MIT Researchers Find Boy Scrounging Through Trash Bins For Parts For His Amazing Inventions

We have been discussing how the United States is cutting educational and scientific budgets while spending billions on wars and waste. The lack of priority in such spending is breathtaking as we lose a generation that could be receiving better educational opportunities instead of facing growing class sizes and fewer teachers. The same it true for our foreign aid. Education is our greatest weapon to fight radicalism and religious hatred. This film is an example of the potential of so many children that is going unrealized. Researchers from MIT found Kelvin Doe, 15, scrounging in trash bins in Sierra Leone. The homeless boy was looking for any electronic parts.

What this boy built from trash is amazing and inspiring. He is an example of why education is the answer to poverty, hatred, and intolerance. Doe is clearly a genius who deserves a chance to contribute to his country. In both this country and abroad, we are losing this generation but putting more importance on the creation of drones than doctors.

Source: Reddit

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  2. ” If the video shows anything, it shows the value of initiative and ambition, not education.”

    It is true that initiative is fundamental to education. The fallacy occurs when people argue that since initiative is important we don’t need to fund institutions and teachers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Motivation is clearly related to team success in sports. Would anyone argue we don’t need facilities of coaches to support team success. After all most coaches over the long term only win about 50% of their games. Winning has to do with player motivation.

    Of course the argument is ludicrous. Player motivation is crucial to team success. But without facilities it is much harder to develop skills essential for competitive play. And good coaching can give players the incentive and to realize all their gifts. Good coaching can sometimes inspire players to a higher level.

    Funds, facilities and coaches are not sufficient for good play. But without them it is much more difficult for players to achieve their highest potential.

    Much the same is true in the case of academics. Some students are driven and will find some way to excel no matter what. But most will benefit from good nutrition, good facilities and teachers who care to help students identify their gifts and realize their potential.

    The surest way to reduce the performance of students and eventually the competitiveness of the society is to reduce funding and efforts for education.

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