and Islamists. Islamists are savages who kill people, cut off hands, etc. That is savagery. Followers of Islam are not savages.

  16. You’re cherry picking. The movement is based in California w/ the Whole Foods, Jenny McCarthy left wing idiots. Governor Brown is trying to cater to tem out here where anti vaccine is causing huge problems, particularly in the Bay area. There are idiots on the right also but the movement is driven and led by left wingers. Deal w/ it!

  17. anti porn is a feminists and Christian Fundamentalists allaince . When you get tree huggers and whacky religion together you KNOW they’re wrong just like they were w/ porn. If you’re Googling you’re seeing left wing anti vaccine also. You’re cherry picking. You’re agenda driven.

  18. What Mespo and Annie said about fundamentalist believers. Science and common sense should control, but when the Book says otherwise or is interpreted otherwise by one or more individuals, crap like this takes over. The idea of preventing children from contracting polio is disturbing and sentencing those that contract the virus to pain and suffering for many years and sometimes life. I have a cousin who contracted polio as a child and she is in braces to this day. My brother had a mild case of polio when he was young and some of my earlier memories was his complaining of the pain and discomfort from the stretching exercises that helped him.

  19. James Knauer writes:
    “Randy Lee will now submit to blood tests to determine if he is clean of impurities, and he will have no say in what qualifies as “impurities.”.”

    Sounds like you favor initiating violence against me. Will you accomplish this involuntary blood test by force of some law, having men and women with guns to enforce its application? Or do you have the guts to force me yourself? Just what I thought, you would rather hide behind the veneer of some law. You chicken*#@t do-gooder.

    James writes, When will you tiny-minded “individualists” realize we’re not going to let you cloud up our public square with your sick kids?” Who is this “we’re”? I knew it, You have no guts acting alone. Need some more chicken*#@t do-gooders with guns and badges in costumes to help you employ your terrorism on me, right?

    And how did you become owner of what you describe as “our” public square?

    Chicken*%@t do-gooders always need a mob to intiate their political violence on others. You can keep your policies. I’ll keep my freedom.

    If you had taken the time to watch the video I posted you might be able to use two brain cells to reach the determination that it is the vaccines that are having increased long term negative side-effects in the public square. The question is do you have two?

  20. nick spinelli

    … When you get tree huggers and whacky religion together … You’re agenda driven.
    So, is the antidote sewer, garbage, and Oil-Qaeda huggers getting together with Ultra-sane White Racists?

    No agenda and all right?

  21. annieofwi seems to think that the Vaccine Safety Studies of the American Academy of Pediatrics should be used as proof of vaccine safety.

    Did you know that donors include Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Gerber, Infant Formula Council (wonder how many ties to Big Pharma they have?), Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products, Abbott Laboratories, Wyeth-Lederle Vaccine & Pediatrics, Mead
    Johnson Nutritionals, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, Schering Corp.,
    Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, Merck Vaccine Division, and others?

    Just a bunch of guys that care about us all while they fatten their pockets. Would they promote lies about their own interests?

  22. Randy Lee,
    So, I guess you don’t use the services of doctors? I have a family friend who is a pediatrician with four children. His own children were vaccinated. I’m certain he put his children before his pocketbook.

  23. I’m just guessing Randy Lee is not religious right fanatic and he voices the Jenny McCarthy left meme perfectly. Whooping cough is a big problem out here is liberal Ca. because of the left wingers not vaccinating their kids. There was a recent death due to whooping cough. Combine the fact that the whooping cough serum is losing it’s efficacy, w/ extremist parents not using vaccines, and we could have a pandemic on our hands. Flu, most likely, and it will be thanks to extremists. When extremists unite it is big trouble, sometimes Constitutionally, in this case medically.

  24. Annie, most doctors are followers, they merely follow protocol, as their malpractice insurance requires.. They believe everything they are taught by their pharmaceutically funded professors. It’s completely understandable that many of them vaccinate their kids. But if u had watched the video I posted you would know that not all doctors do so.

    BTW, I do use doctors selectively, but not to obtain vaccines, i.e. poison, toxic chemicals. You should know that the first rule of medical care is “First do no harm”.

    The doctors I select understand that 1st principle. Get back with me after u watch the video.

  25. Randy Lee, doctors are just like everybody else. They don’t believe everything they are taught any more than the next person, they are quite intelligent generally and I’m pretty sure they are capeable of independant thought. Protocols change constantly to reflect the latest science and evidence based knowledge. I will agree that some doctors are late comers, and I have changed doctors when I haven’t been satisfied that they are current with the latest and best information available.

  26. Nick writes: “Whooping cough is a big problem out here is liberal Ca. because of the left wingers not vaccinating their kids. ”

    It may be possible that the symptoms being diagnosed as whooping cough are the result of living in a polluted environment. But it is so easy to blame the unvaccinated. Are the unvaccinated or the vaccinated being effected by the conditions more? Was the person who died vaccinated?
    The Father of vaccination theory employed his experiments on his own son who died at the age of 20-21. The completely healthy young man he first used a a guinea pig also died about the same age. The whole vaccination theory is based upon anedotal evidence as opposed to empirical double blind studies. Watch the video for the whole explanation.

  27. Randy Lee, The infant was only 2 months old. However, a mom who was vaccinated passes on the immunity to her baby until she/he is old enough to be vaccinated. I don’t know if mom was vaccinated, I’ll try and find out. The recent history in Ca., where the highest % of children are not vaccinated, had a very bad pertussis outbreak back in 2010, w/ almost 10k cases and 10 deaths[I’ll have to check that?]. When this shit occurs there is a backlash and the non vaccination rates go down. There may be another uptick starting. I also live in a very liberal County in Wi., Dane County. My VERY liberal holistic Harvard educated GP rants about the liberals not vaccinating kids. She’s not an atheist[Jew], but is very liberal in every other way. Another friend who is a pediatrician in Oakland we’ll be coming down to visit us in 2 weeks. She was the one who told me first about this anti vaccination problem. She is a mild mannered, liberal, woman who RANTS on this issue. We will not change each other’s minds but the civility is impressive, Randy Lee.

  28. Yes Nick. Are yoiu old enough to be aware of the fact that the numbers of polio victims was declining as a result of better hygeine and nutrition, and the resulting immune enhancement.?
    Sounds as though you still need to watch the video. The polio part starts at 47:25. There is scientific proof now that the polio vaccines were contaminated by numerous monkey viruses.
    Do you suppose that we as individuals should enjoy the right to decide for ourselves whether we want monkey viruses in our system?

  29. Nick and Annie, with respect to the pertussis outbreaks i California it is now known that it was the vaccinated who were affected at much higher rates. Not only that, but the vaccinated actually became carriers for the virus after parapertussis colonizations in the throats of the vacciinated occurred. Go to 112.00 of the video for better explanation.

  30. annie, Yep, With this new pertussis even the vaccinated can get it although usually a milder case. I have known a few adults that have contracted it.

  31. annieofwi said: “There could be a few different reasons that pertussis among the immunized may be occurring……,”
    One reason I can think of is initially the fact that all those having been vaccinated have a compromized immune system as a result of their vaccination and often a lack of good nutrition. Now compound that with the fact that parapertussis colonization occurs in the throats of so many of the vaccinated morphing them into carriers who then spread their virus to those whom they assosiate, who for the most part are also vaccinated.
    Nutrition is the prime solution to poor immunity. Americans are for the most part mal-nourished. Don’t think for a moment that fat people aren’t mal-nourished. Obesity is often a symptom of mal-nourishment.
    But Yippee, CDC to the rescue! Here’s your vaccination.

  32. Randy Lee, I will watch it. And SWM, of course the Republicans are to blame. I think they are the cause of heart disease, depression, diabetes and gout!! Mother Jones tells us so.

  33. Swarthmoremom,
    Ohhhh, hmmmm, whose opinion is more reliable? Mother Jones, Spinelli, Mother Jones, Spinelli, Mother Jones. Mother knows best.

  34. annie, The statistics don’t lie. Texas has the highest number of uninsured people and a very high poverty rate. When the feds don’t kick the money in due to Perry’s refusal of medicaid expansion or budget cuts the health of the total population suffers along with the unisured and unvaccinated.

  35. Swarthmoremom, exactly. Some people only post opinions. Some people go to the trouble to back up their assertions. Those stats can be found in numerous places.

  36. There are free clinics available for vaccinations. Kids can’t go to school if not vaccinated, although Governor Moonbeam is getting weak knees regarding a bill toughening the weak vaccination rules here in Ca. Now, do you think that pressure is from fundamental Christians or tree huggers? You can now get a doctors note and your kids don’t need to be vaccinated. There are radical left docs more than happy to provide those notes.

  37. Whooping Cough Outbreaks Tied to Parents Shunning Vaccines
    Study finds that areas with high rates of nonmedical vaccine exemptions also had high number of cases
    By Serena Gordon
    HealthDay Reporter
    Sep. 30, 2013

    MONDAY, Sept. 30 (HealthDay News) — New research confirms what experts have suspected: The decision not to vaccinate children for nonmedical reasons can have far-reaching effects, including raising the risk of infections for other children and their families.

    Researchers compared areas with significant numbers of parents who chose not to vaccinate their children for nonmedical reasons to areas that were affected by the 2010 whooping cough outbreak in California. They found that people living in areas with high nonmedical vaccine exemption rates were 2.5 times more likely to also be located in an area with high levels of whooping cough.

    “Not vaccinating your child is not a benign decision. It has real health consequences to the individual child and to the community,” explained study senior author Saad Omer, an associate professor of global health, epidemiology and pediatrics at Emory University in Atlanta.

  38. -seems Randy may have a point:

    Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation
    Philip Jonkers·
    …Here are Bill Gates’ verbatim words [square parentheses additions for clarification purposes are mine though]:
    “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that [number of 9 billion] by perhaps 10 or 15 percent. But there we see an increase of about 1.3 [billion].”
    It is Dr. Edward, … who studied Canadian polio epidemics and concluded that polio is related to iodine deficiency. Dr. Edward then cured, as well as prevented, polio with small doses of iodine. The Manitoba Medical Review published his work in 1954, for any doctor or citizen to read…
    It is Dr. McCormick, who carefully reviewed the medical literature and showed, in tables and graphs, the dramatic decline in typhoid, diptheria and whooping cough before inoculation/vaccination was available. (“The Changing Incidence and Mortality of Infectious Disease in Relation to Changed Trends in Nutrition,” Medical Record, 1947.)
    It is Dr. Klenner, who successfully treated polio for nearly 45 years with very high doses of vitamin C and with exceptional success (A Physician’s Handbook on Orthomolecular Medicine. R.J. Williams, ed., pp 51-59)
    . .. According to New York City Department of Health director Dr. Morris Greenberg, polio fatalities decreased by nearly 90 percent from 1915 to 1955, before the polio vaccine was available to the public in 1955 (Howard Hillemann, in Clinical Physiology 2:2, 1960). How can we truly say, then, that vaccination got rid of polio?
    Toronto medical doctor William McCormick and Dr. Fred Klenner of North Carolina, also an M.D., both prevented and treated the childhood infectious diseases with large quantities of Vitamin C. Again in Medical Record (September 1947) Dr. McCormick shows a direct relation between these diseases and vitamin C deficiency. If vitamin C deficiency is the real cause of these illnesses, what are we doing emphasizing inoculations?
    — Andrew W. Saul

  39. regardless of ones take on vaccines, what is happening in the NW of Pakistan is a travesty. Yes, the US can take a little of the heat, but the US is not responsible for the decisions that are made by the leadership of the terrorists. Yeah, someone did NOT think to the consequences of the covert op to get bin laden beyond their own immediate interests. But no excuse does the terrorists get! They are vile and killing innocents and they know it-they are just playing the world and look at this-it becomes a discussion as to how the

  40. I have been pretty Islamic against vaccines and needles since childhood when I got polio from the first or second polio vaccine that came out. I refuse to be a herd animal. I recovered from polio but not from my Islamic fear of the medical/political world that believes in the herd mentality.

  41. Logic:The Unvaccinated cannot Infect vaccinated if the shots Work

    Unvaccinated children
    cannot threaten vaccinated children
    if the shots are effective.

    When students contract disease, vaccine proponents are quick to blame the
    outbreaks on unvaccinated children. Yet, the official data tells a different story: a
    majority of cases occur in fully vaccinated populations. Dr. William Atkinson,
    senior epidemiologist with the CDC, admitted that “measles transmission has
    been clearly documented among vaccinated persons. In some large
    outbreaks…over 95% of cases have a history of vaccination.” Similar problems
    with vaccine efficacy plague other vaccines as well.

    For example, in a 2003
    outbreak of pertussis, 4 of every 5 people who contracted the disease were vaccinated against it.
    In 2006, there was a large outbreak of mumps in the
    United States; 92% of the cases were in people who were vaccinated against mumps.
    Such data provides evidence that herd immunity the idea that when
    a proportion of people within a targeted population are immune to a disease,
    transmission rates are reduced may not apply to vaccinated populations.
    Vaccination and immunity are not synonymous.
    Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute

    Authorities claim that vaccines won’t work for society unless a large number
    of people in the targeted population school children take them.

    unvaccinated children are a threat to the group.
    But this does not make sense.

    By this reasoning, the unvaccinated who are being coerced into taking the
    shots are somehow responsible for protecting the vaccinated.
    How ironic!

    If some students are vaccinated, that’s their family’s choice. If other students are
    unvaccinated, that’s their family’s informed decision as well. Vaccinated students
    take their chances hoping to avoid serious adverse reactions, while
    unvaccinated students risk contracting the disease.

    However, if vaccinated
    students contract the disease, the shot was ineffective,
    NOT the fault of
    unvaccinated students.

    Officials ignore their own ineffective vaccine, choosing
    instead to smear the unvaccinated. Outrage should be vented in the proper direction at those who developed ineffective shots and falsely promoted a defective product.

    gratis PDF: 7 Reasons Schools Should NOT
    Mandate Vaccines
    By Neil Z. Miller

  42. nick spinelli
    … Are you old enough to remember polio?
    I am Nick.

    One of the best burlesque shows ever.

    Babe costumed as Pinocchio doin’ the pole.

  43. . Annie,, Elaine or any other pro vaxxer reading this. Do you have any logical explanation as to how the vaccinated are threatened by the unvaccinated if the vaccinations work?

    BTW, did you watch the video I posted yet?

    Thanks Dars for the info you made available. Gates is a Machiavellian idiot.

    The solution to most states of disease is proper nutrition. Those involved in animal husbandry know this. The Father of medice is also reported to have said, ” Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.”

    Remember how scurvy was overcome. Proper nutrition is the answer if the conditions have not progressed to a state beyond repair. Nutrition must be understoood as the preventative approach.

    Keep your toxic vax to yourself. I prefer to build my own natural immune responses without the unatural aid of toxins.

    Do you know any logical rason why.unvaxxed people should be forced to do otherwise, especially if your vaccinations work?

  44. Randy Lee,

    Did you read the article that I posted a link to?

    Here’s another excerpt from it:

    “Part of the reason there’s been a resurgence in whooping cough is that the newer vaccine, which causes far fewer side effects than the old vaccine, doesn’t work for as long as the older vaccine did, the researchers explained. Because of this, it’s crucial that children receive vaccines and booster doses on schedule. If there’s a delay in vaccination, the risk of whooping cough goes up.

    “In 2010, 9,120 cases of whooping cough, with 10 deaths, were reported in California. That was the highest number of whooping cough cases in that state since 1947, according to background information in the study. Factors that may have played a role in this outbreak include the waning immunity associated with the newer vaccine, better diagnosis techniques and the cyclical nature of whooping cough.”

  45. Yes Elaine, I read your article, sorry I didn’t reply to the specifics of it. Didn’t realize you had requested that and I didn’t feel as though it had very much merit considering that what its promoters were suggesting was that people needed to take additional doses of toxic materials more often in order to maintain a hopeful immune level. How long are those levels going to remain sufficient?

    Will the next step be increased or stronger vaccines being dispensed much like the increasing need for stronger antibiotics which has further operated to mutate bugs to the point that we are having a near crisis in handlling outbreaks of things such as MRSA infections for instance?

    How long must those of us who choose to live in accordance and harmony with the laws of nature be subject to the imposition of long term side-effects of unnatural materials by these unproven medical approaches?

    Why should we be the segment of society forced to forfeit our natural immunities just because vaxxers fail to immunize often enough?

    What is wrong with allowing the survival of the fittest to occur naturally among those who choose to rely on their natural immunity?

    Elaine, you know what I really like about the opposition I encounter on this comment board? I can count on them. I can count on them to never address my questions.

    BTW, did you watch the video I posted?

  46. Michelle wrote: “Yes, the US can take a little of the heat, but the US is not responsible for the decisions that are made by the leadership of the terrorists. ”
    Not so, Michelle. The imperialist policies of the US, and its sattelite agent state Israel, are directly responsible for the warfare responses that aoccur on a daily basis.
    If the colonists, aka terrorists to the British cause, in America had not been equipped with the equal battlefield means to wage war as they did, it is likely that more guerilla methods would have been employed. Either way there was going to be a fight seeing that the British sought to impose their political will on the colonies by measures beyond those the colonists could or would bear.

    Maybe you need to watch the movie The Patriot starring Mel Gibson to understand the nature of warfare.

  47. “It is atheist, liberal, tree huggers in the US not vaccinating their children, not Christian fundamentalists. So, there’s that.”
    That may be so but the liberals and tree huggers are not murdering people and detonating explosives in their opposition to vaccinations.

  48. Wow , very strong opinions , some claiming or attempting to be in possession of absolute truth here , just like talibans..

  49. When you pull into the grocery store parking lot there likely be a sign up around xmas that says Get Your Flu Shot. So, as you herd into the lot and park, and think about it, the Flu Season is soon upon us. Get the flue shot. WifeyPoo is on you to get your flue shot. Realo Drug Co. has a sign up for their shots. Walmart has some schmuck in there armed with syringes and needles.

    That is what the herd needs. Go to Walmart and get a flue shot. One shot is good for the whole year. And one herd is good for the USA. One herd, One God, One Country. Aaaamen! A hey men, A a men, Amen Amen. Sing it over! Aaa Men. Thank you Jesus. Crisco on Monday. A a men, Amen, Amen.\

    When we the Sheeple fall into step, the steps become a march.

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