Qatar Accused Of Killing Nearly 1000 Workers In Preparation For World Cup Games

600px-Doha_Qatar_skyline_at_night_Sept_2012It appears that the 2022 World Cup will come with its own stadium . . . and attached cemetery. Qatar was delighted to be selected for the games and has been pulling out all of the stops on construction. Part of that effort appears to be tossing aside workplace safety concerns. Over 900 workers have died in the various construction projects. To give a point of reference, only six workers died during the construction for the 2014 World Cup preparation in Brazil (and 25 died before the Sochi Olympic games this summer). Advocates fear that, unless something is done, thousands more will die before the first ball is kicked in the first game.

The number may be much higher. One report detailed how 400 Nepalese workers died on the site and, between 2010 and 2012, more than 700 Indian workers have died.

Qatar has an appalling record and reputation for worker abuse. Companies are allowed to hold the pay of these impoverished workers as well as holding their passports to prevent them from leaving. These men then work in 122 F hear and are often denied free water. They have been found to be living in squalor in overcrowded and unclean housing. Many have claimed to have been ripped off in the end by Qatar companies that refuse to pay them. With 1.2 million such migrant workers in the country, those conditions threaten an even greater death toll. A report by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) warned that 4,000 migrant workers could die at this rate unless something changes.

Source: Smithsonian

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  5. Less people would have died if they made it the World Jarts Cup on an open field somewhere.

    I agree the world cup should be taken away from Qatar. But it likely won’t more workers must die I guess. Sad.

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  8. Tej, I agree on all counts. FIFA might just be more corrupt than the IOC.

  9. rafflaw said:

    “Take the World Cup away from them. It will save lives and money is the only thing that Qatar will listen to.”

    That is impossible because FIFA is corrupt. They chose Qatar because of all the bribes, rather than the UK, the birthplace of football with the ready infrastructure.

    Qatar is going to spend 4 to 5 times more than what Putin spent on Sochi Winter Olympics.

  10. Nick: In these barbaric countries whom we proudly claim as our BFFs where the Bedouins of yesteryears are sitting on their gilded chairs, nothing can be arranged as unions because the slaves are contracted independently by the individual companies who hold their passports as ransom. Most of these companies are in-cahoots with the American construction and services companies as partners because no one else but the citizens of these countries can own a company with partnerships if they are interested in the latter. so, the question of unionising does not arise. Ask Senator Corker about that.:-)

    The other important point to notice is that these companies also have sister companies who have recruiting offices in all other countries where they get their slaves from. Whoever said above that these people are better off in their own countries do not know the poverty stricken places they come from. Many have to sell their half acre plots and bribe the recruiters to get the invitation to work there.

    It is a shame that when we yell at the top of our lungs as being exceptional than others and under the same breath, we are not interested in this humanitarian cause.

    We do not import much oil from them and we can do without it but that is not the real case.

    We are anchored in the Middle East because of Israel and their lobby is much stronger than of any other country in the world.

    The poor slaves keep on dying and fed to the vultures by the vultures.

  11. Take the World Cup away from them. It will save lives and money is the only thing that Qatar will listen to.

  12. Wow and they have a higher GNP than the United States….. Hummmmmm…..

  13. Now, I have to say in the interest of fairness, these workers really need a union. I say this w/o any sarcasm. There is no regulatory system in place to protect them and a union fills that role.

  14. “Bush, Bush, Bush,” yelled the lemmings as they marched into the sea.

  15. Oil would keep us from shunning these countries unde any Administration. The State Department under Bush didn’t seem to have any issues with them, they were pretty cosy IIRC.

  16. USCENTCOM command oversees these countries from its HQ in Qatar:

    Saudi Arabia
    (“Beginning in 1992, Qatar has built intimate military ties with the United States, and is now the location of U.S. Central Command’s Forward Headquarters and the Combined Air Operations Center.” – Wikipedia “Qatar–United States relations”).

  17. I think you start at the beginning by showing Americans where Qatar is on a map. It is widely unknown that impoverished peoples from Malaysia, India, Pakistan and Indonesia make up a good deal of the work force in the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Not some, but MOST are treated like animals. They are basically slaves. They never earn what they were told and the vast majority of them have their passports taken from them upon entrance to the country of destination. It is widely believed these people would have been better off staying where they were. Why doesn’t the US make an issue of the matter? I don’t know. Oil?

  18. And we are going to stop this how? And do you think our feckless State Dept. is even going to enter the debate?

  19. And Qatar owns AlJazeera. The US gets bashed daily, hourly for its bad conduct but Qatar pretty much stays under the radar. It is time to shed a lot of light on the abuses that occur in these oil rich countries including Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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