Getting The Fat Out Of Fatwas: Saudi Cleric Declares Buffets To Be Anti-Islamic

220px-Chinese_buffet2It is a good thing that it is not April 1st because this would an obvious April Fool’s joke. Then again most of the fatwas coming out of Saudi Arabia seem like jokes to most people living in the 21st Century. Saudi cleric Saleh al-Fawzan has issued fatwa against all-you-can-eat buffets in Saudi Arabia — declaring that the popular lunch establishments will now be viewed as unlawful under Sharia law. You might want to get Sharia defense counsel before going to that Smörgåsbord in Jetta.

It appears that many Muslims missed the buffet chapter in the Koran but there must have been a scene of Mohammed walking into an all-you-can-eat tend and being appalled.

Fawzan says that the value and quantity of the food is clearly unIslamic so “Whoever enters the buffet and eats for 10 or 50 riyals without deciding the quantity they will eat is violating Sharia (Islamic) law.”

It is not clear if you have your tongue cut off or you will be simply flogged by undercooked pasta under Sharia justice.

What confuses me is the specific elements of the Sharia offense. If I go to an all-you-can-eat restaurant, but do not eat all that I can, am I still guilty? What if I go to an ordinary restaurant and eat like a pig? (well that would be wrong on a number of levels)

In reality, the latest fatwa might be an effort to control the weight gain following the earlier fatwa against female workout clubs. It could be part of a low-fatwa diet.

The nightmare, of course, for those following the growing list of fatwas would be Salmon Rushie walking into an all-you-can-eat restaurant. It would be fatwa overload.

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  1. @Me,
    That should be laws based on Fundamentalist Christian beliefs, for instance laws banning same sex marriage, personhood laws that givs full rights to an embryo, those sort of laws. Laws that discriminat against gay couple, think Arizona. Those at the kind of laws that are a possibility, not Sharia law.

  2. @annieofwi: What other “fundamental Christian based laws” are you referring to?

  3. The mother of all fatwa chillun has gone into 4 lane kill once again:
    Christie Unilaterally Shuts Down All Tesla Car Stores in NJ

    Let this put to rest any doubt that Chris Christie is in the pocket of the Koch Brothers and/or their Big Oil pals. From

    Like a lot of Republicans, New Jersey governor Chris Christie likes to talk about how the government should get out of the way of the free market. In a speech last week in Washington, D.C., he railed against President Obama’s economic interventions. “We don’t have an income inequality problem, we have an opportunity problem in this country because government’s trying to control the free market,” he said. And he urged his fellow conservatives to shout their opposition to government regulations from the rooftops. “We need to talk about the fact that we’re for a free-market society that allows your effort and your ingenuity to determine your success, not the cold, hard hand of government determining winners and losers.”

    Then Christie came back to New Jersey and signed off on a cold, hard government regulation that blocks Tesla from selling its cars in the state.

    The rule change prohibits automakers from selling directly to consumers, as Tesla does. Instead, it requires them to go through franchised, third-party dealerships, as the big, traditional car companies do. In other words, it requires that the middle-men get their cut. The Christie Administration made the move unilaterally, via the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. It was urged on by lobbyists for the state’s existing car dealerships, which fear the competition. The upshot is that Tesla will be forced to stop selling cars at its two existing dealerships in the state, and drop its plans to build more. It’s unclear what will happen to the employees of those dealerships.

    These knobs are more afraid of the electric car than they are of government meddling in the free market. Talk about hypocrisy! Gawd – it makes my blood boil.
    (from Daily Kos).

  4. @Veronica “I feel nothing but total contempt for this ‘faith’ – they are ignorant !”

    That makes about as much sense as saying all Christians are ignorant because of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson’s idiotic harangues.

  5. PO,
    I’m not at all worried about Sharia law coming to the US, it won’t. I can’t guarantee that other fundamental Christian based laws won’t though.

    1. annie, to respond to your original question, Muslims int he US will just ignore it, after having made fun of him copiously, that is.
      And yes, we should be more worried about the fundamentalist Christians, because they can / are having a direct impact on us all.

      And Veronica, why don’t we back out slowly and start anew. Who is “they” and what do you know about this “faith”. If you have any question please ask, I’ll gladly answer.

  6. po

    Also, fatwa only means opinion … NO ONE IS BOUND TO IT!
    The Supreme fatwa is our way, except that we are bound to it.

    Eat more chicken!

  7. Also, fatwa only means opinion. That is a learned, educated opinion based on the Quran, the Sunna and the precedents derived by the predecessors. NO ONE IS BOUND TO IT!

  8. annieofwi, Muslims as a group are not subject to fatwas. WE do not have a Pope, therefore scholars, as in Judaism,are empowered to interpret the law for the non-learned, THOUGH one is required to gain more knowledge and to figure things out for him/herself.
    SO this”fatwa” binds only those who accept this scholar as an authoritative voice, and i don’t, and few do.

    Also, stop the paranoia that leads people to link everything that happens elsewhere regarding shariah law to this country, Islamophobes have used the word Shariah as the new boogeyman to fear and to dread. Most Muslims around the world do not live under shariah law, nor do they want to. Shariah law presupposes the existing of a fair system, which isn’t what most countries applying the law offer. No one is bringing it here because no one is trying to. So calm down about and keep leaving your life.

    I do not eat at buffets not because I am told not to, but because the food is generally of poor quality and I end up eating too much, either one of those I try to avoid.

    This scholar, apparently, (because his message seems distorted in the retelling) is building on the Islamic thought of clarity in commercial transactions, where one should know exactly what is sold and what is bought. He is obviously taking it too far because the agreement dominates and the agreement says, you pay this much and you eat as much as you want.

  9. Darren,
    That clip made my day! The idea that any religion would be concerned about what you eat has always bugged me. Even when Catholics were supposed to not eat meat on Fridays or on Good Friday, I would get in trouble with the Benedictine sisters when I suggested it sounded like a pagan idea. That obviously did not go well with the nuns!

  10. I think that all you can eat buffets have the health benefit or are the equivalent of sitting in an emergency room during flu season and not expecting to get ill….. Snotty nosed kids and pigs wiping their kids noses and then handling the serving spoons….. I think some of those places should be shut down…. But hey… I just don’t eat there…..

  11. Dan upthread, has a good question. How will Muslims react to this fatwah in this country?

  12. Overcooked pasta is much more likely on a buffet and that should be a felony. I could abide suspension of buffets in Wi. on a trial basis to see if it makes a dent in our obesity. You seldom see fat Middle Easterners. Maybe this is a health, not religious edict. “We don’t want to be fat like the people of Satan!”

  13. A cleric who owns one of the joints issues a fatwa against cleric Fawzan.

    Necessity is the mother of invention denominations.

  14. I feel nothing but total contempt for this ‘faith’ – they are ignorant !

  15. Buffets are anit Islamic and violative of Shari but killing innocents is ok. Glad we got that straight!

  16. Prof Turley,

    Do you think this will have any effect on the several excellent Afghan restaurants in the DC area that serve lunch buffets?

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